Kiss Asian 2024 – Top 14 Sites Like Kiss Asian in 2024

Best Sites Like Kiss Asian

When it comes to entertainment, movies and TV shows make for some of the most important parts of it. Not only does it help you have some fun throughout your gloomy days, but these movies are also an amazing way for you to enjoy your favorite shows for free. 

While you will find a plethora of free movie websites on the internet, finding some good and reliable options for watching Asian movies can be quite confusing. Not only are these fun to watch, but they are also extremely relatable and equally fun to watch.

But, given that Kiss Asian is an illegal and pirated website, it is always at the risk of getting banned or restricted now and then. If you do want to look out for some alternatives, this website has a good amount of alternatives that host similar content like Kiss Asian.

With the growing popularity of Kiss Asian, we’d suggest that you keep an eye out for the content you are downloading and whether it is legally uploaded and not sourced illegally. Here, we are going to discuss every last detail about Kiss Asian along with the potent alternatives and some good quality content that you can find on the website.

What is Kiss Asian?

Kiss Asian
Kiss Asian

Kiss Asian is a free online portal that enables you to watch free Asian drama series online without any buffer or unnecessary restrictions. The website has a very clean, minimal, and neat layout that makes it easier for you to scroll through and find the drama series that best catches your eyes.

The majority of the content on this website is of the K-dramas that the users mostly look out for. It has a very easy to use layout with no complications along the way. If you are fond of Korean dramas or just Asian movies, in general, this is likely one of the best available options around.

But, with the kind of illegal content that they upload, it is not surprising that it does get restricted now and then. Since this happens pretty frequently, it isn’t surprising at all that there are a plethora of alternative websites that you can otherwise look into if this isn’t available in your country for some reason.

What are the features of Kiss Asian?

With the basic introduction out of the way, the next thing that we need to discuss is the features of Kiss Asian. The website has gained a lot of popularity over time but what can you expect when you open the website?

  • It has a score of amazing Asian drama series and movies that you can download, stream, and binge-watch. 
  • Everything on this website is categorized based on multiple factors including the quality of the movies or dramas along with the genre they fall into.
  • The page loading speed in this website is pretty efficient and flexible, making it ideal for the users who have little to no patience for waiting for a single page to load.
  • The website has a separate search button on the top of the homepage that allows you to directly check the drama series or the movies that you want to download.
  • The website has a dark theme with accents of black and yellow. This makes it easier for you to navigate through the website without any hassle.
  • The website does have a Facebook page that you can like and be part of the community if you like to rant about K-dramas and Asian movies.
  • One unique feature of this website is that it comes with an ad-remover, which allows you to get rid of the excess advertisements from the platform to enjoy an uninterrupted user experience.
  • It comes with a separate option where you can request the dramas and movies that are not available on the platform.

What are the categories on Kiss Asian?

With the features out of the way, the next thing we need to focus on is the categories available on this website. From some of the latest series to the most popular options, the platform hosts a lot more options that you can find on the website. Some of the best categories on the website include:

  • Drama List
  • Variety Shows
  • Request Drama
  • Watch Cartoon
  • Ongoing series
  • Latest update
  • New drama

How to download movies from Kiss Asian?

The download process on Kiss Asian is pretty simple and straight forward. The only thing you need to do is find a good quality Kiss Asian movie downloader. From there, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Start by opening the official or the mirror websites of Kiss Asian
  • Once you are on the home page of the website, you can either navigate through and find the movie that best catches your interest or you can search for a movie or drama series that you likely want to watch.
  • Once you find it, you can then click on the thumbnail of the show
  • Copy the URL of the show or movie and then paste that URL in the Kiss Asian movie downloader that you installed
  • It should then start the download process seamlessly

13 best alternatives for Kiss Asian

When discussing the best alternatives for Kiss Asian, there are a few alternative options that you can further look into. Some of the best options include:

1. Viki

When discussing the best alternative for Kiss Asian, Viki is likely one of the best options around. It hosts thousands of Asian movies and dramas that you can download and binge-watch to your heart’s desire. The best thing about this platform is that it hosts multiple content in over 200 languages. The platform brings in over 2 billion viewers from across the globe, making it one of the best platforms to watch Asian dramas and movies. It does come with a separate application as well. If you are worried about the subtitles, the platform takes care of that for you.

2. Crunchyroll


Not many people know this but Crunchyroll is one of those underrated platforms that gives equally riveting competition to Kiss Asian, not just with its content but the quality of the movies and the shows too. It provides the users with additional English subtitles that let you watch your favorite movies and Asian dramas without any interruptions. The platform provides 720p quality movies and is accessible with Chromecast and Fire TV stick too.

3. Kocowa

Next up on the list is Kocowa, which is a Korea-based website opened in the U.S. Aside from the minimal options of other Asian drama series and movies, it primarily hosts some amazing Korean dramas that you can binge-watch to your requirements. The best thing about this platform is that it hosts the latest released show just within a few hours of its launch in Korea. You do get English subtitles, so you need not worry about that at all.

