My Dad The Bounty Hunter Season 3 – Is It Cancelled Or Renewed?

My Dad The Bounty Hunter Season 3

My Dad the Bounty Hunter is one of the popular animated sci-fi adventure series following the story of Lisa and Sean, alongside their dad who is a Bounty Hunter. Together, they venture on thrilling intergalactic journeys, often involved in missions to save the planet.

If you are a fan, you must be wondering if there will be a My Dad The Bounty Hunter Season 3. Well, we have gathered some information about the show and included them in the write-up below.

When Is My Dad The Bounty Hunter Season 3 Releasing?

For those waiting for Netflix to renew My Dad The Bounty Hunter for a third season, it’s not going to happen. The streaming giant has decided to cancel the show after airing two seasons. 

The second season premiered in August 2023, but since then, there hasn’t been any news of the show’s renewal. It was reported by What’s on Netflix that the show is cancelled.

Co-created by Everett Downing Jr., My Dad the Bounty Hunter follows two kids who discover that their father is an intergalactic bounty hunter when they stow away on his trip.

Even though the show performed well on Netflix, it didn’t get a green signal from the streaming giant. According to Netflix’s reports, the first season was viewed for 86.5 million hours worldwide over 10 months, while the second season accumulated 26.7 million hours in 3 1/2 months.

The reason behind the show’s cancellation is not clear. It seems like Netflix has made it a habit of cancelling shows without giving a valid reason.

What Can We Expect In My Dad The Bounty Hunter Season 3?

Since the show is cancelled, we don’t have the season 3 plot details. In season 2, the show delved deep into family drama, politics, friendships, and more. It’s an animated series packed with adventure and action, featuring intense fight scenes and a heartwarming family reunion.

In Season 2, Terry quits bounty hunting to work at a mall, but his past catches up when he’s kidnapped by an old foe, Widowmaker. Tess, his wife, sets off to rescue him, and their adventurous kids join in, aided by Blobby.

Later, Tess discovers Terry was taken by her father, the King of Doloram, who meant no harm. After a touching reunion, they face a new threat looming over Doloram, leading to a war against the Conglomerate.

The season concludes with the Conglomerate’s defeat, but hints of a massive spaceship emerging from a Warp Gate set the stage for future adventures.

Who Is Cast In My Dad The Bounty Hunter Season 3?

We don’t have any information about the season 3 cast members. Unless Netflix decides to revive the show, the chances of receiving any updates are slim.

Here’s the list of cast members who worked in the previous seasons:

  • Laz Alonso as Terry Hendrix
  • Yvonne Orji as Tess
  • Priah Ferguson stars as Lisa
  • Yvette Nicole Brown as KRS
  • Rob Riggle as Glorlox
  • Maddie Taylor as Torga
  • JeCobi Swain as Sean
  • Patrick Harpin as Blobby