Long Table Pancakes Update | Shark Tank Season 14

Long Table Pancakes Update | Shark Tank Season 14

As consumers, we are consistently on the hunt for good quality pancakes and Long Table pancakes, which appeared on Shark Tank Season 14 managed to steal the show with their healthier and more nutritious pancake and waffle mixes.

Founder Samuel Taylor was the one who brought his company on the show with hopes of securing good investment from the sharks. As mentioned, the company focuses on manufacturing healthier variants of pancake and waffle mix. But what sets them apart is the fact that they produce their mixes using whole heirloom grains.

With how unique Long Table Pancakes’ products are, it makes sense that the audience is wondering where the company is at this point. We have covered everything in this article.

Shark Tank Long Table Update

  • Entrepreneur – Samuel Taylor
  • Business – Pancake and waffle mixes made from whole heirloom grains
  • Ask – $140,000 for 15% equity
  • Result – Couldn’t secure a deal
  • Sharks – None

Long Table Pancake not being able to secure any deal on Shark Tank ended up being one of the main reasons many audiences believe in the art of simplicity. Although the concept of using whole heirloom grain for making pancake and waffle mixes sounds quite enticing, it didn’t shine through with the Sharks and Samuel had to leave the show without any offer.

When Samuel broke down the revenue the company made, that was the first thing that put off the Sharks. He admitted that the company managed to make around $20,000 annually, which is quite less for a pancake and waffle mix brand.

Samuel further clarified that the majority of their sales come through the website and the remaining come from the small retail stores where his product is available. Long Table Pancake is currently only available in small grocery chains spread across Chicago. He has not expanded his reach to the more diverse retail stores.

What was great about Samuel’s pitch was the refreshing honesty, which the Sharks loved too. Samuel clarified that his primary intent in appearing on Shark Tank was to bring in better guidance. He was on the hunt for a strategic partner through Shark Tank who would be able to help him figure out a better marketing strategy for the company.

Despite all the clarifications, it seemed like none of the Sharks were on board with the company’s ideologies and didn’t believe in them as well. All the Sharks decided to step back and not make an offer for the company, leaving Samuel empty-handed after the episode.

However, life had other plans for Samuel since Long Table Pancake ended up making a hefty amount in sales and revenue after the episode aired on Shark Tank. Just three days after the episode aired, the company ended up receiving 10,000+ orders, making this one of the biggest successes to date.

In post-Shark Tank interviews, Samuel revealed that Long Table is currently at its best stage of business, and believes that 2023 would be the most successful for the company than what it has been so far.