What Are The Legal Alternatives to Pelisonline? 


Pelisonline is one of the top illegal websites for downloading English movies and movies from foreign languages. There are very few websites that are dedicated exclusively to downloading English and movies from other languages. The website is available across all the servers. So, you need not worry about the usage of a Virtual Private Network to access the content put up on the website. The dubbed movies from other languages could be found on the website as well.

What is Pelisonline?


Pelisonline is an illegally operated movie torrents site. The range of movies displayed on the site is very variant. One can find the latest movies and the old movies as well on the site. The categorization of movies on the site is so perfect that a simple search could fetch you the result you are looking for. The quality of movies uploaded to this site is top-notch and you need not worry about the size the movies could hold in your system. Despite the best quality, the size occupied by the movies is not too large.

What are the features of Pelisonline?

The following are the features of Pelisonline.

  • There are very few sites that provide web series for download. Pelisonline is one such site where you can find web series. The web series is uploaded to the site with proper subtitles. The videos can be downloaded in different formats. This is another best feature of the site
  • The same website is available as a mirror site on different servers across the world. So, if you are unable to access one particular mirror site, then you can go for another mirror site as well.
  • The video quality uploaded on the different websites is of the same resolution. Be it the 360p, 720p, or 1080p, you can get to see the same quality across different mirror sites.
  • The website displays an array of songs to download. There are a lot of songs put up on the website. Be it any language, one can find songs of that particular language put up on the website.
  • The user interface of the site is very interactive. The design of the site is in such a manner that you can find the right set of content at the right places.
  • One can download the subtitles uploaded as a file on the website. There are few movies uploaded to a site that has the subtitles attached along with them. But, there are other movies that you need to download separately and then attach the subtitle file along with the movie.

What are the different categories of movies one could find on the site?

Pelisonline is one of the top sites for downloading and watching foreign-language movies and movies from Hollywood. The movies on the site are categorized into a different genres for easy downloading and searching.

  • Horror
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Adventure
  • Humor
  • Romance
  • TV series
  • Web series
  • Sci-Fi
  • Tragedy
  • Family Drama

Under these various categories, you can find movies from different languages.

What are the steps you need to follow to download movies and other content from this site?

The user has to follow the given steps one by one to download movies and other content from this site.

  • The website is put on the servers only as a mirror site as they come under the constant surveillance of the government of India. You can ask the friends around you to know the exact URL of the website you are looking out for.
  • In case, you don’t want to reveal your identity, then you can make use of the Virtual Private Network. There are certain web browsers like Opera that comes along with the VPN. This allows for easier access to the website and its content.
  • You can click on the category tab to check the various categories of movies uploaded to this site. In case, you are very particular about the movie you wish to download, then you can use the search button. The movie name can be typed in the search bar and it will be displayed.
  • Once you find the movie, you need to right-click on the name of the movie and choose the option Download as. You need to choose the location at which you wish to download the movie. Once you have chosen the location, you can choose the format in which you wish to download as well.

What are the legal alternatives to the site Pelisonline?

As Pelisonline is an illegally operated site, you need to be aware of the legal alternatives for backup reasons. Also, there is no fear of blocking legal websites to watch and download movies.

1. YouTube

YouTube is as old as the search engines used to search for content. YouTube is known as the top video search engine in the world. One can find any type of video content on YouTube. It also serves as one of the biggest repositories of movies from different languages all across the world. Before a person uploads a video to YouTube, it has to pass through the various legal licensing check. One can get to watch only genuine, legally compliant content on YouTube.

2. Netflix

Netflix is an American multinational corporation into OTT Services. They are one of the largest groups in the world. Earlier, the user base of Netflix was only limited to the countries in the Americas region. They have now expanded their user base as of now to countries in regions like South Asia and the Asia Pacific. Apart from finding Hollywood movies, one can also find movies from other foreign languages uploaded on to the site. Netflix is known to produce movies under its banner as well. One can find some of the best web series dated many years ago on Netflix.

3. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is one of the best sites in the world to watch and download movies. Movies released even in the 19th and 20th centuries can be found on this site. The user need not register himself to watch and download content from this site. Also, the categorization of content in the site is top-notch that you get what you are looking for. The website provides the users with a virtual card using which you can watch and download movies from this site and you don’t require any registration.

4. Hotstar

Hotstar is one of the top OTT service providers in India. It is owned by Star Group which is one of the largest television groups in the country. If you are a huge fan of Bollywood movies, then you need to visit this site to watch the best quality content. Only a few pieces of content are available free of cost, for the rest, you will be required to pay a certain amount for a subscription.

5. Crackle

Crackle is a movie watching and downloading website owned by Sony Media. As different media production houses fall under the same banner, one can get to watch and download several contents from this site. Be it movies, documentary, or any other content from any language, you can find on this site. It is available in the form of an application for the android and the iOS platforms as well.

6. Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the top sites after the website like YouTube where you can get to watch some of the best short videos. One can also find a video of the best quality uploaded on to this site. One can also watch and download news from this site apart from movies and other kinds of entertainment-related content. If you are a fan of watching documentary movies, then Vimeo is the site you need to visit.

7. Hulu

Hulu is one of the top OTT Services providers in countries like the USA. There are two ways of watching and downloading content from Hulu. Either you need to pay for the content which is marked for premium users or you can watch the hundreds of movies and other content uploaded on to this site for absolutely free of cost.

8. Public Domain Torrents 

Public Domain Torrents is one of the best sites where you can find torrents of all the languages being uploaded. To download and watch movies and other content from this site, you need to install a torrents application on your device that supports the files in torrents format. The movies are categorized in a very good manner on this site so that you don’t have to spend all your time looking for the movie in itself. 


1. Does using the website bring any harm to your computer?

No. Downloading files on your computer doesn’t bring any harm to your computer if you had installed anti-virus software. But accessing this website is not in terms of the rules and regulations laid down by the government of India.

2. Is it suggested to have alternatives for the website Pelisonline?

Yes. As the website could get banned anytime by the governmental authorities as it is being operated illegally, it is suggested to have alternatives for the website Pelisonline.

3. Why the domain of Pelisonline keeps changing?

As the website is under constant surveillance of the Government of India, the website faces frequent pulldown. The content displayed by the site is not legal.

4. Will the users be charged if found downloading movies from Pelisonline?

The users will be charged if they violate the norms designated by the respective government. In spite, of all the strict rules and regulations, the users still keep downloading movies from the site.

5. Can one download regional language movies from Pelisonline?

When you type in the name of the website Pelisonline succeeded by the name of the regional language, you can get to see the websites displayed in an orderly manner. One can have the torrents application installed in the mobile phone or any other electronic device being used to download and watch the movie to watch content from the site.

6. What is the working process of the website?

The website is handled by a team of individuals. They work under a different identity. When the number of users visiting the site increases, the number of companies wanting to post their ads on this site increases at a rapid rate. The team earns profits with this process.


The movies uploaded to this site are by those who haven’t obtained a proper license from the Telecommunications department, Government of India. The users visiting this site must keep in mind that they are not respecting the hard work put in by the film unit in the making of a movie. Also, the producers of the movie incur major losses when the movies are not watched in theatres and are uploaded on to these sites. Also, there are chances of facing penalties while watching and downloading movies from these sites.


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