Blue Lock Chapter 236 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Has Hiori Seen the Light Again?

Blue Lock Chapter 236 Spoilers & Raw Scans

If you keep up with the famous manga, Blue Lock, chances are that you are likely aware of the last few chapters and the kind of chaos it has created for the readers. We witnessed in one of the previous chapters how Hiori betrayed Isagi, leading to a lot of complex feelings in the minds of the readers.

But, with the spoilers of Chapter 236, it looks like things are finally looking up and Hiori has understood his mistake and is ready to rejoin Isagi’s team and play together. The question is, “Will Isagi accept the sudden change of mind?”

More on Blue Lock Chapter 236, its release, and the spoilers will be discussed in detail in this article.

Have the raw scans of Blue Lock Chapter 236 Been Released?

For those who aren’t aware, Blue Lock isn’t available online. The manga is only available in the Shonen Weekly magazine, so it isn’t surprising that the availability of the raw scans depends on the readers that publish them online.

So, if you are sitting there wondering if Blue Lock Chapter 236 has been released or leaked, the answer is yes. The raw scan version has been published by one of the X users on the platform.

However, the release of that chapter has left the audience in a state of awe and they want to get further insights on how things are unfolding in the future.

What spoilers do we have from Blue Lock Chapter 236?

The new chapter of Blue Lock Chapter 236 has been titled “Goodbye”. If you haven’t read the last chapter, Chapter 235, it ended with Hiori’s shot getting blocked by Sendou. 

That is exactly where the new chapter starts from. The loose ball that was blocked went straight to Aiku but there is a sudden shift in Hiori and the kind of thinking he has in the situation. 

Experiencing the defeat, Hiori’s mind is filled with thoughts that he wasn’t meant to start playing football and that he isn’t good at anything. But, with him finally missing one of the most integral shots in the match, Hiori finally decides at that moment that he would return home to his parents and tell them that he doesn’t want to play anymore.

What changes Hiori’s feelings towards Isagi?

In one of the previous chapters, we witnessed how Hiori turned his back on Isagi, which left the readers quite disappointed.

However, with Hiori finally decides to give up on football, it is Isagi who calls out to him on the field and tells Hiori, “One more time.”

Although Hiori is left with contradicting feelings on the field, it isn’t surprising that the majority of the fans are excited to see Hiori and Isagi’s relationship arc in the manga change for the better. In Chapter 236 spoilers, we witness how Isagi keeps cheering on for Hiori and keeps motivating him.

Later in the chapter, Hiori also remembered how his becoming one of the best football players is a necessity if he wants to keep his parents together. They initially said that they would divorce if Hiori didn’t become the best in the world.

We finally see that Hiori has a complete change of mind and he decides to join Isagi’s team and things are finally settling back in place.


Blue Lock Chapter 236 will bring the much-needed reconciliation that the audience has been wanting all this while. If you have been wondering whether Hiori and Isagi will join hands together and start playing in the same team, then things are finally happening like that.


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