Sharing the Most Reliable Legal Alternatives of Movieskiduniya


When it comes to movie watching as a source of entertainment, everyone has a fetish. People love discovering different movie streaming sites for arriving at the best option to meet their entertainment needs. Internet is overloaded with such torrent sites which provide free streaming and downloading of movies and other videos. Movieskiduniya is one such website where you can find appropriate links for downloading movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Bollywood as well as Polly wood movies are stacked on this site for free downloading. Not just the recently released movies, but all the dubbed movies can be found on this site in the dual audio format. 

What is MoviesKiDuniya?


Movieskiduniya is a torrenting website which features copied or pirated content on the site. The developers of this site generate income by transforming the advertisement campaign on the site itself. Different categories can be found on this site from where the users can select the one they want to watch. The site offers high-class features and an easy interface. It is operated by a group of people in the country. The movies on this website are uploaded in such a way that they can be watched on larger screens in movie theatres as well as at home. In the present day streaming or downloading movies has become easy for the audience to find different Bollywood, Hollywood, and other movies in the dubbed languages. It is a torrent website that lets the users stream and download movies of different genres for free. 

It must be known that this site, just like other torrent sites is illegal because it features pirated content. It keeps shifting the domain from time to time because of security issues. What makes this site so popular is the featured and categories offered. You are assuredly going to find a wide range of movies and series on this website to pass away your leisure time. 

Features of Movieskiduniya: 

The features or specifications offered by the movieskiduniya website are solely responsible for making it stand apart from the other websites of its kind. These features have truly attracted a lot of users towards this site for downloading the content for free. The features of this website are: 

  • You can find movies in different languages like English, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada. 
  • The content on this website can be downloaded very easily.
  • It offers double audio specifications which help the users to understand the film better. 
  • All the movies on the website can be downloaded and their resolution is mentioned individually besides the download link.
  • It provides several download links according to the resolution you want to download. 

Categories offered by Movieskiduniya: 

Some important movie categories offered by the Movieskiduniya website are as follows:

  • Malayalam movies 
  • Bollywood movies
  • Tv shows 
  • Kannada movies 
  • Hollywood movies 
  • Web series 
  • Telugu movies 
  • Tamil movies 
  • Comedy movies 
  • Horror movies 

Steps to access Movieskiduniya are as follows:

Few simple steps that must be followed while downloading movies from this website are as follows: 

  • Go to the browser in your phone and open the search engine 
  • Input the name of the websites in the search column
  • Then, you will be automatically taken to the website page 
  • Go through the various groups for exploring the content provided on this site. 
  • You can also choose to search specifically the name of the movie that you are looking for.  
  • All the search results will then appear on the screen of your device with individual downloading links against them. 
  • Make a selection of the movies and series that you want to download 
  • Tick the start downloading checkbox for the download to start. 
  • The progress of download can be tracked through the file manager app on your mobile phone
  • Once the file gets downloaded, it will be found in the storage of your device. 

Unparalleled alternatives of Movieskiduniya: 

Because of the privacy-related issues with this website, a lot of users have started looking for alternatives to this website which can work in the same way. Thus, some unparalleled alternatives to the movieskiduniya website are as follows: 

1. Go stream

The next website which deserves a mention in this list is the go stream website. Even this website has a friendly user interface that can be dealt with by almost all the users. The users can navigate through the website very easily and browse the content. The collection of movies on this website is indeed very attractive and can be downloaded in both SD as well as HD quality. Apart from finding a lot of movies on this website, the users can also search for their favourite documentary, TV shows, and web series, etc. Many unregistered users can share their content on this website too. The most significant feature of this website is free of cost services offered here. It is an authorized website with no legal concerns to worry about. 

2. Moviewatcher

Moviewatcher is a very famous website that satisfies users with an ample amount of attractive and appreciable content with high-quality visuals. More than ten thousand films, web series, and TV shows can be found on this website. The most considerable thing about this website is the easy-to-operate user interface which can be used by any other user without much technical knowledge. For easy navigation across the site, all the movies featured on this website are classified under different groups for helping the users to search for their favourite movie. 

3. Vumoo

On Vumoo, users can get access to browsing through a wide collection of films in different languages and belonging to different genres. An equally important feature offered by this website is that it shows the movie description in a precise form with all important details. Apart from TV shows, movies, and web series one can find a huge number of classical movies. The movies and all other videos on this site can be streamed and downloaded in the quality of 720p from various servers. The content on this website can be accessed for free. 

