Lupe Fuentes Net Worth 2024 – Is ‘Little Lupe’ a Millionaire?

Lupe Fuentes Net Worth

If you are familiar with songs like “Pop that Pussy” which was released under the credits of “Little Lupe”, chances are that you are familiar with the famous Colombian-Spanish singer and actress, Lupe Fuentes.

Besides having a powerful voice, what made Lupe stand out among the others was her charming personality, petite frame, and attractive appearance. These attributes helped her gain initial traction in her acting and music career.

This article will explore more about Lupe Fuentes, her early and personal life, her career, and the net worth she has acquired over the years.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Zuleidy Piedrahita
Birth Date January 27, 1987
Age 36
Country of Origin Colombia
Profession Singer, Actress
Marital Status Married
Parent’s Name Unknown
Evan Seinfield
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $5-6 million
Last Updated: Mar 06, 2024

Early Life

Lupe Fuentes was born on January 27, 1987 in Santiago de Cali, Colombia. She was named Zuleidy Piedrahita at birth and spent the majority of her childhood growing up in Spain, surrounded by her entire family.

We don’t have any idea about her school education or where she graduated college since Lupe prefers keeping that information hidden from the mainstream media. However, Lupe has revealed in multiple interviews that she has always had an affinity towards music, which is what helped her scope her career in both music and acting.

During her school days, she was always a creative person and participated in a variety of shows, dramas and even took music and dance lessons to further one-up her career in the entertainment industry. 

Once she completed her high school education, Lupe enrolled in the SAE Institute, which is where she learned the technicalities by taking a degree in music production and engineering. She also minored in business and marketing to further polish her career in the future.

Lupe is very private about her family. Although not much is known, it is safe to assume that she grew up surrounded by amazing and supportive parents who have always pushed her to pursue what she loved.

Personal Life

Lupe is married to Evan Seinfield, who is a member of the popular metal band, Biohazard. The two got married in 2011 after dating for some time and have been together since then. They seem to be quite happy with each other and like to keep their private life to themselves.

Lupe Fuentes


Lupe has a very diverse career that spans acting and music. She has established a place for herself in the music and film industry and seems to be growing transiently throughout the years.

She kickstarted her music career in 2009 and rose to fame when she released the song “Pop That Pussy” under her alias Little Lupe. No one, initially, understood that it was her. However, the song ended up being a huge success, which further pushed her to release more music.

With the kind of fame that she gained in her music career, it wasn’t surprising when Lupe decided to ditch her acting career to pursue music full-time. She specializes in genres of house and techno and has released multiple hit albums to date.

Besides touring with other artists, Lupe has also performed in multiple festivals, which has helped her gain a much more diverse audience. As for her acting career, Lupe has initially appeared in a bunch of movies and even performed in the adult entertainment industry in multiple categories.

As of now, Lupe is solely focused on her music career and is releasing some banger singles and albums that her fans love.

Net Worth

With the kind of fame that Lupe has acquired through her music career, it is safe to say that she is a millionaire. According to estimates, she has a net worth of around $5-6 million, which is nothing short of impressive. She also endorses brands, which adds to her income significantly.


1. Does Lupe collaborate with brands on IG?

Lupe is quite interactive on her socials, which has helped her gain a steady following and popularity. She leverages her 700,000+ followers on IG to work with several brands.

2. Is Lupe Fuentes married?

Lupe appears to be single currently. But, she had been married twice previously to Evan Seinfeld and Pablo Lapeidra. She hasn’t been linked to anyone since then.

3. How old is Lupe Fuentes?

Lupe was born on January 27, 1987, which makes her 36 years old, as of now. She was born in Cali, Colombia and her original name is Zuleidy Piedrahita but she changed her name for her profession.