Blark And Son Season 3 – Is Chaos Returning with A New Season?

Blark And Son Season 3

At times, we come across shows that are straight-up chaotic but you simply can’t be bothered to make the most out of them. Blark and Son happen to be one of those shows that you simply can’t get enough of.

However, there is unfortunate news that depicts that the show might have been canceled after two seasons. But, we still don’t have any official news from the showrunners or network, so nothing has been confirmed yet.

If you are waiting for the release of Blark and Son Season 3 and wondering about the show’s comeback, we have all the details in here for you.

When is Blark and Son Season 3 Returning?

The first season of Blark and Son premiered in 2018 and the second season in 2021. If the creators follow the same pattern, the release of Season 3 will most likely transpire in 2024.

However, despite all the speculations, there seems to be no official confirmation regarding the show’s eventual return, which is quite disappointing, if you come to think of it. Some of the fans are hopeful that the show will return with a new season while some of the viewers have given up already.

What we can say at this point is that there’s no way to confirm how things will progress in the coming years unless we get confirmation from the network regarding the show’s renewal and eventual release.

What can we expect from Blark and Son Season 3?

Season 3 promises to be a rollercoaster of chaos and laughs. Blark, ever the overzealous dad, will embark on even more bizarre schemes to connect with his increasingly independent son. 

Expect intergalactic getaways, time-traveling shenanigans, and maybe even a stint on a reality cooking show (with disastrous results, of course). Son, meanwhile, will navigate the treacherous waters of teenage life, juggling school, relationships, and the constant embarrassment that comes with having Blark as a father. But don’t worry, it’s not all slapstick and banana peels. 

Prepare for heartwarming moments as Blark and Son, despite their differences, learn valuable lessons about family, friendship, and the importance of accepting each other’s quirks (especially Blark’s love for wearing only a loincloth).

Before you even sit down to speculate what the third season could have in store for you, one thing that we’d highly recommend is for you to watch the first two seasons. If the third season ends up happening down the line, you’d need to catch up on the previous episodes to stay in the loop.

Who is returning to Blark and Son Season 3?

The animated series will surely witness a return of all the primary cast if it gets renewed for a third season down the line. Given how they have kept the voice artists consistent in the first two seasons, it doesn’t make sense for things to change in the third season.

So, the following cast would likely return:

  • Ben Bayouth as Blark
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Son
  • Deborah Baker Jr. as Regina
  • Jim Rash and Stacy
  • Donald Faison as Fletch
  • Adam Aseraf as Zeke
  • Justin Roiland as Junior, etc.


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