15 Sites Like Filmywap in 2024 – Best Alternatives

Best Alternatives to Filmywap

On Filmywap you can get almost any movies to show that you have been meaning to watch for a while. It is known for its collection of the latest Bollywood movies and the ease of accessing them. Then how come are we suggesting some alternatives to such a great site?! You see everything has a good and a bad side to it. The thing about torrent sites such as Filmywap is that they may provide top-notch and more importantly free services to their users, but these free services are illegal. 

Filmywap uses content that is pirated and that calls for some equally good but legal alternatives that would not let the illegality of such sites stand between us and our entertainment. Here is what we propose. We have brought to you a list of 10 alternatives that are legal but at the same time provide free services just like Filmywap. Excited to see how the list turns out? Read on!

What is Filmywap?


Before we get to the alternatives let’s take a look at some of the intricate details of the site in context. To understand the solution we must understand the problem to which we are finding the solution. Now Filmywap is a torrent movie watching site. It has an astounding collection of movies that are diverse in their language, genre, and their times. The site has movies directed by Alfred Hitchcock and Quentin Tarantino. It has movies that want you to fall in love all over again and ones that will make you fall in love with the action and thriller genre. The point of such elaborate descriptions is to show how perfect the site is. However, the screw of the illegality unhinges the perfection of the whole site. 

Features of Filmywap

The site must offer something quite extravagantly good to make people risk their security. The features of Filmywap are indeed something that would make you come back for more. Here we have listed some of the reasons why people still consider this site as a viable option even though it has been declared illegal in our country. 

  • The site has every kind of movie that you could want to watch. It has all the genres covered as well as in various kinds of languages as well. Filmywap also has movies of different ages throughout the history of cinema and hence can never disappoint you in terms of options. 
  • Not just regarding movies, the site cannot and will not disappoint you if you want to binge-watch any kind of television or web series either. Not only do they have a diverse collection of movies, but they also have a diverse collection of all kinds of content that one could ever desire to watch.
  • The listing of the genres and categories of movies is quite well maintained on the site. So if there is a movie or a show that you want to get your hands on then you could seriously benefit from the list here. 
  • The services of the site are completely free. You would not have to spend a dime to enjoy the latest movies or television shows on this site. 
  • The other best thing about the site is the simplicity of dealing with it. You can be as lowly acquainted with the world of the internet as you want, but your scarcity of knowledge about it would not hold you back from scrolling through Filmywap or binge-watching your favourite shows on it. 

Categories of movies on Filmywap

The collection of content on the site is quite valid and transcends the boundaries of time, place, and course genres. The genres that the site covers are thrillers and romances, actions and tragedies, comedies and documentaries, etc. Some of the categories of movies that you could find on the site are as is listed below. Take a look. 

  1. Hollywood movies
  2. Bollywood movies
  3. English dubbed
  4. Tamil movies
  5. Bengali movies
  6. Malayalam movies
  7. Kannada movies
  8. Malayalam dubbed
  9. Tamil dubbed
  10. International movies

Steps to watching movies on Filmywap

As we have already mentioned it is quite easy to play movies or any other type of content on Filmywap. It involves just a few simple steps. For your further convenience, we have listed those simple steps to enjoy your preferred movies and shows on the site below. All you need to do now is to scroll along.

  1. First, you need to install VPN software on the device that you plan to use for watching the movies. This software will help you create a deceiving location of yourself on the Internet so that you can use the site apparently from a place where it is legal. 
  2. Once your device is ready with the VPN installed in it you now have to choose an IP address of a location where the site is lawfully used by the residents. 
  3. The hardest part of the entire process is now done. Now all you have to do is to search for the site and enter it. 
  4. After you have got hold of the current working URL of the site and entered it, you will find yourself on the homepage of Filmywap. 
  5. On the homepage, you now have to search for the movie or show you desire to watch. You can also make your job easier still by choosing one of the categories of movies from the site so that your search becomes more compact. 
  6. When you select the movie that you wanted to watch, you can either watch it stream it online, or download it to watch it offline later. 
  7. Choose the “stream now” option and start enjoying your treasured television shows and movies in the convenience and comfort of your home. 

15 Legal Alternatives to Filmywap in 2024

Are you one of those people who like to play it safe but likes having their share of fun as well, and then read along? This is a fact undoubtedly true that filmi web is one of the best sites too watch any type of content that you feel like. But neither is the site legal nor is it very safe and secured for its users. To make your movie watching sessions much safer and much more secure, we have brought to you this list of legal alternatives to Filmywap.

1. PopCornFlix 


There is no need for you to be worried about getting your all-time favourites on this site. Popcornflix has been in the market of movie sites for quite a long time now and has surely made its position in the market. The only thing that you have to worry about here is the huge traffic that the site faces because of its popularity. Apart from it, the site is provided in its contents and vibrant in its approach.

2. Retrovision 


Old is gold and Retrovision helps you leave up to this phrase. This site is a treasure chest for every classic hit in the history of cinema. It has movies for training to different genres as well as languages and makes it quite easy for you to navigate through the site owing to its simple user interface. If you ever want to catch up on the classic hits then this is the site that you must opt for.

