9xrockers Has Made Streaming All Latest Releases Easier Than Ever


Movie watching is a favourite pastime for all. It’s just that some people are more enthusiastic than others, but everyone loves watching movies. Every country has its film industry, which releases numerous movies every year. Movies with good soundtracks and exciting plots are usually preferred more. However, it is certainly not possible to visit the theatre every time you want to enjoy a movie and that is where people found the option of torrenting. Torrenting had turned into a very famous activity for the movie buffs. A lot of times it so happens that the movie site which you have found doesn’t feature all movie categories that you are looking for but the 9xrockers can provide you with what you want. 

What is 9xrockers? 


9xrockers is a movie site that lets you download various movies like Malayalam HD movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, etc. It lets the users watch as well as download the movies for free from its website. To know more about this very popular movie site, read this post till the end. There are a lot of advantages that the user can derive from this website apart from watching the movies for free in completely HD quality. You can either watch the movies in 1080p or 720p because both resolutions are considered the best for movie watching. 

One thing to be kept in mind is that the 9xrockers are an unauthorized and illegal movie site that features pirated content and this is the reason why it was banned by the government. It features movies of different kinds because of which it is accessed by a lot of people all over the world. You are going to love this website if you are a movie enthusiast. 

Features of 9xrockers: 

The features of this website which make it so popular are the reasons behind its fame. Let us take a look at its features: 

  • It lets you stream live videos on this website. If you don’t want to download movies because they shorten the space in your device you can choose to opt for live streaming of any web series, movie, or video. 
  • It offers a distinguished collection of Hollywood movies that have been recently released. 
  • It provides you all the movies on HD quality so that the users can watch all the content in the best resolution. 
  • It allows you to download movies for free. 
  • It doesn’t require its users to register or create an account for downloading the movies. 
  • It offers all the newly released movies, TV series, short videos, etc. For downloading. 

Categories offered by 9xrockers: 

The various categories offered by 9xrockers are as follows: 

  • Malayalam movies Hindi movies 
  • Tamil movies
  • Telugu movies 
  • Marathi movies 
  • Hollywood movies 
  • Bollywood movies 
  • Kannada movies 

Steps to use 9xrockers: 

You just need to follow a few simple steps to access this website. The steps are put down below as follow: 

  • Search the name of the websites on your browser and visit it
  • Enter the name of the movie or video that you prefer to download from the website. 
  • You will find a lot of categories from where you have to choose the most suitable one
  • Choose the format in which you want to download the content
  • After selection of the format, you need to click on the download icon to get the download links
  • Click on any download link to start the download 
  • Once the movie is downloaded you will get notified by your browser 

15 Best Alternatives to 9xrockers: 

The best alternatives to the 9xrockers movie site that are completely safe and reliable to use are mentioned below: 

1. Yes movies

Yes movies

This is also a well-known website where you can discover nearly every kind of video like TV series, movies as well as short videos. You can use this website for searching for a movie according to your preference and when your search is done, you can browse through the results to find the right one. The users can even download the content on this website to watch them later when they don’t have an active internet connection. It is a legal platform to watch videos and movies and you can use without fearing about putting your data at risk. There are many extra benefits provided by this website which makes it immensely popular in the market of movie sites. For knowing more about this site, you can download and install it. 

2. Go Movies

Go Movies

This is a platform that lets the users access unlimited videos including different Hollywood and Bollywood movies from various periods. The users can discover both new movies as well as old movies on this website. All the videos that can be found on this website are uploaded in high quality because of which the users can have a good view of their favourite videos and movies. The users can also find many attractive offers on this website. The app version of this website can be downloaded on Android smartphones from the Google Playstore and then gas to be installed properly. Once the installation is complete, the user has to choose a subscription plan and complete the registration. 

3. HDO


Here is the next option in the list of the best alternatives to 9xrockers. The name of the website is HDO and it can replace the former app in the best possible way. There are no legal concerns associated with this website which makes it safe to be used. Although, if the users want to use this website they have to make their registration complete by making an account where you will be offered many subscription options to choose from. However, some videos can also be watched if you don’t have a subscription. But, if you get subscribed you can get access to many extra advantages. There are numerous subtitles based on which the content of this website is categorized. This makes it easy for users to keep searching for their favourite movies on this website. 

4. Movie Ninja

Movie Ninja

Movie ninja is another very suitable option which you can go for. It offers a varied collection of exciting deals and attractive features out of which the users can choose the best one for themselves. It lets you make customization to your search and allows you to choose your favourite TV shows along with movies. It also allows the users to download the videos without having to pay an additional cost. This website is completely authorized and safe to use with no pirated videos. What the users are supposed to do is just selecting the most suitable subscription plan for themselves based on numerous plans enlisted on the website.  

5. Ice movie

This can be another great choice as an alternative to the 9xrockers movie site. This a website that allows the users access to live video streaming. You can choose your preferences from the content featured on this website. You can also find a lot of deals on this website out of which the users have to choose a suitable one for themselves. It is an outstanding source of entertainment for passing your free time. You need to complete the registration process to use it. It assures you complete protection without any chances of risking your data. Whenever the user signs into their account they need to use their credentials for the same after which they can enjoy their experience. 

6. Z Movies

Z Movies 

If you are someone who likes to watch videos of all genres such as adult, horror, lifestyle, food, entertainment, etc. You must give this website a try. It allows you to select your most favorite TV show and the favourite movie from the list of the latest movies. The videos can also be downloaded from the app of this website which you can get in the Google Playstore. After downloading it from the Google Playstore you must complete the installation processes in the right way. The people who use this application are required to register themselves by creating an account of their own for enjoying unlimited access to the different types of content. 

