Top 10 Similar Sites Like DvdPlay in 2023

Top Similar Sites Like DvdPlay

With increasing demand for downloadable movies and raising interest towards watching movies and shows on the phone & other similar devices, many piracy sites have taken place over internet.

Today, in this article, we’re going to discuss about DVDPlay. Yeah, a site from where one could easily find and download his favorite movie in best quality. DVDPlay is one of the best online free movie download sites in 2023 in India.

Currently, this site is estimated to be receiving around 3000 visitors on their platform on daily basis. And, to handle this much traffic they’ve located their site on a server based out in Los Angeles.

DVDPlay site provides an enormous amount of movies in variety of genres. Yeah, its wide range of free movies for watching and downloading online has helped it a lot in gaining the popularity among Indian youth. 

We’d also like to state that DVDPlay is not just a site for downloading and watching bollywood movies online for free. But, it also provides Hollywood movies, web series, web shows and awards functions on its platform and that’s what makes it first choice for everyone.

In the beginning, there was only a web version of this platform available for downloading movies online. But, now they’ve also launched an app for the same.

Also, being a piracy site, we won’t say that it’s one of the safest place to download movies online. Yeah, you need best internet connectivity and one of the best antivirus & anti malware software in your device.

What Are The Key Features Of DVDPlay?


Currently, DVDPlay is providing a plethora of movie genres in various compatibility and prints.

Here’s a quick list of the type of content you could get from DVDPlay website.

  • Dubbed Hindi Movies
  • Telugu, Malayalam & South Superhit Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Documentaries
  • Hollywood movies
  • Bollywood old movies
  • TV Awards functions
  • Web Seasons & Series

As stated earlier, they’ve also launched an app for movie and media streaming on android devices. Moreover, this app is tested by their team for crash avoidance and it runs smoothly in all type & models of android smartphones. Moreover, while streaming movies and shows on its app, it also provides subtitle if you’re not familiar with audio language. Quite interesting! Isn’t it?

Now, if we talk about experience over web version of DVDPlay then it’s user interface is quite user friendly and even a novice could find and download movie online for free from this site. 

How Can I Download Movie Online From DVDPlay?

As stated earliers, its user interface is highly sophisticated and user friendly and hence you won’t find any trouble in downloading movies from DVDPlay website. Yeah, their user interface makes movie download process extremely easy for you. 

Still if you want our help; then, we’ll definitely do it. Firstly, you’ll have to log on to the site. Then on first page you’ll notice a list of categories from where you’re supposed to choose your favorite one. Once you select your category, it’ll list out all the movies falling under that particular category. So, now you’ve to click on the link of your favorite movie on that page. 

After following above page, you’ll be redirected to a page dedicated for downloading that movie. And, from there you’ve to press on download movie button. It’ll take some moment and then it’ll start downloading your favorite movie on your device.

Moreover, in case you don’t want to follow this route then you can directly search for your favorite movie, show, of season from the search bar provided on the top of the site. Yeah, it’ll directly give you your favorite movie in that page. And, now, if you want to download it on your device then do it, or if you want to watch it online then start streaming. Pretty simple! Isn’t it?

Also, we’d like to mention that while all other piracy sites and companies are sucking a hell lot of bandwidth from your data pack, DVDPlay website and app takes very less amount of data for providing you the facility to download movies from their site. Also, in case, you’re planning to stream your movie or show on their platform only then you won’t face any issue. Yeah, you want come across any buffering or loading thing while watching your favorite movie on their platform.

Moreover, to manage all this in very less amount of data; they’ve multiple variants of their own site. Yeah, it means on different domains of their site you can watch and download your favorite movie.

List of all their sites includes following.

Latest Domains Belonging To DVDPlay in 2023


Is DVDPlay Legat to access in India?

Well, we all are knowing about piracy act and regulations of our country. And yeah, it’s not legal at all to share or provide access to any media without having licence to do so. Well, DVDPlay is a piracy website and it’s not legal to provide movies on their site. 

In other words, DVDPlay and many other websites are involved in piracy business which is illegal. Yeah, they obtain movie and show prints unofficially without obtaining any licence to stream or share it. 

After obtaining this movies unofficially, they share it on their site to attract users who’re looking for free stuff. Yeah, you’re able to download movie online for free but it’s not legal to get one from an illegal site.

However, by downloading movies from these sites, you’re not commiting any crime for yourself but still you’re supporting those who’re committing a crime. And hence, we don’t recommend anyone to use such sites.

Also, these sites are utmost vulnerable for malware injections and they might be attaching malwares and viruses along with the file you’re downloading from these sites. Well, for the sake of a movie, you might be exposing your private data from your device to such people. And, hence we always recommend our readers to not access such sites without having a reliable and powerful malware detecting software on your device.

What Are Some Of The Alternatives To DVDPlay In 2023?

Are you looking for alternatives to DVDPlay? Well, here we’ve selected the 7 best alternatives to DVDPlay. 

Legal & Safe Alternatives To DVDPlay In 2023

1. Netflix


Netflix is one of the best, legal and safe platform to have access to your favorite show and movies online. Well, it’s not free and you need some small amount to pay them for their monthly subscription.

