Dude TV Series Download Leaked by the Illegal Piracy Website Filmyzilla

Dude TV Series

While Indian TV series are often quite underrated, Dude is a show that has managed to catch the attention of the viewers in a short period. For a show that has received positive critic across the country with 9.4 ratings on IMDb, it isn’t surprising that the audience has pretty much taken a liking to the show right off the bat.

However, with the prevailing increase in the rate of piracy in India, even this show has been on the blunt end of the knife, getting their show illegally published on the pirated movie website, Filmyzilla.

If you have been meaning to watch the show, we’d recommend streaming it on YouTube which was where it was initially released.

What is the plot of the show?

Dude TV Series

Dude is a popular Indian mystery-thriller web series that follows the life of a detective that is on a hunt for the truth behind a case that he has been assigned to solve. However, the more he gets into the case, the more he finds himself twisted into the confusing relationships and the backdrop of the events that have happened.

With each episode, the detective unfurls a truth and finds himself stuck even deeper into the hell of the case.

The story of the series has been written by Ambrish Verma and is produced by Harshit Agarwal, Himanshu Solanki, Puneet, and Neel Jadhav.

Who is cast in the show?

Although the show has garnered a very positive response from the audience across India, one amazing thing about this show is that the cast is fairly new and includes some debut actors who have done tremendously well despite it being their first rodeo.

Following are the primary cast in the show:

  • Ambrish Verma
  • Arun Kushwah
  • Apoorva Arora
  • Rakesh Bedi
  • Shibani Bedi
  • Sidharth Bhardwaj
  • Geeta Bisht
  • Vedant Chibber
  • Sudheer Chobessy
  • Sachin Kathuria
  • Monika Mishra

When did the Dude release?

Although the show was leaked illegally on Filmyzilla, the actual show came out on 27th February 2021. The show is available on two sources, YouTube and Jio Cinema if you use their sim card. Since the show is available for free on both these platforms, there is no point in you watching the show on any of the illegal platforms.

The first season of the show is done with; however, there has been no confirmation about the second season of the show yet. As for the trailer of the show, it is available on the YouTube channel Alright.


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