Little Demon Season 2 – Has FX TV Renewed It?

Little Demon Season 2

Prepare for another round of hellish hijinks, because Little Demon will be returning for a second season! The animated sitcom praised for its dark humor and quirky charm, takes us back into the lives of Laura, the teenage Antichrist, and her demon mother, Luci.

Anime shows are interesting to watch and Little Demon is no different. It is one of those shows that keeps you hooked from the get-go. Once you start watching, there’s no going back at all, that’s how addictive the show is. 

So, if you are waiting for more news about Little Demon Season 2 and its eventual release, we have managed to bring together all the details for you in this article.

When is Little Demon Season 2 Releasing?

The first season of Little Demon proved to be one of the most-watched anime shows on FX TV. So, it makes total sense for the creators to revive the show, instead of benching it.

If you are confused by the rumors that depict a possible cancellation, let us not reach conclusions just yet. The showrunners and producers have yet to comment on any official cancellation, so there’s no reason why we need to panic right away.

Instead, what we can do is focus on finding all the relevant information that indicates that the show’s sequel is happening down the line. At this point, it would be interesting to see how things pan out down the road.

All that said, FX TV has now renewed the show for a second season. However, if that happens somewhere down the line, we can expect the sequel to be released either in 2025 or 2026.

What can we expect from Little Demon Season 2?

Season 2 promises to delve deeper into the already-established relationships between Laura, Luci, and the supporting cast. We’ll see Laura grapple with her dual nature, struggling between teenage normalcy and her demonic destiny. 

Luci, ever the manipulative but surprisingly caring mother, will likely continue to guide (or mislead) Laura through the pitfalls of hell and adolescence. Expect more hilarious clashes of parenting styles and plenty of witty banter peppered with sardonic demon humor. But the story won’t just be about the same old family squabbles.

Season 2 will likely introduce new threats and alliances, expanding the world of Little Demon beyond the cozy confines of Hell’s suburbs. Perhaps Laura will encounter other teenage Antichrists from alternate realities, or maybe a power struggle within the underworld will force her to choose sides. Whatever the case, expect unexpected twists and turns that will keep you guessing and giggling in equal measure.

Who is returning to Little Demon Season 2?

The first season of Little Demon aired in 2022 and the cast that appeared in the first season will likely return in the second too. So, if you are waiting to see your favorite characters, they are most probably returning.

This would include:

  • Aubrey Plaza 
  • Danny DeVito 
  • Lucy DeVito 
  • Seth Kirschner 
  • Lennon Parham 
  • Charlie McWade 
  • Darcy Fowler 
  • Kieran Valla 
  • Michael Shannon


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