30 Coins Season 2: New Season Release Date and Plot and More

30 Coins Season 2

The Spanish HBO Europe horror series made quite an impact and its very first season. 30 Coins released its first season in November 2020. Cliff-hangers are not a very new concept in the world of television series but 30 Coins took that very same concept to another level.

Ever since season one ended on a rather controversial bend, fans have been waiting for a renewal of the series. Their patience has finally paid off and it is now time for the ardent fans of the show to hear some good news. We have put together some crucial details regarding the upcoming season of 30 Coins including its date of release, its plot, and so on.

What is the scheduled date of release for 30 Coins season 2?

It was pretty evident even after just one season that the show is here to stay for a while. The show, directed and written by De la Iglesia, had wrapped its first season at a cliffhanger. Such controversial endings are characteristic of Iglesia. It was thus very apparent that a second season was already on its way.

Even though a trailer has been launched advertising Season 2 for 30 Coins, the team of 30 Coins is yet to finalize a date for its release. The creators of the show have, however, confirmed that fans can expect to get on with the next season of the show by October 2023.

What is the expected plot of 30 Coins season 2?

The fundamental plot on which 30 Coins is based chronicles around curses and exorcism. Season one of the show had taken its viewers to the land of Pedraza where a frightening curse looms. Father Vergara is at the center of the curse and possesses one of the cursed coins that Judas had received after trading off Jesus Christ. Now, even though Vergara wishes to move past his deeds and start afresh, the coin he carries with him becomes responsible for the bad omen that follows him everywhere he goes.

Season one ended at a place where the entire priesthood was shown fighting over coins. This indicated that the series had a lot more stories to cover.

The unaddressed aspects of the first season are now going to be recovered in the upcoming season of 30 Coins. The entire town is now in a state of turmoil and ruckus. A new enemy, someone who even the devil fears to confront, looms in the folds of the second season. The new season follows the protagonists of the horror series as they embark on a completely new yet continuing trail of misadventures.

Who are the cast members of 30 Coins Season 2?

Season 2 of the show would see the recurring actors and their characters who had appeared in the first season of the show as well. There are supposed to be certain new inclusions as well. A probable cast of 30 Coins season 2 is as follows:

  • Eduard Fernández

Najwa Nimri

  • Macarena Gómez

Macarena Gómez

  • Pepón Nieto

Pepón Nieto

  • Cósimo Fusco

Cósimo Fusco

  • Manolo Solo

Manolo Solo

  • Nuria González

Nuria González

  • Javier Bódalo

Javier Bódalo

  • Manuel Tallafé

Manuel Tallafé

  • Giamatti


  • Najwa Nimri

Najwa Nimri


Fans can catch the new season as it is released on HBO or watch it on HBO Max. The wait seems to be finally almost over and the fans need to hold on to their horses just a little while longer. It is expected that the new season of 30 Coins will match up to the expectations that its preceding season had set in the minds of the fans