You’re Nothing Special Season 2 – Has It Been Renewed Or Cancelled?

You're Nothing Special Season 2

“You’re Nothing Special,” a coming-of-age comedy with a sprinkle of supernatural elements, captured the hearts of many with its relatable characters and humorous situations. Following the successful run of the first season, the viewers are curious about the sequel.

Amaia, the protagonist, navigates a new town, high school drama, and the potential for inherited magical powers. The cliffhanger ending left viewers wanting more, but will their wishes be granted?

At this point, there’s a lot that has been left unexplored in the first season, so wondering when You’re Nothing Special Season 2 will be released makes sense. We will explore more on that here.

When is You’re Nothing Special Season 2 Releasing?

For the audience that has yet to watch the first season, let us give you a bit of background. This is a Spanish teen drama series, which gained a lot of traction on Netflix with the release of the first season.

However, the network and the showrunners have not shed any further light on the show’s return in the coming days. The first season wrapped up in September 2022 and given that it has been over a year since then, it is quite a bit of concern as to what the show has in store for the next season.

Is it happening? Has Netflix canceled the show? There are several questions. Some of the ongoing speculations do indicate a possible 2025 release but everything has been left unconfirmed. We’d have to wait for the official networks to give us more information to confirm what’s next.

What can we expect from You’re Nothing Special Season 2?

Season 1 concluded with Amaia’s powers growing stronger and the townsfolk becoming increasingly suspicious. A potential Season 2 could delve deeper into the origins of her magic, exploring its limitations and potential dangers. 

We might see her grapple with balancing her newfound abilities with her normal teenage life, leading to humorous and challenging situations. Additionally, the budding romance between Amaia and Asier, and the dynamics within her friend group, could be further explored. 

Perhaps the show will delve deeper into the supernatural side, introducing new magical creatures or hidden threats.

All of this remains theories and speculations because the network fails to shed light on what the show’s next step in production would look like. Since the script is original, that’s another reason why it’s pretty much impossible to depict what you can expect with this show in the future.

At this point, the only thing that we’d recommend you do is watch the first season and get used to the characters, niche, and genre of the show before the sequel is finally here.

Who is returning to You’re Nothing Special Season 2?

If the show is eventually renewed for a sequel, it will 100% return with the main cast from the first season, which would include:

  • Dèlia Brufau as Amaia Salazar 
  • Oskar de la Fuente as Jokin 
  • Gabriel Guevara as Javi 
  • Abril Zamora as Irene 
  • Carmen Arrufat as Lucía 
  • Mireia Vila as Amaia’s mother 
  • Asier Usandizaga as Amaia’s father 
  • Iñigo Gastón as Asier


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