Welcome to Flatch Season 3 – Has the Show Been Cancelled Officially?

Welcome to Flatch Season 3

If you enjoyed watching the quirky and endearing characters of the small town of Flatch, the sad news is that the show’s journey has unfortunately come to an end. The fans were quite disappointed with the sudden cancellation but Fox has confirmed that the show isn’t returning.

The first two seasons highlight the mockumentary-style comedy series and somehow the uniqueness of the plot managed to capture the attention of the viewers, leaving them wanting a renewal of the show, which isn’t happening anymore.

All that aside, let us take a look at Welcome to Flatch Season 3 and all the possible things that could have gone down with the show if it returned.

When is Welcome to Flatch Season 3 Releasing?

Fox has officially canceled Welcome to Flatch after two seasons and that’s what the network has stated in their official report.

So, if you were awaiting information about the show’s return eventually, it is most likely not happening, which is quite disappointing, to say the least. The fans were quite hooked to the characters and wanted to unfold what’s next but the sudden cancellation has left everything up in flames with no insights as to what’s going to happen.

There seems to be a lot of uncertainty around the show. Some fans were hopeful that with Fox dropping the show, some other network would pick it up but seems like that isn’t happening either. So, we’d have to settle down with the first two seasons at this point.

What can we expect from Welcome to Flatch Season 3?

If a third season were to materialize, we can anticipate a continuation of the show’s signature mockumentary style, capturing the eccentricities and everyday lives of Flatch’s residents. 

The show’s creators, Jenny Bicks and Paul Feig have expressed their desire to explore more of the characters’ backstories and delve deeper into the relationships that bind them together. 

Season 3 could introduce new challenges, romances, and misadventures for the people of Flatch, keeping the audience entertained and engaged. With how the second season ended, there was a lot that the writers could have done with the show’s future.

However, the cancellation has now put a halt to all of those factors, which is quite disappointing when you come to think of it. What do you think would have happened in the third season of Welcome to Flatch?

Who would have returned on Welcome to Flatch Season 3?

Assuming the show returns for a third season, we can expect the core cast to reprise their roles. To be fair, the main cast would have remained intact, including:

  • Sam Straley

Sam Straley

  • Holmes


  • Justin Linville

Justin Linville

  • Taylor Ortega

Taylor Ortega

  • Aya Cash

Aya Cash

  • Krissy Chula

Krissy Chula

Unfortunately, none of these actors are returning to the show following the show’s cancellation.


Is Welcome to Flatch returning for Season 3?

No, Fox has officially cancelled Welcome to Flatch after two seasons, so there will not be a third season. This decision disappointed fans who were looking forward to more seasons.

Why was Welcome to Flatch cancelled?

Fox did not provide specific reasons for the cancellation, but it is common for shows to be cancelled due to factors like ratings, viewership, and production costs.

What was the format of Welcome to Flatch?

Welcome to Flatch was a mockumentary-style comedy series that captured the quirky lives of residents in the small town of Flatch.


If you were hopeful that Fox would bring back Welcome to Flatch Season 3, it is unfortunately not happening. Once you finish the first two seasons, you can shift to watching other shows with similar plotlines, if that suffices your want.


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