End Your worry and Money And Watch All The New Releases at 8xfilms


With the emergence of the internet and easy accessibility to smartphones, torrenting has become a very common practise because of which several legal, as well as illegal online movie downloading sites, have come up. They are so many that it becomes hard to recall their names. Movies are considered a good source of entertainment which can be quite informative at times too. Because of the busy work schedule, people seldom find time to visit the theatre to watch any movie. Instead, they prefer watching the movie by sitting back in their home which has been made possible by sites 8xfilms and many more. 

What is 8xfilms? 


Just like other torrenting sites, 8xfilms is a very popular site used for movie streaming and downloading. It offers various movies in a lot of languages such as Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, English, Hindi, Punjabi, etc. It is moreover a pirated website that is used by the public to leak copies of newly launched movies and other videos. The recent reports have stated that 8xfilms has been given the position of one amongst the best of its kind. All the new content can be availed on this website just on the day when they release in the theatres. Not just movies but a lot of different content can be downloaded from this site. It offers streaming in HD quality that too for free. Any content featured on this website can be streamed and downloaded in formats including DVDScr, DVDrip, HDRip, Bluray, 720p, 1080p, 360p, etc. 

It offers the viewers a wide range of movies which include content from every genre such as thriller, romance, horror, action, crime, science fiction, erotic, animation, etc. 8xfilms is one of the best go-to sure for streaming or down any content that you are looking for. This site is not going to disappoint its viewers. 

Features of 8xfilms

The unique features which distinguish this website from others are as follows: 

  • It lets you stream and download any TC show, documentary, or web series for free. 
  • It doesn’t ask the users to get registered.
  • The website features an attractive array of classic movies, which is hard to find these days. 
  • It has an engaging and user-friendly interface. The movies have been classified based on different aspects which make it convenient for the users to search for their favourite movie.
  • The website also provides a good speed for downloading the content with great audio quality if you have active internet connectivity. 
  • There is also an app version to this website which is very easy to install because of its small size. You can install this app on your iPhone or Android phone. 
  • This website offers a detailed description of the content you are about to watch. Henceforth, the users don’t need to separately look for the details. 
  • It offers a lot of movies in dubbed editions. As an outcome, the movie can be watched in any language of your choice.

Movie Categories on 8xfilms

The categorization on this website is done very neatly. It has uncountable Bollywood, Tamil, Hollywood, and other local movies that have been categorized into different groups based on their date of release, genre, etc. Here are the various movie categories offered by 8xfilms: 

  • New Malayalam movies 
  • Tamil’s latest HD movies free download 
  • Telugu HD movies are free download 
  • Hollywood dubbed movies 
  • Tamil movies free download 
  • Bollywood latest movies 

Steps to download movies on 8xfilms 

8xfilms offers the users the most suitable download links of all movies and web series in just one click. If you don’t know how to download movies from this website, you need to stop worrying and just follow a few steps which are mentioned below: 

  • Visit the website of 8xfilms 
  • Search for your favourite movie in the search menu. You can also look for them in the categories offered on this site 
  • Select the movie you prefer to stream or download. When you do so, you will be automatically redirected to a different page. 
  • You will find two options including streaming and downloading on this page. Click the download icon to start the download. 
  • Then you have to select the format in which you want to download the movie.
  • Once you choose the format you will again be redirected to a different page where you will find many download links. 
  • Click on any one link to start downloading the movie.

Best alternatives of 8xfilms

As mentioned earlier, the 8xfilms website keeps on shifting frequently from one domain to the other for functioning better because of which the users have now lost the patience they had and this is the main reason why people have started searching for alternatives. So, the 10 best legal alternatives to 8xfilms are as follows: 

1. Zmovies


The users can find a lot of movies on this website which can be downloaded for free along with streaming. Movies of different languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, etc. are available here. Documentaries and web series can also be found on this website. You don’t have to pay any charge for using this website and it doesn’t even need to get yourself registered. This is considered as one of the most top-rated alternatives of the 8xfilms website. You can access this website for free without having to pay any charge. 

2. CmoviesHD


As suggested by the name, all the movies uploaded on this website is in HD quality. All the content on this website can be streamed as well as downloaded. You can have free access to all the content on this website. Apart from providing the viewers with numerous movies, this website also features a lot of documentaries, web series, etc., which is made to suit the preferences of people. The users just need to visit this site through a VPN server or proxy since a lot of times, the users might face breach issues. 

3. Movierill


Movierill is also called Moviezion is also a legal website that offers all the services to its users for free. Like all other sites, Movierill also has a wide collection of web series, documentaries, movies, etc. The users don’t need to log in to this website to get access to its content. This website also doesn’t ask the users for any personal information. This is a great website that can be used for free by the users without having to get themselves registered. 

