The Story of Brittany Mahomes: Patrick Mahomes’ Wife

Patrick Mahomes wife

Patrick Mahomes, the star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, is a household name. But behind every successful man, there’s often a strong woman – and in Patrick’s case, that woman is his wife, Brittany Mahomes. 

Brittany’s journey, however, is far from just being a football WAG (Wife of a Gamer, a term sometimes used for athletes’ partners). She’s a powerhouse entrepreneur in her own right, a champion for women’s sports, and a loving mom. 

If you are a fan of KC and Patrick Mahomes, we have all the details about Brittany Mahomes to look into.

Early Life in Texas

Born Brittany Matthews on August 31, 1995, Brittany grew up in Whitehouse, Texas, instilled with a love for sports from a young age. Soccer became her passion, and she excelled as a forward, playing both in college and professionally. Her athleticism is no surprise – she shares a competitive spirit with her husband, a bond that likely strengthened their connection.

More about Her Career Trajectory

While Brittany loved soccer, she also had an entrepreneurial streak. Recognizing the importance of health and fitness, she founded Brittany Lynne Fitness, a company offering personalized workout programs. 

This venture showcased her dedication to helping others achieve their fitness goals – a quality that would resonate throughout her career.

In 2021, Brittany took a giant leap – co-founding the Kansas City Current, a professional women’s soccer team in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). This move wasn’t just about business; it was about empowering women in sports. 

Brittany, having been an athlete herself, understood the challenges and importance of providing a platform for female athletes. The creation of the Current sent a strong message: women deserve a place to shine in the world of professional sports.

When did Patrick and Brittany Meet?

The story of Patrick and Brittany’s love is as heartwarming as it is inspiring. They met as teenagers, attending Whitehouse High School together, and their connection has only grown stronger over time. 

Their high school sweetheart romance blossomed into a supportive partnership, with Brittany cheering Patrick on from the sidelines and Patrick celebrating Brittany’s achievements. In 2020, after eight years of dating, Patrick popped the question at Arrowhead Stadium, the Chiefs’ home field. 

The following year, they welcomed their beautiful daughter, Sterling Skye, further solidifying their bond as a family.

Their family grew even bigger in 2023 with the arrival of their son, Patrick “Bronze” Mahomes. Brittany is a fiercely supportive wife and a dedicated mom, often cheering on Patrick from the sidelines with their adorable children.

Is Brittany Mahomes Active on her Socials?

Beyond her life on the field supporting her husband and making the most out of her entrepreneurial ventures, Brittany is one of the most active individuals on her social media platforms.

Not only does she use the platforms to share updates about herself and her family but also leverages it for business, endorsing brands and their products. Brittany also has a great sense of style, and her fashion choices are often admired by her followers, adding a point to her online presence.

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