Top 8 Tips While Decorating your House with a Chandelier

Top 8 Tips While Decorating your House with a Chandelier

Sprucing up your living room with a chandelier is something that everyone wants to indulge in. Not only does it make up a statement piece, but they also make a good addition to minimalist room décor. Buying chandeliers or any lighting fixture for the home can be a tricky job. However, we’d recommend that you keep a list of dos and don’ts in mind when making the final purchase.

By the end of the purchase, you don’t want to scratch your head or slap your forehead saying thinking that you missed out on an important factor.

1. Browse through different websites

Before you make the final purchase of chandeliers or any kind of light fixtures for your home, we’d urge you to look through every available option. There are hundreds of websites available and finding the best requires in-depth research. Instead of focusing on the standard options, go out of your way to include unique and modern pieces to your home.

2. Correspond to your room’s size

Another factor that you should focus on when choosing a chandelier for your home is the room size. You don’t want the light fixture to take up the majority of the space of the room. Similarly, you don’t want it to be so small that it ends up being a side piece on the wall. Also, thankfully, there are a few online calculators available that can help you find the ideal size of your room and the corresponding chandelier that will fit best.

3. Keep the aesthetics into account

You can’t have bright and summer toned walls in the room and adds an all-black chandelier in the middle of the room. Not only does it not contrast the appearance, but it will also affect the entire aesthetics of the room that you are looking for. So, keep the room’s color palette and the available materials that you have around the area. You want the chandelier or the pendant lights to be an extension of your room’s décor.

4. Match with the furniture

Besides the room’s color palette and the aesthetic, we’d also recommend that you match it with the available furniture in the area. This makes the look stand out, especially when you don’t have a lot of chaos going on in the middle of the room. Also, while you are at it choosing the right chandelier for the room, make sure that you get complimentary pieces that accentuate the look in the room. We’d recommend surfing through different websites before you finalize buying one.

5. There’s more than crystal chandeliers

It goes without a doubt that crystal chandeliers are pretty amazing and a staple choice among homeowners. We understand your choices and the reason you are opting for them. However, there’s more to the available options now. Thanks to the diversity of options, there are metal chandeliers, stained glass and other types of shining chandeliers that you can opt for. There are natural chandeliers available as well, including that of paper, straw, wood, etc.

6. Try your hands at something new

A chandelier doesn’t always have to be hung in the middle of the room. While that is considered a staple positioning, we’d recommend that you go for something different, because, why not? This makes your room stand out and catches the attention of the people that come around and visit your home. Also, while you are choosing a chandelier, pick ones that will be a statement piece anywhere in the room and not just in the centre of the living room. Make the choices before you go ahead with the purchase.

7. Keep the fixture in mind

Chandeliers are quite hefty on the pocket, which means that you want them to last a long time. So, while you are at it, we’d recommend that you find a fixture that is stable and won’t tear through the ceiling. Considering the stability of your home’s construction is this very important. You can’t forego the choices otherwise.

8. Go thrifting

If you like adding a vintage touch to your home, thrift stores can be a good alternative. However, they don’t always have the best finds around. So, you’d either have to dig deeper and look through every corner or find bits and bobs in the store that you can later DIY into your chandelier for the living room. It is a tedious process, so, be mindful of the purchases you make.

Buying a chandelier for your home involves a lot of dos and don’ts that you are probably not paying much attention to. We hope these tricks and strategies in the post gives you a detailed understanding of things, especially before you go ahead and make the final purchase. Also, ensure that you keep a check on the budget that you are spending on the fixture.