4. BestHDMovies


The next legal website is BestHDMovies. You are assured to find all the favourite web series, movies, and everything else that you are looking for. The site can be accessed from any phone and you can download any movie from any device. This site offers numerous exciting features and also provides unmatched experience and services. All the movies can be watched in HD quality. You can play the videos that you download from this website on DVDs without even changing its format. 

5. Flicksmore


Flicksmore is another website that is considered a reliable platform that can be used for streaming as well as downloading content. This is a completely legal website. The home page of this site is designed uniquely. The users although require to remember that Flicksmore asks the users to pay a certain amount to avail of the services on this website. However, the subscription fee is not very high. The viewers are also offered a 30 day trial period in which they can stream the content for free. Once the trial period gets over, the users need to pay for the subscription on this site. 

6. Movie4u


Movie4u is another legal website that can offer you the same kind of services. It doesn’t have to be mentioned that the website lets the viewer’s stream or download all the recently launched movies, documents, and web series in HD resolution. You can also find some of the rarest and old movies on this website. Bollywood and Hollywood dubbed movies are also available on the website which can be streamed and downloaded in any language of their choice. 

7. Moviezwap


Moviezwap is also a legal alternative to the 8xfilmd website. It gives you access to streaming and downloading a wide collection of movies both original as well as dubbed in different languages. The site facilitates all the services for free to you. An additional advantage is that this website doesn’t ask for any personal information from its users like their debit card number, aadhaar card number, etc. The majority of the content on this website is not commercial and contents with a specific purpose can be mainly found on this website. The main target of this website is educating the masses with the help of the content it uploads. 

8. ShareTV


Share TV is not just a movie website. To a great extent, the functioning of this website is different than the others on this list. Share TV can be referred to as an online platform for users who want to be updated with their most favourite TV serials. This website features numerous pages for several TV serials, such as daily soaps, comedy, award functions, dance and music programs, and a lot more. This site offers the users detailed explanations of video clips, character sketches, episode guides, etc. Share TV gets collaborated with so many TV providers like Hulu which lets the platform host full TV serials of different kinds. But, if you are not able to stream your favourite TV serials on this website, ShareTV will redirect you to a list of other websites on which you can stream your favourite content. 

9. SabWap


Sabwap is somewhat dissimilar to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. It is very normal for you to think about how this can help you in finding the films that you are looking for. However, this search engine enlists all the names of sites where you can search for the films that are trending. You will find enough choices out of which you can find your favourite movie before downloading it according to your choice. You can access this website as absolutely free. 

10. Moviewatcher.io


Movieswatcher.io is one such website that just cannot be skipped. It provides appreciable services being a legal site that offers movie streaming as well as downloading. Apart from movies, one can also find a lot of originals and TV series on this website. All the content on this website can be availed for streaming and downloading. The users don’t have to get themselves registered. You just need to visit this site for getting access to all its services. Ultimately, the interface of this website is commendable. 

11. Babahd


Babahd is a pirated website that allows users to download all their favorite movies and tv shows. The website is an upcoming torrent site that is gradually getting popular. The website offers pirated latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, and Punjabi movies and shows. Users might also be able to download regional content from these websites. The library of Babahd is updated every second and users will be able to download all the latest movies and shows in good quality. Most of the content here is in high definition making it quite popular.


Is it legal to download movies from 8xfilms? 

No, it is not legal to download movies from 8xfilms movies because it promotes the act of torrenting which is considered illegal in our country. 

How are the movies on this site categorized? 

This site offers movies into categories such as Hollywood HD Movies, Tamil HD free download, Bollywood dubbed movies, etc. 

What is the new website link for 8xfilms? 

It is a bit difficult to mention the newest link for the 8xfilms website since this site keeps shuffling its domain very frequently and every time it happens, the last domain gets automatically banned.

What are the various sizes of the movie offered on this site? 

The different sizes of movies offered on this site are 400 MB, 1 GB, 2GB, etc. 

What can be the consequences if someone still uses 8xfilms?

The person who gets caught or accused of using the 8xfilms website will get immediately arrested and put behind the bars for 3 or more years. He might also be met with a lot of rigid steps associated with the anti-piracy law of the Indian constitution. 


It is already known to us that 8xfilms is just a pirated movie site and browsing such sites is no less than a crime in our country. We don’t have any intention of supporting the business of piracy nor do we want it to grow. We request our viewers not to use such websites because using an illegal site means contributing to the piracy business. As dutiful citizens, we must take the pledge to show our concern to such issues as it is adversely affecting the film industry. Hence, it is better to stop using such sites as soon as possible and shift your focus to the legal alternatives instead.