3. YouTube


YouTube is a name heard and chanted by almost every other person on the piece of earth. This platform lets you browse all kinds of content starting from old and new movies that travel across languages and genres to song videos and short films that have made a mark throughout the globe. You can even upload your videos on the site. 

4. Open Culture 

This site is exactly what the name suggests it to be. Open culture has movies about almost all languages that exist today starting from porky Korean dramas to Russian action and thriller movies. The collection of movies on the site is quite impressive and is enough to lure any cinephile that ever was and ever will be. It also contains other content such as audiobooks and more. 

5. Kanopy


Kanopy consists of a very educated list of movies and shows on its site. It claims to have discussed with various libraries and universities about the library of movies that it has. Starting from a variety of genres to a variety of languages the content on this site travels the whole space between educational to fun movies. It has a certain class attached to it. 

6. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive

This is again a site that lives up to its name. It is indeed an archive of movies and shows are it web series or television series. There is little chance that you would be disappointed in the services that the site provides to its users. With which you can download movies on the site or even stream them online is quite impressive. 

7. Vimeo


This site is a lot like YouTube in various ways. However, it also has a certain list of independent movies that can be streamed on the site. Vimeo has a very well-maintained layout that helps its users too watch movies on it quite easily.

8. No Budge

If you like watching movies that you can judge yourself independently, then this is a site that you should visit. It consists of movies especially independent and short films that have not been watched much on a commercial basis. You might however suffer a bit of a lacking of any kind of assistance in which movies to watch on the site, but such short adventures have their perks. 

9. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

This is like traditional TV but just better. In Pluto TV the contents are no longer limited to movies and television shows. You can watch anything starting from news to sports to of course movies as well. There is a list of hundreds of channels that you can choose from, thereby providing you all a wide range of options.

10. Yahoo View

Yahoo View
Yahoo View

This is a dream site for many as it is free but very much secured and at the same time contains top-grade quality of content as well. However much of the movies on the side are free only to US-based residence. But it is not a problem that a little use of the VPN software in your device would not set right. 

11. Bestwap


Bestwap is a platform that is preferred by all the movie freaks. If you love listening to music then Bestwap is the best platform for you. It offers every kind of music. The entire content of music is categorised based on moods. The users could easily find any category of music. While going out for some work, when you have to travel a long distance then you can visit the Bestwap website to add a little fun to your journey. In addition, the website also offers various other interesting features that provide a great amount of entertainment. All the latest movies are also available on the website. So, why wait anymore?

12. Tamilgun

Tamilgun is an excellent website offering a thorough list of features to the users. If you love watching different movies then you might be looking for a platform that provides you with movies of all kinds. Tamilgun is a platform that offers every category of content. It offers content based on different categories. The best part of this platform is that it allows the users to get their favourite content very easily. They will not have to struggle for finding out the particular movie from thousands of other movies. The overall structure and the theme of this website are quite impressive. They are the prime factor attracting users to the website.

13. Filmyzilla


Filmyzilla is an excellent movie-streaming website. It provides an optimum level of fun. It provides fun and entertainment beyond the limit. All the users can be sure of one thing and that is the quality of the content. The content of this website contains all the trending and classic hits. Filmyzilla is the best alternative to Filmywap. It provides HD-quality movies, web series, TV shows, and documentaries. Despite providing a lot of content, it does not charge even a penny from the users. It is completely free of cost and hence used widely all over the world.

14. TodaypkMovies

TodaypkMovies is a website that allows users to download all their favorite TV shows and movies for absolutely free of charge. The website has a huge collection of regional content and it specializes in Tamil, Telugu, and Punjabi movies. All the regional content here comes in dual audio settings which is why the website stays always in demand. This website also has a huge collection of Pakistani movies which are worth exploring. The website is completely safe to use and users can download and enjoy movies from TodaypkMovies.

15. Worldfree4u


The unique selling point of this website is that it has a huge inventory of all the latest movies of Bollywood and Hollywood. Movies are all available on this website just a few hours after the movies are released on any platform or in theaters. With Worldfree4u users can download any of their favorite movies and later enjoy them in offline mode. The website is safe to use and it does not have a lot of advertisements that spam the users. The website also allows users to stream as many movies as they want in online mode.


There is no denying the fact that the site is one of the best ones to watch movies and shows on. However, all torrent sites including Filmywap have been now declared illegal by the Indian government. We in no way are in support of any such activity that includes online piracy or plagiarism. We believe that content must be used only after you have taken proper permission from the original content creator and paid the person due to remuneration and respect. Acts of plagiarism are wrong on grounds of moral interest as well as and that of law.  


Will a person be punished if caught browsing the site Filmywap?

The site has been declared illegal plays a recent order of the Indian government. If and when a person is caught using the site they can vanish in the name of law immediately. 

Can I still use Filmywap?

Even though the site has been declared illegal you can still access the site but at your own risk. You would require installing VPN software on your device where after you can change your location virtually and get access to the site.

Are they all of the alternatives provided here legal?

Yes, the alternatives provided here are legal to the best of our knowledge. Their services however are also free just like Filmywap.

Are the alternatives safe?

Yes, all of the alternatives are safe. You can rely on them but at the same time must provide any and every piece of personal information only after proper consideration. 

Does Filmywap require any subscription?

No, Filmywap does not require any subscription. It lets you watch pirated versions of movies for free.