The Upshaws Part 6 – When Is It Hitting The Screen?


After five hit seasons back-to-back, guess who’s coming back? Yes, it is The Upshaws! 

Netflix just dropped the news that the hilarious family sitcom, starring Kim Fields and Mike Epps, is getting a Season 6 with 10 episodes. And that’s not all! Since season 5 is yet to be released, you have six more episodes to binge-watch before season 6 hits the screens.

This side-splitting show, created and co-show run by Wanda Sykes and Regina Hicks, revolves around Bennie Upshaw, a kind-hearted mechanic from Indianapolis juggling family responsibilities and dealing with his witty sister-in-law Lucretia without a clue about how to navigate it all.

When is The Upshaws Part 6 Releasing?

It’s indeed exciting news for fans of The Upshaws, as Netflix has officially confirmed that the comedy series will be returning for Part 6. The good news is that production for the upcoming 10-episode season is set to kick off next year.

On the other hand, The Upshaws Part 5, featuring six brand new episodes is soon to hit the screens on 18th April.

As for The Upshaws Part 6, it is too early for Netflix to announce the release date. With the filming schedule starting next year, we can expect to get new episodes by the end of 2025, or the following year. Well, we are not certain about anything as nothing of that sort has been revealed yet. For now, you just have to stay contained with Part 5, which is going to premier this month.

What can we expect from The Upshaws Part 6?

The overall synopsis of the show reveals that Bennie Upshaw leads a Black working-class family in Indianapolis. As a likeable mechanic, Bennie does his best to provide for his wife Regina and their children. Despite lacking a clear roadmap for success, Bennie navigates life’s challenges while putting up with his sarcastic sister-in-law. Together, the Upshaws strive to elevate their lives and stick through thick and thin.

Now for Part 6, it is understandable that fans are excited to find out the plot details. But at this moment it is not possible, as nothing is revealed yet. Unless Part 5 concludes, predicting the storyline won’t be possible. But we can expect the Upshaws to face new jobs, bigger dreams, and surprises in the upcoming instalment.

Who is cast in The Upshaws Part 6?

Coming to the cast of The Upshaws Part 6, nothing is confirmed yet. But since the show didn’t change the cast members in the previous parts, it is expected they will follow the same even in Part 6. Consistency is a key for The Upshaws, and that trend might continue with its core cast remaining intact for Part 6. If that happens, we will have the same actors from the previous seasons returning in Part 6.

Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Wanda Sykes as Lucretia Turner
  • Mike Epps as Bennie Upshaw
  • Gabrielle Dennis as Tasha
  • Mike Estime as Tony
  • Page Kennedy as Duck
  • Dayna Dooley as Sheila
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