Everything You Should Know About the Surprising Net Worth of Susanna Reid

Susanna Reid Net Worth

Susanna Reid is an extremely popular face in the world of TV and journalism. She has worked with several famous people in the journalism world and that’s the reason she has garnered so much fame. With a remarkable net worth, she has owned a lot to talk about. Read the post till the end to know more about her life:

Quick Facts

Full Name
Susanna Reid
Birth Date 10 December 1970
Age 53
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Profession Television Presenter and Journalist
Marital Status Separated
Parent’s Name Barry Reid, Sue Smith
Dominic Cotton
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $5 million
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2024

Early Life

Reid was born on 10th December 1970 in Croydon, a city in the Southern part of London, England. She went to one of the best schools known as Croham Hurst School in Croydon and also continued studying at Bristol University, where she got a degree in Political Science.

Once her university days were over, she started her career in the field of journalism being a researcher in the affairs program of BBC, named Watchdog. She also started working as a presenter and reporter for the BBC London News and BBC South East.

Personal Life 

Reid is very popular because of her intellect and sharp skills used for interviewing. She has also interviewed many well-known people on the show including celebrities, politicians and business leads too. She has been covering a lot of popular news events like the 2017 UK election, the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, and the Brexit Vote too.

Apart from her work being a Tv presenter, Reid also happens to contribute to many magazines and newspapers and has created articles on many topics related to current affairs, women’s issues, and politics.

Susanna Reid


In the year 2000, Reid was a part of the Breakfast program on BBC as a news reporter, and in the next decade, she also turned into a regular presenter of that particular show. She kept working parallel with many other popular personalities like Bill Turnbull and Dermot Murnaghan. She also became a relief presenter regularly for BBC News at Six, and BBC News at the same at two.

Reid was declared the primary female presenter of the Breakfast program on BBC and she continued to be in that role till 2014 when she stated that she was about to leave BBC for joining the breakfast program on ITV.

The name of this program was Good Morning Britain and she was about to join as the primary female presenter. Since then, she continues to be a co-presenter regularly for the show. She has worked with many famous presenters like Ben Shephard, Piers Morgan, and Charlotte Hawkins.

Net Worth

It is a popular fact that Reid has been connected with BBC for a very long time now and she has also turned into one of the most popular personalities on British television. As per some reports, she earned almost £250,000 every year while working on BBC Breakfast. She is now known to have a huge net worth summing up to $5 million. Though, you must note that this is just a rough estimate and her original net worth could be slightly different.


1. What TV shows has Susanna Reid presented?

Susanna Reid is best known for co-presenting “Good Morning Britain.” Before that, she worked on BBC Breakfast and various other news and current affairs programs.

2. Is Susanna Reid married?

Susanna Reid was previously in a long-term relationship with Dominic Cotton, with whom she has three sons. However, they separated in 2014.

3. What is Susanna Reid’s career background?

Susanna Reid has a background in journalism and has worked for various news organizations, including the BBC. She gained prominence as a co-presenter on “BBC Breakfast” before moving to “Good Morning Britain.” Since then, she hasn’t looked back.