Will There Be a Season 4 Of Glitch – Is the Cancellation Set in Stone?

Glitch Season 4

The Australian supernatural drama series “Glitch” captivated audiences with its unique blend of mystery, character exploration, and the afterlife. But, recent news has confirmed that the show will most likely not return for a fourth season.

Glitch follows the residents of the fictional town of Yoorana, thrown into a strange situation when seven people mysteriously return from the dead. 

While the series wrapped up its central storylines after three seasons, fans continue to hope for a continuation. So, we have brought along all that we know about Glitch Season 4.

When is Glitch Season 4 Releasing?

If you watched Glitch from the first season, chances are that you are aware of the fact that the creators have been vocal about the show having three seasons only.

So, once the show reached the third season and concluded with closure for all the central characters, the creators confirmed that the show had been canceled and would not return with Season 4 in the future.

However, despite the confirmation, the fans remain hopeful that things will somehow change and a new season will take place. There are several online forums discussing the possibility of the show returning with a fourth season in the future.

At this point, it is pretty much confirmed that it is likely not going to happen at all. Whether or not a reboot or a prequel to the show happens in the future seems unlikely.

What can we expect from Glitch Season 4?

Before we even take a look at the possible theories and speculations of how things could have gone down in the fourth season, be assured that a fourth season isn’t going to come about out of the blue, especially after the creators have confirmed that the possibilities of that happening are close to none.

With that said, the following are a few theories floating around surrounding Glitch Season 4:

  • The past seasons saw the town grapple with the “glitch” phenomenon and its consequences. Season 4 could have delved deeper into the long-term effects and explored the town’s future, showcasing how the remaining residents adapt to a life marked by the extraordinary.
  • The show hinted at a larger force at play, with the “glitch” potentially impacting other locations. Season 4 could have explored these connections, introducing new characters and locations experiencing similar occurrences, potentially leading to a larger, overarching narrative.
  • While the main plotlines were resolved, some character arcs remained open-ended. Season 4 could have provided further closure, exploring the characters’ journeys and their efforts to find peace and meaning in their new reality.

There is no doubt that there are a few loopholes that have to be addressed but we’d have to live with these questions.

Who is returning to Glitch Season 4?

Since Season 4 isn’t happening, we can’t expect any cast to return. However, there were high chances for the following cast to return:

  • Patrick Brammall as James Hayes 
  • Emma Booth as Kate Hayes 
  • Rob Collins as John Doe 
  • Genevieve O’Reilly as Kirstie McLaren 
  • Louise Jordan as Maria McLaren 
  • Ned Dennehy as Patrick Fitzgerald 
  • Emily Barclay as Emma Roebuck


Why is Glitch season 4 cancelled?

The creators of Glitch announced that the show would conclude after its third season. This means they won’t renew the show for a fourth season. Despite fan speculation, it’s unlikely that a new season will be produced.

Will there be a reboot or prequel to Glitch?

While some fans remain hopeful for a reboot or prequel, there are no concrete plans for such projects at the moment. Also, the chances of these happening in the future seem slim.

Who are the main characters in Glitch?

The main characters in Glitch include James Hayes, Kate Hayes, John Doe, Kirstie McLaren, Maria McLaren, Patrick Fitzgerald, and Emma Roebuck.


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