Ms Pacman’s Video Original Goes Surfaced on All Over the Internet

Ms Pacman Video Original goes surfaced on all over internet

Often on the internet, we come across videos and media that leave us in a state of shock and the Ms Pacman video has garnered similar rave and discussions. People seem to be curious about finding out the video’s sources and learning more about the tragic end of Alejandro Ico Chub.

With the disturbing content in the video, social media platforms have banned the video from surfacing. However, that hasn’t stopped people’s curiosity in unfolding more details about the video’s contents.

If you are curious to learn more about the “Ms Pacman Video”, stick around for all the relevant details.

What is in the Viral Ms Pacman Video?

The viral video features a woman named Alejandro Ico Chub, who was brutally beaten and eventually murdered by her husband on camera. Every moment of the brutal situation was caught on camera and then shared on the internet. 

Soon after, the video went viral across various social media platforms. The incident dates back to October 2018 and occurred in the Alta Verapaz area in Guatemala. After people started resharing the video, people caught wind of it, curious to know more about the situation.

However, owing to the graphic contents of the video, the majority of the social media platforms have taken down the video and prevented it from being re-uploaded.

What is the Aftermath of the Ms Pacman Viral Video?

Following the virality of the video, Alejandro Ico Chub’s husband, Mario Tut Ical was arrested for his heinous crime and has undergone multiple trials over the 6 years.

Despite the case dating back to 2018, the recent resurfacing of the video is a testament to people gaining interest in the case yet again. However, despite the ongoing trials, there seems to be no available information about Mario Tut Ical and his whereabouts.

The lack of concrete information has also left people anxious about justice for Alejandro Ico Chub and the brutal death she experienced.

How has the Viral Ms. Pacman Video Impacted the Internet?

Every day, we come across videos that go viral, leaving us either entertained or curious. With the Ms. Pacman video, people have sparked debates on the subject.

Despite the sensitivity of the situation, it is vital to engage with videos and content online that’s safe and well-checked. There’s no point looking into videos that are disturbing and further worsen the mental state of the people involved.


The Ms. Pacman video is a stark example of the same. Despite the subject being 6 years old and with the ongoing trials, there seems to be no concrete information about how justice is being served to the guilty. However, one thing about the video is how the concept of virality is prevalent, despite how long it has been. People seem to be intrigued and want to get closure on the situation and witness justice being served.

Right now, the Ms. Pacman video is not available online on social media platforms and for the right reasons since it’s quite disturbing to watch.