The Smoothest Vape Pen Beyond Imagination

The Smoothest Vape Pen Beyond Imagination

Elevate your vaping experience with the ARGUS G, VOOPOO’s premier pod e-cigarette that offers unparalleled versatility and sophistication. Designed for MTL and DTL vapers alike, the Argus G boasts a sleek, rectangular stick-style design and is crafted with nanometer-scale polishing processes and a streamlined aluminum alloy body. Compatible with ARGUS POD Cartridges within 0.5Ω-1.2Ω coil resistances and supported by 25W max power output, it offers a diversified range of vaping styles. This innovative vape device shines with luster and delivers a smooth, comfortable grip.

Powerful and Long-Lasting Battery Life

The Argus G is a powerhouse, featuring a 1000mAh built-in battery that lasts up to three days on a single charge, even at a max 25W power output. With over 30 puffs available on low power and rapid Type-C 5V/1A charging, you can enjoy long endurance vaping sessions, leaving you satisfied every time.

Smooth Vaping with Diverse Styles

Experience the smoothest vape with the innovative Argus Pod Cartridge, designed to prevent leaks and enhance flavor. The 4-hole air inlet and airflow buffer room ensure a consistent, smooth, and good taste, while the silicone ring and cartridge design maximize heating efficiency and extend coil life. Compatible with a variety of Argus Pod Family products, you’ll enjoy limitless MTL and DTL vaping options without needing to purchase additional devices.

Take Control with Smart Interaction

Stay informed with the upgraded OLED screen, which displays wattage, remaining power, coil resistance, and puff count. The multi-function button puts control at your fingertips, allowing for easy operation, button ignition, and auto draw. The ARGUS G’s smart system also provides text prompts for low power, atomizer shorts, maximum power output, high temperature, vaping timeouts, and other special circumstances.

Experience the Smoothest Touch with Unibody Design

The ARGUS G stands out with its unique unibody design, offering a smooth touch and superior grip. Its delicate appearance is crafted with nanometer-scale polishing processes and infrared laser radium carvings, the durable aluminum alloy body is both exquisite and advanced. The streamlined design and three-hole airflow control ensure a smooth, enjoyable vaping experience.

ARGUS G could be your go-to vape for a smooth, versatile, and personalized e-cigarette experience. Explore the possibilities with MTL and DTL vaping, and experience the power and sophistication of VOOPOO’s innovative pod technology.