Alyssa Stonoha Net Worth 2024 – Breaking Down the Wealth of ‘Cold Rules’ Star

Alyssa Stonoha Net Worth

Budding artists and writers are taking over Hollywood and among them; one name that deserves a special mention is that of Alyssa Stonoha. Not only is she a famous actress, entertainer, and writer, but she has also been named under Forbes 30 under 30 from Connecticut.

Alyssa rose to fame for writing and producing a variety of shows, including “Three Busy Debras” (2020), “Do Not Wear Brett Davis’s Special” (2015), and “Cold Rules” (2015). With the initial success that Alyssa has garnered in her life, it isn’t surprising that people are often curious to know more about her and her career growth.

This article will venture into exploring more about Alyssa Stonoha, her early and personal life, her career graph, and her overall net worth.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Alyssa Stonoha
Birth Date September 18, 1996
Age 28
Country of Origin USA
Profession Actress, Entertainer, Writer
Marital Status Unknown
Parent’s Name Unknown
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $1- 5 million
Last Updated: Mar 02, 2024

Early Life

Alyssa Stonoha was born on September 18, 1996, in Fairfield, Connecticut, USA. She was born into a Caucasian family, one that belonged to a well-settled neighborhood. 

With the early success that Alyssa has gained in her career now, it isn’t surprising that people are often curious to know more about her early life and childhood. However, the downside is that not much is revealed about the same. 

Alyssa’s parents, Joe Stonoha and Susan Adinolfi-Stonoha have always been the supportive pillar she needed to progress in her career. She also has an older sister named Christina.

Reports suggest that she acquired her school education from a local Christian school in her neighborhood. We don’t know about her college or University life.

Personal Life

With the extent of fame that Alyssa has acquired with her presence in the entertainment industry, it is quite surprising that she is a very private person. She has a very charming personality but prefers keeping her life to herself. According to the reports, Alyssa currently resides in New York and is single. She visits California occasionally but has a very mellow life outside of her career.

Alyssa Stonoha


Alyssa had a knack for acting, writing, and producing from an early age, which is exactly what pushed her to pursue a career in the entertainment field. Instead of shying away at the first round of rejection, Alyssa is known for her resilience.

She auditioned for multiple roles and one of her breakthroughs came when she acted opposite Danielle Radcliffe in the movie, Miracle Workers. Besides that, she has also written on multiple shows, including “Three Busy Debras” (2020), “Do Not Wear Brett Davis’s Special” (2015), and “Cold Rules” (2015).

Being a versatile professional, Alyssa has worked in front and off the camera, nailing each project that she has under her finger. One of her recent shows was “Three Busy Debras”, which is a comedy show that aired in 2021.

Alyssa has also indulged in multiple comedy gigs, which have further added to the kind of fame and the dedicated audience she has built for herself in the U.S. Being in the entertainment industry, one of her biggest dreams was to release her solo show, which she managed to achieve in 2020. 

Net Worth

According to the estimates, Alyssa Stonoha has an estimated net worth of between $1 to $5 million. This is simply an estimate at this point because we don’t have an accurate understanding of how much she earns from the multiple sources of income. She does have a steady income source from her acting credits and the behind-the-camera work she does.

Furthermore, given how extensively popular her solo gigs are, Alyssa also conducts them now and then, further adding to her income quite exponentially. Overall, it looks like her net worth is only going to grow from here.


1. Is Alyssa Stonoha famous on Instagram?

Despite being known for her role on Three Busy Debras, Alyssa seems to have less following on her Instagram. She has around 7800 followers on her Instagram.

2. Is Alyssa Stonoha married or dating someone?

Alyssa isn’t open and public about her personal life and that includes the people that she is with. She doesn’t use her socials to discuss about her relationships. So, according to the public information, Alyssa appears to be single.

3. Is Alyssa currently working on any project?

As of what we know, Alyssa might be working on projects behind the scenes but she hasn’t discussed anything about it on her social media.