Letterkenny Season 13 – Has The Cancellation Been Confirmed?

Letterkenny Season 13

Letterkenny fans settle down and grab Puppers – there won’t be a Season 13. That’s right, the hockey players, skids, and hicks of Letterkenny said their goodbyes after a hilarious 12-season run.

The show’s end has come as a surprise and disappointment to many of the fans who genuinely enjoyed the humor and storyline. But fear not, because while we can’t revisit the pitter-patter of Letterkenny in its original form, let’s delve into what a hypothetical Season 13 might have held.

We will take a look into everything that Letterkenny Season 13 could have been and answer some of the commonly asked questions.

When is Letterkenny Season 13 Releasing?

Given the official announcement in November 2023 that Season 12 would be the show’s finale, Season 13 wouldn’t have had a release date. However, following the pattern of previous seasons, we could speculate on a potential timeframe.

Seasons typically premiered on Crave in Canada in late spring or early summer, followed by a release on Hulu in the US a few months later. So, a hypothetical Season 13 might have graced our screens sometime between June and August of 2024.

However, with the cancellation confirmed and in place, there’s no point speculating a list of “what ifs” at this point. We’d simply have to settle for what we know about the show and the previous 12 seasons because the showrunners don’t plan on bringing it back.

What can we expect from Letterkenny Season 13?

Here’s where things get interesting. With the core conflict of hicks versus skids likely reaching a comedic stalemate, Season 13 could have explored new avenues.

Shoresy’s spin-off series confirmed his relocation to Sudbury. Maybe Season 13 could have shown the ripple effects of his departure. Did Reilly and Jonesy struggle to find a worthy chirping rival? Did the hicks finally achieve some peace (doubtful)?

We’ve seen romantic entanglements blossom and fizzle throughout the series. Season 13 could have focused on the next chapter for some couples. Would Daryl and Katy consider marriage (and would Dan object)? What about Squirrely Dan’s quest for love?

The skids’ shenanigans often skirted the line of legality. Perhaps Season 13 could have brought the law down on their heads in a hilarious way. Did they accidentally involve the hicks in their latest scheme? Did they finally get caught by Officer Dyck (allegedly)?

These are just a few ideas, and the beauty of Letterkenny lies in its ability to weave absurd situations and witty dialogue around seemingly mundane events. However, it looks none of these possibilities won’t transpire into anything in the future. But, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the show has twelve seasons that you can binge-watch.

Who is returning to Letterkenny Season 13?

Like the previous 12 seasons, if the show were to return with Season 13, it would have returned with the primary cast, including:

  • Jared Keeso as Wayne and Shoresy 

  • Nathan Mitchell as Daryl 

  • K. Trevor Wilson as Daryl 

  • Michelle Mylett as Katy 

  • Tyler Johnston as Jonesy

  • Alexander DeWitt as Squirrely Dan