Melanie Rose Net Worth 2023: A Breakdown of the Rising Designer’s Wealth

Melanie Rose Net Worth

If you are a Netflix fanatic and you are into reality series, chances are that you have watched How to Build an S*x Room. That’s where you know Melanie Rose from, who was a host on the show. Known for her eclectic personality and her talent, Melanie is a leading interior designer.

Following her success with the Netflix series, the audience has taken an interest in her earning and the kind of net worth she has amassed for herself over time.

This article will explore all those estimated numbers, look further into her career and explore a bit more about her early life too.

Early Life 

Melanie Rose is a British interior designer, who, according to reports is 57 years old right now and lives in Los Angeles, California.

Despite the kind of popularity and fame she has gathered after her appearance on the Netflix series, there’s not much information available about her early life. 

Personal Life 

Melanie was previously married to Adam Gascoine. However, the couple divorced in 2018 and since then, Melanie hasn’t been reported to be dating anyone that she has publicly discussed. Her ex-husband works as a freelancer and game designer. 


Melanie’s rise to fame is all thanks to Netflix’s “How to Build a Sex Room,” where she designs and develops passionate spots and safe spaces for partners with the hope to help them rekindle their long-lost love.

This isn’t the first home and interior show that Netflix has invested in. Besides this, some other similar shows that have gained traction include Dream Home Makeover and Interior Design Masters.

Before her rise to fame with the Netflix show, Melanie was working as an interior design consultant in Surrey, England. There, she was working with clients who wanted to transform their spaces, especially their washrooms into luxury spaces.

Her journey towards designing sex rooms dates back to a few years ago, which she specifically did at the request of one of her previous clients. This is something that Melanie clarified during an interview and press event with Netflix.

Although she was hesitant with the concept at first, she later understood what the client wanted and why she wanted it. During the initial days of working on these special projects, Melanie confirmed that she had to sign NDAs because she was primarily working with high-end, luxury clients.

Melanie also confirmed that there are a few clients who have asked her to design sex rooms but they haven’t appeared on the show. Besides designing and developing the sex room, Melanie also accessorizes the spot with different essentials, including sex toys and other items.

Net Worth

Multiple media outlets are quoting different numbers when it comes to Melanie Rose’s net worth. However, an estimate suggests that through her projects and her association with Netflix, Melanie’s monthly income is around USD 70,000.

Not just that, she has an estimated annual income of $600,000 and an estimated net worth of around $800,000.

Kindly remember that these are estimated numbers and the actual number could very well be a lot more or a lot less than this. However, with the kind of success she has garnered in such a short period, it is safe to say that Melanie will soon become a millionaire.