Elden Ring Official Art Books Available for Pre-order

Elden Ring Official Art Books Available for Pre-order

If you are a gaming fanatic, chances are that you know a fair bit about Elden Ring and the kind of popularity it has garnered for itself. Despite being launched recently in 2022, the game has managed to acquire a dedicated fanbase.

After a lot of waiting, Elden Ring’s hardcover art book is now finally available for pre-order. Featuring a stunning backdrop and graphics, Elden Ring has experienced a lot of praise in the gaming community ever since its official release.

Elden Ring’s The Land Between managed to take the breath away of gamers, leaving a rising demand for an official art book, so it isn’t surprising that when the official news came through, it created havoc in the gaming community.

From Software, following the positive response from the audience, has now officially opened their pre-order for the Official art book, even though the book will be available from July 25, 2023. So, users will have to wait almost 6+ months to be able to get their hands on the art book.

The first part of the Elden Ring’s official art book explores the duology of the game’s opening movie. So, you are bound to experience a variety of open worlds, including dungeons, armor sets, NPCs, etc. The entire art book will consist of 432 pages.

Volume 2 of the Official art book will consist of 384 pages, primarily focused on the weaponry, enemies, and the landscape in the surrounding. Each of the volumes will be priced at $59.99, which is quite a good price point for the kind of content and art you get to explore. The users who pre-order via Amazon will get an additional $6 discount on the purchase.

If you were awaiting the release of the new Elden Ring game in 2023, we hate to disappoint. However, one thing is for sure, the ones who are mesmerized by the world in the game will appreciate being able to get their hands on hundreds of pages of the artwork.

Although there have been multiple delays and waits in the process, one thing is for sure the Elden Ring fans are set to be mesmerized by the spread in both the volumes of the art book – from the start till the end. 

What are your thoughts on the Elden Ring official art book? Are you considering pre-ordering the volumes or are they a hard pass for you?