4. Flicksmore 

Another movie site that we have on this list is Flicksmore. It is safe to be used and is a good alternative to movieskiduniya. Nearly every kind of movie can be found on this website. The users can ever discover a wide range of TV shows, award shows, and web series on this website. The entire range of content uploaded on this website is designed distinctively. An important thing to be noted is that the site may charge an additional amount sometimes from the viewers when they stream or download any content. However, this site offers a 30 day trial period after which the users can get themselves subscribed to the site. 

5. Movierill 

Movierill is also called Moviezion but both the names are of the same website. It provides the users updated content in HD video quality which can be streamed and downloaded to your device. This website can also be used for free by users. A large number of contacts that belong to a variety of genres can be explored on this site. The users are not supposed to undergo any process of registration or create an account for accessing the content on this website. This website is safe to use and it doesn’t ask for any kind of personal information of the user. 

6. Film Chest 

Film Chest is the option that we have next. This site aims at providing the users, accessibility to old movies. The user interface of this website is very easy to work with and there are over 2000 movies from different genres featured on this website. Rare to rare old movies that are hard to find on other websites can also be found here. In the last few years, this site has gained immense popularity. It provides different links to the users by which they can download the content or watch them. This site is overloaded with attractive content. 

7. Yidio 

Yidio is another website that facilitates streaming free of cost to all users. It comprises of unique content which includes a lot of web series and movies. One drawback of this site is that the users cannot get access to this site directly. Only those people who are Amazon or Netflix users can access this website. The OTT platforms don’t need to be visited as your favourite content can be searched on this website. The users can access some content for free, but for availing of the premium content, you must have a subscription. 

8. Einthusam

 This site can be an ideal alternative to movieskiduniya because it comprises a wide array of web series and movies belonging to various genres like action, comedy, thriller, family series, romance, suspense, etc. It also features a lot of Tamil and Telugu movies in the local language and dubbed versions too. From most recent movies to old classic movies, one can find all kinds of movies on this website. Several servers support this website to prevent users from facing troubles. The GUI of this website is also enhanced and optimized. The users can classify the content as per their convenience by various filters like language, release year, IMDb rating, size of the movie, etc. 

9. Share TV

Share TV is not just a movie-watching site. The most important thing is that it works differently and not like other sites. It can be considered as an online group for those users who want to keep a record of their favourite Television shows like dance programs, daily soaps, award functions. On this site, the users can find short descriptions of the contents they want to watch including character details, episode guides, and video clips. 

10. TV player

TV player is another popular website that provides streaming services. The user interface of this website works very smoothly. The unsubscribed users can only access those channels which are free to air. The best thing about this website is the lesser number of ads that don’t create too much interruption while you are watching your favourite movie or series. The free-to-air channels are those which consist of limited content, but those who buy the premium members can access the entire content on this website and can also download whichever they want to. 

11. Primewire

Primewire is an interesting movie streaming website that offers a wide variety of content. The platform allows the users to get their desired movies, web series, and other videos. It is an impressive and the most popular platform against the Movieskiduniya website. If you are a movie freak, you might be looking for a platform that provides you every genre of movies at one destination. Primewire does exactly that. It helps you get all the movies without any complicated steps or unnecessary advertisements. This website also permits the user to access it without paying any charges for enjoying the benefits.

12. Downloadhub

Downloadhub is another movie streaming platform that is fun to utilize. It is an incredible platform offering all the latest and classic hits. Whether you want to watch an old Hindi movie, classic hit, animated movie, or a trending video, Downloadhub has a solution for all. It provides movies of every language. Interestingly, you can also get Hollywood movies and Hollywood web series from here without paying any subscription charges. You can enjoy all the features that a subscribed user gets on a legal platform. It is no less than any popular platform offering an extensive list of features to the users. So, why wait?


The information in this post is solely dedicated to informing the users about MoviesKiDuniya and other torrent sites. This post in no way intends to promote the illegal act of torrenting. Piracy is considered a crime and has been banned by the government of our country. Hence, using such torrent sites can be a punishable offense if you get caught by the authorities. So, it is advised not to use such torrent sites anymore. There are a lot of legal alternatives that can be used for the same purpose with even more advantages. So, you should try to make use of such authorized sites instead of the illegal torrent sites. 


Are subtitles available on this website?

There are subtitles availed for different categories of content on this website. The users can explore the content just by searching for the subtitles. 

Is MoviesKiDuniya a legal website?

MoviesKiDuniya is not a legal website because it features pirated copies of movies. It is not safe to use at all.

Can using these sites be risky? 

Even after the ban, a lot of people are still using such torrent websites. But, it is not recommended to use these sites after the ban because they can possess severe threats to your data and privacy.

Are there any limits set for downloading the content?

There are no restrictions on this website for downloading any content. You can download as many movies you want at a time. 

Are the alternatives safe to use?

Using these alternatives is completely safe to use as they are reliable and don’t cause a threat to the data in your device. 


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