7. Sony Crunch

Distinctive from the rest of the movie sites which have been discussed earlier in this post, this app is directed and controlled by the famous TV channel company namely Sony. It is governed privately and provides unlimited access to the users by which they can explore a lot of movies and videos. What makes this application stand apart from the rest is the variety of Bollywood movies featured here. Although many Hollywood movies can also be found here on this website. The users just cannot have access to free services on this app. They have to pay a specified amount as a subscription charge for enjoying the content on this platform.

8. Moviezwap


If you are looking for the best website site with unique features, you must try Moviezap. This website lets you stream through various movies on any device running on Android OS without costing you any extra amount. It can be a great option. You will be even more excited to use it once you get to know about the features it offers. It has a very user-friendly interface that is convenient to be used by any user. The classifications of movies and other shows on this website are too vast to be explored by you at once. Every video on this website is of HD quality because of which the user faces no lags while watching. 

9. Lookmovie


Lookmovie is another site that allows you to watch various TV shows as well as movies. The users get accessibility to various categories of famous movies from different countries across the world. It is considered one of the best movie sites in the world for Hollywood, local, and other multilingual movies. You can also find a lot of old movies, new movies and various TV shows on this website. It can be a reliable choice for users who want to watch the TV series, but they don’t like to spend their money on getting a subscription to the app. 

10. Movie4u


Movie4u is an excellent app that can be used for watching movies. In the past, it was considered an illegal website, but then the site replaced its URL after which it is functioning without any bugs and lags. The user will face no concerns related to copyright on this website. Movies from both Hollywood and Bollywood can be found on this website apart from the Punjabi and South Indian ones. 

11. 7starhd


Bringing the latest releases in various formats like 1080p, 720p, 480p, 7starhd lets you stream and download your desired contents in your preferred format. The site needs no signing in or registration. Neither does it charge a subscription fee for accessing its contents. You can get a wide variety of Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, and Punjabi movies that cover various genres. Also, you can stream and download your favourite English and Hindi dubbed movies. Downloading movies from 7starhd is really easy with its user-friendly interface and well-categorized contents. The site in addition to all these provides fast downloading services and good audio quality. If you are looking for a free movie streaming platform, 7starhd would be worth a try. 

12. Moviesjoy


This is an active movie streaming site that lets people stream a plethora of content anytime, anywhere. Movies like Malayalam HD, Tamil, Telegu, Hindi, English, and Gujarati can be found here. The site also brings the latest web series, documentaries, and movie trailers to viewers. Moviesjoy allows people to stream and download content for free, in any chosen format. This site is especially advantageous to those who cannot afford to pay the high subscription charges of the legal alternatives. With Moviesjoy, people can now stream their favourite content in HD resolution for free! 

13. WatchFree


This site is also a reliable movie streaming alternative. However, if you aren’t interested in streaming live content online, you can choose to download content from WatchFree on your device. It brings together movies from different languages and genres, offering refreshing entertainment to viewers. The site ensures an easy browsing experience and makes sure it’s easier for people to look for their desired content in its large library of content. There are several categories on this site like top-rated movies, newly released, HD movies, movies of 2020, etc. Needless to say, the site’s content is continually updated. You wouldn’t regret visiting WatchFree. 

14. Go Stream

Go Stream

This site is popular for its exclusive collection of Hollywood content. However, this site also hosts Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and other regional content for its wide range of audiences. It uploads every content in HD quality to make sure users can stream movies in the best resolution. People can also download their favourite movies in any format if they intend to watch movies offline. Not just movies, you can find the latest web series, trailers, music albums, TV programs, and everything else in one place. Go Stream is truly an alternative to 9xrockers, which offers top-notch movie streaming services to people.

15. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a top-class OTT platform that changed the mode of entertainment in the world. Those days are gone when we used to sit in front of TVs, but now everything is handy. Let it be a good movie, series, TV show or any documentary. Everything will be in your hand. The menu beautifully segregates the genres, language, and content type. You can change the audio and subtitle language too. While watching the video, either search for the description of actors or actresses. You can download the content or watch them online. Amazon Prime has got all the options at minimal fees.


1. Can you use 9xrockers? 

9xrockers is an illegal torrenting website that lets you watch the pirated content which is not safe to watch at all. It doesn’t stick to the anti-piracy law declared by the Indian constitution. Hence, it is better not to use this website because it can threaten your data stored in the device. 

2. Are these alternatives reliable? 

All these alternatives are safe and reliable, and you can use them without having to worry about your data. 

3. Can you use these alternatives for free? 

Few of the alternatives can be used for free and some need you to pay a charge as a subscription charge. Although, some of them provide many premium features when you choose to go for the subscribed plan. 

4. Are the movies downloadable from websites? 

The users can download whichever movie they want to from these websites. You can find a lot of links on the website out of which you can download the movie from any link.

5. Why should we use the alternatives instead of 9xrockers? 

It is recommended to use these legal alternatives instead of 9xrockers because they don’t cause a threat to your data. 


You should keep in mind that there are a lot of positive as well as negative aspects of torrenting with sites like 9xrockers. This post is completely informative and it doesn’t imply promoting the act of piracy in any way. It doesn’t even support the concept. The only benefit that you can get from these sites is watching the movies for free. However, the consequences can rarely be dangerous if you get caught. Henceforth, to keep yourself and your data safe it is advised not to use these sites. You certainly use the legal alternatives to keep up with your movie watching.