Madeline Argy Net Worth 2024 – Look into the Tiktok Star’s Wealth

Madeline Argy Net Worth

Social media platforms, especially Tiktok have introduced us to emerging talents across different countries. Among them, Madeline Argy is a name worth mentioning. She is a British Tiktok star and model that is known for her charming personality and trending videos.

When you scroll through her Tiktok account, the majority of the videos are her lip-syncing videos, which are a staple on Tiktok. She is also a social media influencer that uses her platform to endorse brands and products.

If you are curious about Madeline Argy’s career trajectory and the kind of net worth she has amassed, you have come to the right place.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Madeline Felicity Argy
Birth Date July 07, 2000
Age 23
Country of Origin England
Profession Social Media Star
Marital Status Unmarried
Parent’s Name Unknown
Central Cee
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $1 million
Last Updated: Mar 01, 2024

Early Life

Madeline Argy was born on July 07, 2000, in England, U.K. According to the reports, Madeline was raised in London in a well-settled family. She was born into a multicultural household and she follows Christianity, according to the rumors.

We couldn’t find any information regarding Madeline’s parents or her siblings. While we can often see her family make guest appearances in some of her Tiktok videos, Madeline hasn’t openly discussed anything about her family online.

However, rumors suggest that Madeline has a sister, who is a fan of Taylor Swift. Ever since her childhood, Madeline had an affinity towards acting and making skits and videos, which is why it wasn’t surprising when she decided to go that route after her graduation.

Madeline completed her high school education at Sackville School, which is in Sussex. As for her higher education, she enrolled at The University of Kent. We can’t seem to find which subject she graduated with or if she graduated from college or not.

Personal Life

Madeline is dating Central Cee. For those that aren’t aware, he is a renowned British songwriter and rapper. The two aren’t very public about their relationship on social media but post about each other in the passing. They started dating publicly in 2021 and have been together since then.

Madeline Argy


With a strong affliction towards video creation from an early age, Madeline knew that she wanted to build a career on the internet. After completing her graduation, she started posting videos on Tiktok, which someone took off.

Besides trying her luck at social media influencing, Madeline also tried her hands at being a model. There’s not much information regarding that side of things. However, initially, she managed to land a few modeling gigs with local brands, which are some projects that Madeline has shared on her Instagram account.

You can find her on Tiktok with 4+ million followers. That’s the platform that brought her immense fame and popularity and helped her pursue social media as her primary source of income. With a dedicated following on Tiktok, Madeline uses that platform to post lip-syncing videos.

These videos have not only gone viral but also made trends happen, further adding to her follower and fanbase. Besides lip-syncing videos, Madeline also posts different types of lifestyle-related content and food and travel videos too.

After gaining traction on Instagram and Tiktok, Madeline is now quite active on YouTube as well, where she shares long-format videos with her audience. You can mainly find vlog-style videos on that platform. She has recently launched her podcast too titled Madeline Argy Podcast, where she shares different types of story times and also interviews other people.

Net Worth

Madeline Argy has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Given how strategically she utilizes her social media accounts, it isn’t surprising that she is growing at an alarmingly fast rate. Besides posting videos, she has monetized all these channels, making them a steady source of income for her.


1. What is Madeline Argy famous for?

The British social media star has risen to fame on TikTok and gradually taken the internet by storm with her unique style and trend of videos. Her unique TikTok videos are what has brought her fame.

2. What happened with Madeline Argy and Central Cee?

The two of the stars started dating in September 2022 but didn’t prolong their relationship for long and appear to have separated as well.

3. What did Madeline Argy study at uni?

Madeline was enrolled at the University of Kent where she was studying forensic linguistics degree but while being in that degree, she knew that her passion lay elsewhere.