Cyber Security

‘123456’ is still the Most Common Password in the World and the Most Dangerous

This massive analysis of passwords offers a worrying result: 1 in 124 hacked passwords is 123456, making it the most dangerous...

Your Credit Card is in Danger: The new Way to Steal Your Data

There are many online methods to try to steal someone's bank details: mails from phishing,  leaks of massive data, and so on. These crimes are on the rise, we...

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America will break trade relations with China! Uygur Muslims demand from Trump administration

WashingtonAn international body of Uygur Muslims has demanded the Trump administration to end all trade agreements with China. ...
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Donald Trump’s attack on Kamala Harris, after questioning birthplace, said, ‘I have more Indians than him’

Highlights:US President Donald Trump targets Kamala HarrisTrump raised questions on Harris's vice-presidential contenderTrump said that Kamala Harris is worse...

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