10 Crucial Event Management App Features To Look For

10 Crucial Event Management App Features To Look For

Since the beginning of the pandemic, event management has undergone different changes. Event management technologies are disrupting the global industry in an unprecedented way. Organising and planning an event is very difficult. Even a small event involves a lot of moving parts. Are you feeling overwhelmed by organising and planning an event? You can make things easier by investing in an event management app.

However, choosing an event management application that can deliver value can be at times overwhelming. It is complicated by the availability of different options in the market. However, it is not supposed to be so. Below are the 10 crucial event management app features to look for.

1. Attendee Management and Tracking

Managing your event’s guest list is vital for organising and planning an event. It can even be complicated easily by variables like facilitating check-in, managing effective communication, and controlling access to various activities in the event.

Therefore, a mobile event management app must have reliable participant management features to help the event organisers manage the guest list. Some event management apps have intuitive participant tracking features that allow the event organisers to track the actions of the event guests. It helps improve the attendee experiences.

2. Check-In Management

A good event management app should provide a reliable way of managing on-site check-ins. Improperly managed check-ins can result in long waiting lines and disrupted access flow, which may cause the attendees to be unhappy. Some event management applications provide intuitive on-site check-ins control through a mobile application, allowing seamless access flow management for the entire event.

3. Team Collaboration

Managing internal aspects of the event organisation and planning is also vital. The application should offer collaboration and team management features like:

  • Budget management features
  • Time tracking and scheduling features
  • Analytics and monitoring features
  • Evaluation and reporting features
  • Centralised collaboration and communication capabilities
  • Ability to be integrated with other tools for team collaboration
  • Features for intuitive progress updates.

Also, because the event may grow quickly with vendors, volunteers, third-party stakeholders, and new staff, the event management application should provide a function to increase user permissions.

4. Online Event Registration

One of the essential features of an event management application is online registration. There are several sub-features under this vital feature that you should consider when evaluating the online event registration feature.

  • The application should have a versatile ticketing system to offer various ticket prices/types based on the need.
  • A secure database for storing attendee’s confidential and personally identifiable information
  • It should offer a secure and reliable online payment option. The event management registration feature should include the payment options like bank transfer, credit card payments, PayPal, mobile payments, among other options.
  • The registration module should also feature an intuitive form where the organisers can enter the information. The form should be easy to use and customizable.

Briefly, the registration feature should be secure, reliable, and easy to use.

5. Virtual Exhibition and Booth Management

The two are vital, especially for trade exhibitions and shows. The event management application should have reliable features that help you control bookings and booth sales from a single application. Some event management tools also provide a feature for creating virtual exhibitions spaces where the event organisers can easily manage the various logistic processes.

6. Event Program Management

In modern events, there may be various activities within a single event: keynote sessions, entertainment, workshops, and conferences. A good event management application should allow the management of all these different activities.

If possible, the application should allow the various attendees to register for each activity separately.

7. Event Surveys

Post-Event And Pre-Event surveys are vital in collecting feedback and information from the event attendees and the other involved parties like vendors, stakeholders, partners, speakers, and sponsors.

Pre-event surveys help the event organiser identify the specific concerns and needs before the event begins. On the other hand, post-event surveys help the event organisers evaluate the event after it is finished. The event organisers gain valuable insights that help them in future event planning.

Good event management software should allow event organisers to set up post-event and pre-event surveys quickly. In-event, surveys are also critical, and the app should provide the feature. The information obtained can help improve the attendee experience.

8. Event Marketing Management

Event marketing is vital to ensure that more people attend. The feature includes different sub-features that help manage various event marketing campaigns, including SMS notification, email marketing, Social Media, and many others.

White label branding should also be included in the event management platform. The event marketing application should use your brand colour palette and logo in the event marketing materials. This customization will help put the message across while creating a mental image of your brand in the attendees’ minds.

A good event management application should allow the event organisers to integrate analytic tools to monitor the marketing metrics. It helps the organisers assess the success of the marketing campaigns and make the necessary adjustments.

9. Payments and Invoices

We live in a digital world today. Online payments are a norm for many, meaning that the chosen event management platform should offer secure and reliable online payment options. Therefore, you should balance security and ease of use with online payment. The platform should also have the capability of swiftly receiving the payments. After the attendees pay via the event management platform, they should get a branded invoice in their email.

Does your event have different participant types? Ensure that the event management application has a functionality that supports multiple types of tickets for the same event. The exhibitors, attendees, and sponsors cannot have the exact tickets.

10. Discount Coupons and Tiered Ticketing

Offering coupon codes and event tickets at multi-tiered prices is a unique event marketing strategy. The event management software should facilitate this by providing a feature allowing the management of different customizable ticket prices and the management capabilities for the coupon codes.


Regardless of the size of the event, its management, organisation, and planning is a delicate process. You cannot get anything wrong. If you feel overwhelmed, why not turn to technology? Many event management apps on the market today ease the process. However, their sheer numbers make choosing the right event management software difficult.

A good event management application should have the 10 vital features above. Smooth event management operations with the proper management app will make teamwork coordination and event planning hassle-free and efficient while ensuring deeper attendee participation.

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