Complete Guide to MovieNinja piracy site: 12 Best Legal Alternatives to MovieNinja


15Watching movies is undoubted, one of the popular hobbies of people across the world. Irrespective of age, gender, or language, movies tend to attract people to a larger extent. Even if you are in the worst mood, a movie can instantly lighten up your day. This era is indeed a boon to movie lovers, as technology has made available numerous ways to stream movies online, whenever, wherever we want. There are numerous legal platforms available on the internet to stream and download your favorite movies instantly

But on the contrary, the illegal online movie streaming sites pose a great threat to the cinema industry and legal streaming platforms. People flock to illegal movie streaming sites for their vast content and free accessibility. The illegal movie streaming sites contain pirated versions of newly launched movies. They violate the government’s norms and policies related to copyrights and piracy laws. One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of piracy sites is its free availability. Viewers can stream and download movies on piracy sites for free.   

What is the MovieNinja piracy site about?


MovieNinja is one of the popular piracy sites in the world. MovieNinja offers the latest Hollywood movies to the users for free. You can watch both old and new popular films on the MovieNinja piracy site. The site has been blocked by the government of countries numerous times. Yet, it emerges every time with a new proxy. MovieNinja will not charge the users to stream or download a movie. The site also does not have any registration process to stream movies. You can instantly visit the website and start streaming your favorite movie. But, it is completely illegal to use it. 

Categories of movies available in MovieNinja 

There are numerous categories of movies available on the MovieNinja piracy website. You can find movies of horror, action, Thriller, comedy, romance, science fiction, etc in MovieNinja. Concerning the movie Category menu, MovieNinja offers the below: 

  1. Latest movies 
  2. TV series 
  3. Top rated 2020 
  4. Top rated 2019 
  5. Greatest movies 

Features of MovieNinja piracy site

One important feature that is common among most of the piracy sites is the variety in video content

  • MovieNinja piracy website offers a wide variety of content to its users. From Comedy to Serious action thrillers you can find any genre of movies on the MovieNinja piracy website. 
  • Some of the popular movies available on the MovieNinja piracy site include Wonder Woman 1984, Joker, The Irishman, Parasite, Marriage Story, Justice League Etc 
  • The next feature that is popular in MovieNinja is its simple user interface (UI) and layout. The homepage of the website is pretty simple and easy to access. You will find so many thumbnail pictures of various movies on the home page. You can either watch the movies from the homepage and stream them or use the search box given in the top right corner. 
  • MovieNinja changes its proxy very often as it is an illegal website. It is mostly banned in many countries. So Multiple proxies offer easy access to the users. 

Steps to stream movies in MovieNinja piracy site 

The steps to stream movies on the MovieNinja piracy site are pretty easy. VPN app is an absolute requirement for users who wish to use piracy sites. 

  1. You should know the right proxy of MovieNinja before you search for it on the internet. Once you find the right proxy, check if it is available in your country. 
  2. If the website is not accessible in your country, you should install VPN software or an application. Through a VPN application, you might be able to get access to the MovieNinja piracy site. 
  3. After installing a VPN, you should change the country in the VPN app. Make sure you select the country in which MovieNinja is not banned by their government. 
  4. Once you select the country, you can start searching for the MovieNinja website. 
  5. After you enter the website, you will see the homepage of MovieNinja. There are numerous movies available on the homepage of the website in the thumbnail picture format. You can either click any of them to stream a movie or use the search menu in the top right corner of the website to search for your favorite movie. 
  6. After the movie appears, you can click on the movie to start streaming it. Remember, MovieNinja will not require you to register or pay to stream a movie. It is completely free and easy to access. But it is also completely illegal to use. 

11 Best Legal Alternatives to MovieNinja piracy site

The popularity and usage of OTT platforms are increasing day by day. Legal movie streaming sites come with easy accessibility and a wide variety of content to appeal to users of different likings. Some of the legal movie streaming sites avail content for free cost while some require you to subscribe to a video plan to start streaming content. Below are some of the popular legal alternatives to the MovieNinja piracy site. 

1. MX Player 

MX Player is a free movie streaming platform where you can stream several movies in various languages. It is one of the popular movie streaming platforms. You can find movies in many languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, etc. The website will offer tons of movies for free. You can also find Regional language-based serials and TV programs on the website. There are also live TV channels in MX Player. Viewers can also find MX Originals in this app or website. 

2. Netflix 

Netflix is the place where you can find versatile movies and series. There are movies and series of languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Korean Etc on Netflix. So many movies and shows on Netflix comes with various audio and subtitle options. Therefore, you can stream content of any language with suitable audio or subtitle options. Netflix is a very popular OTT platform in the world. There are also many original series and movies on Netflix. 

3. YouTube 

YouTube needs no introduction. It has videos of movies, series, songs, games, documentaries, TV programs, etc. It is a platform where you can find most of the content for free except for some exclusive movies. To stream some exclusive movies on YouTube, you should subscribe to a Premium plan. YouTube also comes with regular ads in between videos. YouTube will give you suggestions for related movies when you stream a particular movie. 

