Flasky Flowers Net Worth – How Is the Business Doing After Shark Tank?

Flasky Flowers Net Worth

If you watch Shark Tank, you likely know that the show is all about promoting innovation. Flasky Flowers was probably one of the most innovative business ideas that have graced Shark Tank’s platform to date.

For those who don’t know, Flasky Flowers is a flask built into a flower bouquet. Now, you must be thinking, “Why would I need a flask in a bouquet?” Well, the solution is for the brides who are tired of hiding their cups during the wedding wondering that their photos will come out unsatisfactory.

Given how innovative the business idea was, it isn’t surprising that Flasky Flowers currently has a valuation of $400,000.

About the Founders

Flasky Flowers was founded by Ryan and Kelly Moynihan, both of whom hail from Delray Beach in Florida. Despite living quite close to each other, Ryan and Kelly Moynihan didn’t follow the same path initially in their lives.

Ryan completed his schooling at Boca Raton High School while Kelly graduated from Atlantic High School.

The two later met, started dating, and ended up marrying each other in 2012. Following their marriage, Ryan worked full-time while Kelly supported her husband financially by working as a hairstylist from time to time.

The couple have seven children together. It was during one of her client’s visits that Kelly noticed how the bride and the bridesmaids had to put down their drinks every time they were called for a photo op. That’s where the idea of Flasky Flowers struck.

Founding Flasky Flowers

Once Kelly was pretty sure about the product design and idea, she went home to Ryan and explained the entire idea to him and Flasky Flowers came into being.

Adamant to make their company strive, Ryan and Kelly sold their house and used that capital to launch their business. However, as they were gearing up to launch the business, things took a tumble in their lives. 

Their youngest was born and needed immediate heart surgery, and soon after, the pandemic hit. All of these affected their zeal quite a bit. Despite the challenges, Flasky Flowers managed to sell $21,000 in total.

Flasky Flowers on Shark Tank

Since Flasky Flowers didn’t secure a lot of business initially, Ryan and Kelly pitched for $50,000 for 10% equity. Their demonstration of the product was alluring and impressed the judges quite a bit.

However, the Sharks were not impressed by the risks they took for their business, provided that has seven children back home. Seeing their condition, Kevin invited Lori and Mark to make a joint deal of $75,000 for 30% equity.

Flasky Flowers after Shark Tank

Despite getting some traction after Shark Tank, Flasky Flowers hasn’t done as well as the founders expected. They currently sell via their official website and their Etsy store and they sell directly to the consumers. 

Currently, the business is still on home ground and doesn’t seem to take off anytime soon. They have acquired an all-time valuation of $400,000 as of 2023.