Roxy Lips Net Worth 2023 – Peeking into the Wealth of the Russian Actress

Roxy Lips Net Worth

Russia is home to a powerhouse of talent and Roxy Lips is a name that deserves a mention. She is a famous Russian actress and model, who has gained a lot of traction from her charming personality and perfect stature.

If you have been wondering how much Roxy is worth and the kind of life she had growing up, you are in the right place.

This article will provide all the important information about Roxy Lips, starting from her early life to her details, career, and the amount of money she has earned.

Early Life

Roxy Lips was born on May 12, 1998, in Russia. We don’t have any information about the city she was born in or the name of her parents. Roxy Lips is also an online alias that she uses, but we don’t know what her birth name is.

She was born into a Caucasian and well-settled family. We couldn’t find any information about what Roxy’s parents do to sustain their family but rumors suggest that her father is a businessman.

When looking through the internet, there seem to be no insights regarding Roxy’s siblings or the kind of life she had growing up, which is quite disappointing for her fans.

As for her education, Roxy graduated her high school from a local high school and there isn’t any report about her college education.

Personal Life

Roxy Lips is quite tight-lipped about her private life and doesn’t like sharing much about it online. Not only doesn’t her family, Roxy share anything about her dating life too. So, according to public knowledge, Roxy is currently single.


Roxy ventured into her career right after school. She didn’t start in the AV industry but ventured into the entertainment industry through fashion modeling. Not only did she land several modeling gigs with local fashion brands, but she also ended up gaining a dedicated fanbase.

With the initial push and fame that Roxy acquired, she used that to bolster her career in the social media scene too. This is what helped her score a lot of brand endorsements as well. 

Roxy ventured into the adult film industry when she was only 20 years old. Her perfect figure and her charming personality helped her gain millions of views globally. She has also been nominated for multiple awards.

Not only on Tiktok, Roxy has a decent following on Instagram as well. This is where Roxy has established her career as an Instagram model, acquiring a dedicated fanbase to her name. She isn’t active on YouTube and we couldn’t confirm if she is on OnlyFans or not.

Net Worth

Roxy Lips has amassed a net worth of $500,000. The majority of her income is from her acting credits and the modeling gigs that she has worked on until now. She also actively endorses brands and products on her social media, which has helped her generate a steady income to her name. She might also earn through her OnlyFans account.