4. Amazon Prime Video 

Amazon Prime video is very similar to Netflix. You can find video content of movies, series, documentaries, etc. on Amazon Prime Video. There are also numerous Originals in Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video comes with a free trial policy for first-time users. However, this is only for a limited period and you have to subscribe to a particular video plan to continue streaming movies and series on Amazon Prime Video. You can find content in English, Hindi, Korean, French, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc in Amazon Prime Video. 

5. IMDb TV 

IMDb TV is one of the recent movie streaming platforms introduced on the internet. You would have come across IMDb as a video reviewing platform. IMDb tv offers many collections of movies and TV shows. You can find both old and new movie collections on IMDb TV. There is also original content in IMDb TV just like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. IMDb TV is gaining popularity day by day. And it’s one of the most preferred video platforms online. 

6. Kanopy

Kanopy is a free legal movie streaming site where you can find recently released movies. But, there is a condition for the users to use Kanopy. The user should either be a professor or a university student or should own a public library card. If you are one of the above, you can stream critically acclaimed movies on the website for absolutely free cost. Kanopy is also available in form of mobile and TV applications for users to stream content anywhere anytime they want. 

7. Sony Crackle 

Sony Crackle is a free movie streaming website that is also legal. Sony crackle provides high-quality original content along with many free movies. If you are an anime lover, this website is just for you. It offers a good collection of anime movies. You can also find movies of other genres including action, thriller, romance Etc. 

8. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a globally available website, which works very fast. The streaming speed in Popcornflix is very commendable. Even if your internet speed is low you can stream movies with good speed on this website. The movie collection in Popcornflix is also pretty good. You can find various Hollywood movies on the Popcornflix website.

9. Top documentary films

If you are a lover of documentary movies, you should visit this site. Top documentary films, just like its name offers a wide collection of documentary movies. You can find documentary movies of various genres including politics, sexuality, nature, art, mystery Etc. There are so many critically acclaimed documentaries on this website. 

10. Disney plus hot star

Disney Plus hot star has both free and paid content. You can watch numerous movies, series, and live channels for free on this website. It is also available as a mobile app. Some exclusive content in the hot star will require you to subscribe to a pack. There are a lot of Bollywood movies and Regional Indian movies in Disney plus hot star. You can also find critically acclaimed Hollywood Series and movies in Disney plus hot star. 

11. MoviesFoundOnline

Oftentimes people think movies found online are an illegal site. However, they are seriously mistaken. The site doesn’t involve pirating at all. There are several public domain films accessible to people on this site. The site itself doesn’t upload any kind of video or audio content. To make sure that there is no copyright infringement of the content that people are uploading, the site carefully curates its list of content. Content uploaded by people is varied and diverse. Starting from Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional films, you can also browse through movies based on different genres. It’s a great site if you are especially looking forward to streaming English content. 

12. Tubi

Tubi is another ideal platform for movie freaks. The site is freely accessible, another reason why it continues to attract millions of traffic every year. Once you enter here, you no longer have to visit every other platform in search of your desired movie. This site is sure to contain what you are looking for. Like most other movie streaming platforms, Tubi also allows for a hassle-free streaming and downloading experience. Needless to say, it offers dozens of content to choose from. Even dubbed versions of popular blockbuster movies are also available. This is one of the best platforms to look for rare, unique, top-quality content. 


1. Why is MovieNinja so famous? 

Movieninja piracy website is very popular because it is completely free. Users can stream infinite movies on the website for free cost. It also has most of the newly released popular Hollywood movies. 

2. Is using piracy websites dangerous for our devices? 

Yes. Using piracy websites is very unsafe and dangerous for your device. These websites contain pop-up ads that will attract viruses and malware to your device. One of the main reasons for the existence of these illegal piracy sites is the source of income they get through the Pop-up ads. 

3. Are the legal Alternatives mentioned above safe to use? 

Yes, the legal Alternatives mentioned above are completely safe to use. It is both legally and technically safe. 

4. Which legal alternative is best to stream Hollywood movies? 

You can stream Hollywood movies on Netflix. Netflix has numerous Hollywood movies in versatile genres including romance, thriller, action, suspense, mystery, horror, science, fiction, animation, anime, cartoon, etc. 

5. Can we stream movies for free in the legal alternatives? 

Some of the above-mentioned legal Alternatives will allow you to stream movies for free, while some will require you to subscribe to a plan. MX Player is a legal alternative that is completely free to stream movies and TV shows.


Our intention is not to promote or encourage piracy websites like MovieNinja. The above content is just the description of the MovieNinja website. Using piracy sites is not just against the law, but also very unsafe and dangerous for your device. These piracy sites come with pop-up ads that are a threat to your devices. They easily attract viruses and malware to your phone or computer, which is why you should refrain from using these piracy sites. Though governments in every country in the world strive hard to put an end to the piracy sites, they emerge strong every time through a new proxy or domain. 


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