Also, it’s one of the most popular platform for entertainment seekers. Well, not just in India, but also worldwide.

It provides content of almost all genres, regions, languages and what not! And, that’s the reason it has gained all its fame from its initial stage only.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Another one of the best movie and show streaming platform in india is Amazon Prime Video. Yeah, on this platform too, you could stream your favorite movies and shows without facing any trouble from legalities & safety aspects. Moreover, there are many shows which are exclusively released on amazon prime video and that’s the reason we’ve preffered to include it in our list.

It also takes very less amount of data for providing you smooth streaming experience.

However, this one is also not free like DVDPlay and for having access to the content on amazon prime video, you need to pay them a small fees on monthly or annual basis.

3. Sony Crunch

From the name itself, we could identify that it’s part of the sony entertainment group. Yeah, it’s fully legal and on this platform as well you gets wide range of movies, genres, and web shows for streaming. Well, for some Hollywood movies you might not find a facility for subtitle and that might be a bit disheartening but still it’s one of the best and safe of having access to your favorite movies and shows.

This platform is available for both iOs as well as for android users and hence compatibility might not be an issue for you.

4. Hotstar


Hotstar is another paid app that’s on our list. However, fees charged from them for their annual subscription is quite affordable and hence we recommend our readers to have it on their phone without any doubt.

On this platform you could stream your favorite TV Shows, Movies and Drama shows in a smooth manner. 

Apart from that, ‘Hotstar Specials’ section of this platform is quite interesting and it allows the access to some of the most interesting and superhit webshows that are exclusively available on Hotstar.

Now, as we’re done with all the legal alternatives for DVDPlay, we’d like to cover some of the frequently asked questions regarding DVDPlay platform. And, then, we’ll wrap this article off for you.

5. Gomovies

Go Movies

Go movies is one of the most popular movie streaming websites that has endless features to offer. The wide range of content featured on this website is another plus to consider. The users can also browse through the website by turning on the night mode to lower the screen light. Additionally, it has an excellent layout that shows the names of all TV series, movies, documentaries, and other content featured here. Be it the most newly released content or classic content, everything is categorized very ideally on this website which makes it easy for the users to search for their desired content. 

6. Sdmoviespoint


Sdmoviespoint is another top-rated website that can be used through UC Browser. One can find the content of nearly all genres on this website. It gives easy access to the entire content for all of its users. The best part about using this website is that it is free to use and you need not get any subscription to use it. You can find both classic to newest movies on this website. If you are looking for a website to watch all the recently released TV shows and movies, this one can be the one you should go for. 

7. Megashare

Megashare is one such website that has a very user-friendly interface and layout. You can find different genres of content on this website and all of them are divided based on their language, genre, type, print, etc. You get to watch your favourite movie or TV show in HD visuals without even paying a single rupee, what can be better than this? The users can also access different subtitles of the content that they watch which can help them in knowing whether they should watch it till the end or not. Go ahead and start browsing through the amazing content featured on this website. 

8. IceFilms

IceFilms is known to be a free movie streaming site that helps users to watch complete high-definition movies free of cost. IceFilms has a great collection of movies and TV shows and the library is updated regularly. The sire is completely safe to use and it needs a stable internet connection to work. If you are looking to watch all the latest movies in high definition for free without having to download them then IceFilms is the best option for you. All The movies on this website are categorized depending on the genre.

Frequently Asked Question – About DVDPlay

1. Is It Legal To Watch Movies On DVDPlay?

As stated earlier, this platform provides content in an illegal and unofficial way. However, by watching or accessing this site you’re not committing any crime yourself, but you’re indirectly supporting those who’re involved in illegal activities. And, hence we’d say that it’s legal but not recommended to watch movies on DVDPlay.

2. What Type Of Content We Could Watch Or Download On DVDPlay?

Almost all type of content except adul+ content is available on DVDPlay website and on their app. It includes movies, web shows, TV Shows, Web Series & Award Shows.

3. Why Their Platform Is In Existence if It’s Not Legal?

All illegal ways have a process of doing it. And, they’re also following the same and hence it is hard to knock them down. That’s the reason these platforms are still in existence even after being involved in unsafe and unofficial activities.

4. How To Safely Access DVDPlay?

To have a safer access to this platform, we recommend our readers to always stay alert and don’t download any fishy stuff from this platform. Also, don’t access it without having access to a high quality VPN on your device along with a reliable malware detection software.

Our Verdict

So, that’s all about DVDPlay. Yeah, we’ve tried our level best to provide our readers with as much information as possible with regards to this platform and its legalities. Now, it’s all up to you whether you still want to have an access to that platform or you want a safe way and would obtain an alternative to this site!

However, we’d still not recommend our readers to have access for all good of them only. 


Here in this article, we’re not recommending or encouraging our readers to have access to any illegal site or platform. We’re just providing information we’ve obtained from our research and final decision is always on to the one who’s reading about the reality. Yeah, it’s totally unsafe to access sites that spread and leak digital content by infringing the copyrights. And, hence always prefer to avoid such sites, platforms and applications.