Amaia Aberasturi Net Worth 2024 – Unveiling the Wealth of the ‘Coven’ Actor

Amaia Aberasturi Net Worth

If you have watched the internationally acclaimed feature film, Coven, chances are that you know who Amaia Aberasturi is. She is a famous Spanish actress that has gained immense popularity and global fame, thanks to her amazing acting skills and charming personality.

Besides Coven, Amaia has also cemented her position in the entertainment industry with her role in the TV show, 45 Rpm. Initially, Amaia kickstarted her career modeling for leading brands and later ventured into acting and stood out with her acting.

This article will further look into Amaia Aberasturi’s early life, personal life, career graph, and accumulated net worth until now.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Amaia Aberasturi Franco
Birth Date April 28, 1997
Age 26
Country of Origin Spain
Profession Actress
Marital Status Unmarried
Parent’s Name Unknown
Erli Arteatx
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $230,000
Last Updated: Mar 06, 2024

Early Life

Amaia Aberasturi was born on April 28, 1997 in Pamplona, Navarre, Spain. Although not much is disclosed about her parents, reports suggest that her father is a renowned doctor and her mother is a housewife, who raised her and her siblings.

Amaia has two siblings – Laida and Unai, both of whom she is close to. The three of them grew up in a well-settled and loving family, surrounded by a lot of freedom of expression about their capabilities and their artistic abilities.

Having supportive parents, Amaia not only did well in her studies, but she also had an affinity towards acting and modeling, which pushed her to pursue the same when she was only 16 years old. At that young age, Amaia was already modeling for leading brands.

Besides acquiring a stable career in modeling, not much is known about her education and where she was enrolled throughout her life. While we don’t know much about her school education, Amaia has a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, which she acquired from a leading university in Madrid.

Personal Life

Although not much is known, according to rumors, Amaia’s boyfriend’s name is Erli Arteatx, who is a professional horseback rider. The two haven’t publicly posted much about each other and by the looks of it, Erli seems to be quite private about his life. It is safe to say that both of them want to protect their relationship.

Amaia Aberasturi


Amaia kicked off her professional life with modeling gigs, where she worked with leading brands like Mango and Bershka. However, it wasn’t until 2010 that she decided to venture into acting and further expand her options and her career.

One of her debut movies was “Zigortzaileak”, which brought her the initial fame and recognition she needed to further expand her career. During this period, Amaia auditioned for multiple shows and movies and managed to bag a few of them.

Later in 2018, Amaia landed a role in a popular television show, “A Palace Between the Clouds,” directed by Luis Navarette. With the critical acclaim that she gained from the first show, Amaia managed to land even more television shows, including “Hospital Valle Norte,” etc.

But, the life-changing role that she performed in the movie, “Coven,” was what changed the trajectory of her career. The role of “Ana” brought her international fame, which enabled her to land even more movie roles, especially one in “Los Honores.”

One of her latest projects is “The Age of Anger,” a television series which released in 2022. She has also worked in the show, “Welcome to Eden,” playing the role of Zoa. She is currently working on upcoming television series.

Net Worth

Since Amaia has built an established career for herself, it isn’t surprising that the actress and model have an estimated net worth of around $230,000. This is just an estimate and not a true representation of what she’s worth and what she has earned from the modeling and acting credits under her name.


1. Where was Amaia Aberasturi born?

Amaia was born in Gautegiz Arteaga, Spain, which explains that her nationality is Spanish. She has time and time mentioned that she is quite proud of her heritage.

2. What popular television series is Amaia Aberasturi in?

Amaia has appeared in one of the most popular television series 45 rpm, which put her on the map and brought her a lot of recognition among the fans.

3. Does Amaia Aberasturi have siblings?

According to the official reports, Amaia has two siblings named Laida and Unai and the three of them share a pretty close bond and are great together.