Outer Banks Season 4 – Is The New Season Announced?

Outer Banks Season 4

For those who have watched the first three seasons of Outer Banks, you must be excited for the release of Outer Banks Season 4. Well, you no longer have to wait for too long as the show has already been greenlit by Netflix.

As per reports, the filming for season 4 of Outer Banks is over and now the show is in the post-production stage. If you are curious to know more about the upcoming season and its release date, you should give this post a read.

When Is Outer Banks Season 4 Releasing?

During its Upfront presentation on 15th May 2024, Netflix assured fans that Outer Banks season 4 will be back before the end of 2024. This news gives fans a clearer idea of when they can expect the new season. 

Star Madison Bailey, recently updated fans on the production of season 4. In an interview with Nylon, she mentioned that the main cast is nearing the end of filming and also shared her excitement about the new season. She is eagerly waiting for the new season to be released on Netflix. 

Since the filming is over, fans can expect the show to return sometime between October and December 2024. This speculation is based on past season schedules and matches Netflix’s promise of releasing the season before the year’s end. However, we cannot confirm anything yet unless the streaming giant makes an official announcement.

What Can We Expect In Outer Banks Season 4?

In the season 3 finale, we saw the Pogues 18 months after they discovered the gold in El Dorado. They were still dealing with the deaths of Big John and Ward, but also taking a moment to process their victory. 

Co-creator Shannon Burke said they couldn’t leave Season 3 without some closure. Co-creator Josh Pate added that they wanted the audience to feel the Pogues had achieved something meaningful, even though it was a difficult victory.

With Season 3 raising the stakes higher than ever, the creators Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke hoped fans would feel the Pogues’ strong friendship. 

Burke emphasized that amidst all the action and adventure, the heart of the show lies in the bond between the friends. Josh Pate wanted viewers to also sense that there are more adventures ahead for the Pogues.

Who Is Cast In Outer Banks Season 4?

Outer Banks season 4 will feature many of the cast members from the previous seasons along with many other new faces. According to Deadline, Anthony Crane will portray Chandler Groff, who welcomes the Pogues on their latest adventure. Pollyanna McIntosh will play Dalia, a leader with revolutionary traits, and Brianna Brown will take on the role of the island’s top realtor.

Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Chase Stokes plays John B
  • Charles Esten plays Ward Cameron
  • Drew Starkey plays Rafe Cameron
  • Madison Bailey plays Kiara
  • Jonathan Daviss plays Pope
  • Rudy Pankow plays JJ
  • Madelyn Cline plays Sarah Cameron
  • Austin North plays Topper
  • Elizabeth Mitchell plays Limbrey
  • Carlacia Grant plays Cleo
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