Family Business Season 6 – All You Need to Know

Family Business Season 6

There are abundant family drama series only but Family Business is one of those underrated shows that you simply can’t brush to the side. The show has four seasons already available for streaming, so if your curiosity is getting the best of you, wait up.

Family Business Season 6 seems like a farfetched dream at this point but let us not think negatively right from the start. There are several ways things can progress with the show and we could unfold more about the Duncan family, a wealthy and powerful dynasty with a dark secret.

We will discuss all that we know about Family Business Season 6 and the predictions we have about the show’s future.

When is Family Business Season 6 Returning?

When you Google Family Business TV show, you will realize that it currently has four seasons. So, how can we skip the fifth season and get insights about Season 6?

The show hasn’t been canceled yet and there are possibilities that the creators and writers are working on the premise of Season 5. One of the biggest issues with the Family Business show is that we don’t know how things will progress since we don’t have any official insights yet.

Also, there are no reports related to the renewal status of Season 5, so it is difficult to presume how things will progress in Season 6. In short, there are a lot of uncertainties regarding the show’s future.

What can we expect from Family Business Season 6?

The sixth season of “Family Business” is expected to pick up where the previous season left off, with the Duncan family facing new challenges and threats. The show is known for its explosive drama and suspenseful plotlines, and season 6 is sure to deliver even more of the same.

At this point, we can’t predict the plot of Season 6 because we don’t even have any idea what the creators and writers have in mind for Season 5. There are a lot of uncertainties tied to the plot and a lot of possibilities, so it would be interesting to see how they prolong the plot.

Once Season 5 is released, it would be easier to predict what we can expect in the sixth season. So, until then, we’d have to keep our eyes peeled for rumors and speculations.

Who is returning to Family Business Season 6?

If the show returns with Season 6, we can expect the main cast to make a comeback, including:

  • Ernie Hudson as L.C. Duncan

Ernie Hudson

  • Valarie Pettiford as Charlotte Duncan

Valarie Pettiford

  • Darrin Dewitt Henson as Orlando Duncan

Darrin Dewitt Henson

  • Sean Ringgold as Junior Duncan

Sean Ringgold

  • Miguel A. Núñez Jr. as Cesar Sanchez, etc.

Miguel A Núñez Jr

Any further additions to the cast can’t be predicted right now and we’d have to wait for the official release for that.


Family Business Season 6 is highly anticipated, alongside Season 5. If the showrunner and the network decide to follow their standard release protocol, we can expect the new seasons to be released sometime soon.


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