Is Lionel Messi Still Alive? Lionel Messi’s Reign Continues in the American Dream

Is Lionel Messi Still Alive

Lionel Messi, a name synonymous with footballing greatness, continues to defy expectations even in the twilight of his career. 

After conquering Europe and etching his name in history as arguably the greatest player ever, Messi embarked on a new adventure in 2023, joining American club Inter Miami. 

This article delves into Messi’s current status, exploring his performance on the field, his impact on Major League Soccer (MLS), and his potential future endeavours.

Messi’s MLS Journey

Following a trophy-laden stint at Paris Saint-Germain, Messi opted for a new challenge in the United States. Joining Inter Miami in July 2023 reunited him with former Barcelona teammate and close friend Luis Suarez. 

While some saw this as a move towards retirement, Messi quickly silenced doubters. He showcased his trademark dribbling, playmaking, and goalscoring prowess, propelling Inter Miami to a Leagues Cup victory in August.

Despite a recent minor leg injury, Messi has been a key figure for Inter Miami. He currently leads the team in assists and is their second-highest scorer. His presence has not only boosted the team’s performance but also injected excitement into the league. 

MLS viewings have surged, particularly in Spanish-speaking countries, with fans eager to witness Messi’s magic firsthand.

Messi’s Influence on MLS

Messi’s impact extends far beyond his on-field contributions. His arrival has propelled MLS into the global spotlight, attracting investment and raising the league’s profile. Young American players now have the opportunity to train and learn alongside a living legend, fostering a new generation of footballing talent.

Furthermore, Messi’s presence has sparked interest in the league from international investors and established stars. This could lead to a domino effect, attracting more world-class players to the MLS, and ultimately elevating the overall quality of the game.

Messi’s International Future

Following Argentina’s historic World Cup victory in 2022, where Messi was instrumental, he announced a temporary retirement from international football. 

However, recent reports suggest his inclusion in Argentina’s preliminary squad for upcoming Copa America friendlies. Whether this signifies a permanent return to the national team remains to be seen.

As Messi approaches the twilight of his career, speculations about his future abound. Will he remain in MLS, return to Europe, or perhaps even take a managerial role? One thing remains certain: Messi’s insatiable hunger for the game ensures he won’t be hanging up his boots any time soon.

The Enduring Magic of Messi

Despite the baseless rumours questioning Messi’s existence, it looks like the international footballer and G.O.A.T is all set to take over the football world even more so in the coming years.

Lionel Messi’s journey has been extraordinary. From a scrawny teenager in Argentina to a living legend who redefined football, his story continues to inspire. 


Whether leading his team to victory, dazzling fans with his skills, or promoting the beautiful game on a global scale, Messi remains a captivating presence. His American adventure may be a new chapter, but one thing is for sure: the magic of Lionel Messi will continue to enthral audiences for years to come.