25 Funny Duolingo Memes that are Slightly Threatening

Best Viral Duolingo Memes

Memes have become increasing.gly popular among internet users because of their ability to capture and express humor, and cultural references in a visually appealing manner. They often take the form of images or short videos accompanied by clever or funny captions. It has become a quick and easy way to communicate with people online. 

Now that memes have become a part of internet culture, we get to see a variety of different memes every day. One of the popular meme topics is Duolingo, which is an online language-learning platform.

Duolingo memes start with a green owl, which happens to be the app’s mascot. The sociopathic owl uses various threatening messages to get users to continue with their courses. Like any other thing that gets traction online, the language app has become a source of endless memes.

What Are Duolingo Memes All About?

Duolingo is a popular language learning platform that integrates a mobile app and website. It is a freemium service, meaning you can use the app and website for free, but have to pay to access the premium features.

The app’s mascot is a green owl who specializes in threatening users to complete their courses. From late-night notifications to sending passive-aggressive messages, it tries everything to remind you about your lessons.

Duolingo users started rolling out funny memes telling how the sociopathic owl came to hunt them for not taking their lessons on time. It doesn’t matter what language you are learning, the owl always has its eyes on you.

In short, Duolingo memes depict the stories of the owl and how it terrorizes users if they forget to complete their lesson by midnight.

Top Funny Duolingo Memes

Best Viral Duolingo Memes

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Where To Find Duolingo Memes?

When it comes to memes, the internet is the place to be. As far as Duolingo memes are concerned, there are some online places where you are sure to find those memes.

  • Reddit

Although Reddit is a social discussion platform, it has played its part in popularising Duolingo memes. There are several communities on the platform that are dedicated to sharing and creating humorous memes related to the language-learning app. This platform is a treasure trove of Duolingo-inspired memes.

  • Social Media Platforms

Outside Reddit, you can find Duolingo memes on various social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. On Twitter, users often share screenshots of Duolingo notifications, and witty one-liners while on Instagram you will find creative Duolingo memes.

On the other hand, Facebook has numerous groups and pages sharing Duolingo memes and humor. Visit any such pages and get a huge collection of Duolingo memes.

Are Duolingo Memes Free?

The short answer is yes. Duolingo memes are free. It can be easily accessed on the internet and downloaded free of cost.

As mentioned in the above section, you can find these memes on various platforms, including social media sites like Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Users create and share Duolingo memes as a form of entertainment that is relatable to the users of the language-learning app. You can browse, share, and enjoy these memes without any cost. It also serves as a great conversation starter with people online.

Talking about Duolingo memes, you can also create your copies and share them online. If they are good, they will go viral like other memes.

Final Words

Duolingo memes are incredibly popular and trending within the Duolingo community. These memes are created to share humor and entertainment with fellow users. You can freely share these memes on the internet to let others know about the adventures of the wicked owl.