4. Dramakoreaindo

If you are looking for high-quality Korean and Asian drama series and movies for free, Dramakoreaindo is hands down one of the best platforms on the internet. It hosts content ranging between 360p and 540p, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the shows on the platform. The overall layout of the website is pretty simplistic and doesn’t contain complicated themes, making it easier for you to navigate through. It also doesn’t contain a lot of ads, which is a life-saver.

5. MyDramaList


When looking for a platform for K-drama, MyDramaList is likely one of the best platforms. Aside from the Korean content on the platform, they also host a lot of other Asian drama series and movies that you can download and watch. The platform is a community-based project that allows people to watch and stream different shows and movies according to their likings. Aside from watching the content on the platform, you can also chat and connect with people.

6. View Asian

View Asian

Next up on the list of the best alternatives for Kiss Asian is View Asian. Not only do they have similar names of the platforms, but their content is pretty similar too. So, if you have been watching a series halfway on Kiss Asian but it’s restricted now, you will be able to find it on View Asian with ease. One factor about this platform is that it doesn’t allow direct downloads. You have to stream the content from their platform. The platform has a versatile range of content, spread across multiple genres of comedy, thriller, romance, etc.

7. Hulu


You might not consider Hulu for your fix of Asian drama series and movies but this is one of those underrated platforms that does host them. Not only for your Hollywood movies and series, but the platform is pretty popular for Asian dramas as well. But, like the previous one, even this one doesn’t support direct downloads, which means that you will have to stream the content from the platform. It is a paid platform when it comes to premium content, so be wary of that.

8. Viu


When looking for a legal alternative for Kiss Asian that hosts everything related to K-dramas and other Asian web series, Viu is a good platform. It has free and premium content, which you need to pay for. Aside from the traditional series, movies, and documentaries, the platform also hosts TV shows that you can binge-watch. The company kickstarted its brand by offering free streaming services to the users after which they started charging subscription charges. The content on the platform is extremely versatile and ranges across multiple genres.

9. Boxasian

The penultimate alternative on the list is Boxasian. Aside from the major chunk of dramas being in Korean, the platform also hosts Chinese, Taiwanese, and Cantonese dramas that you can binge-watch and stream to your heart’s desire. One good thing about this website that makes it stand out is the additional English subtitles that you get with the shows. It helps bridge the language barrier. The website is completely legal, which again is a reason enough for making the purchase.

10. Netflix


Last but not least is Netflix, which hosts a whole lot of K-drama series and other Asian movies that you can stream from their platform. One downside to this platform is the fact that it is a subscription-based platform and the subscriptions are comparatively expensive, so you need to be wary of that. But, the versatility and variance of the content on this platform makes up for the price that you pay for the subscriptions. It is famous globally and is a legal streaming platform that is more or less available in every country across the world.

11. Chia anime

Chia anime

A good alternative to kiss anime is chia anime. It’s a great platform for anyone interested in streaming and downloading anime content. Not just anime, this platform also delivers the latest manga series. Once you enter the home page of this site, you are sure to get amazed by its collection of the latest anime episodes. Every content is available in HD resolution. They also come with subtitles. This site also uploads dubbed versions of anime and manga content. Consider this alternative of kiss anime as your next stop for an uninterrupted movie streaming experience. 

12. Anime planet

Anime planet

On this platform, users can access all the latest and old anime content in high resolution. Its home page is well organised and divided into categories. Here you can find several categories like the newest recommendation, anime this week, latest anime, HD manga series, etc. The site uploads the latest anime content as soon as there are new releases. Apart from streaming online, the site also lets you download your favourite content for free in high quality. However, the only downside is that you have to sit through irritating ads while streaming content on anime-planet. 

13. Gogoanime

Is Gogoanime Safe and Legal

This is another very famous platform that can be used for watching Korean movies and anime. It features many different categories which makes it easier for you to find your desired content to watch. It has other additional features like dark mode, pause option, payback, and offline save. The offline save options allow you to save the content to watch anytime later when you don’t have an internet connection. You can use this website for free and access all of its content. All you need to do is go to the browser on your device and type the name of this website after which you will see the results on the screen where you need to choose which content you want to watch. 

14. Tubi

Tubi TV

Tubi can be considered as one of the excellent alternatives of Kiss Asian. It offers a lot of features including free service, user-friendly interface and a lot more. It has recently emerged as one of the most well-known streaming platforms used to watch fire TV shows and movies with absolutely no subscription. It can be availed in the app version which can be downloaded from Google Play Store, Roku, and Google Play Store etc. The users don’t need to get registered on this website to access the content and it doesn’t ask for any personal details from the users. 


1. How to block ads on Kiss Asian?

When you are trying to watch your favorite show, the last thing you want is for an ad to interrupt the experience. But, you need to realise that since Kiss Asian is a free website, they get their funding by redirecting the users via the ads. In case you do want to prevent that, you can install an ad blocker to your system.

2. How to get K-points for ad-free streaming on Kiss Asian?

When you are here confused about how to get a rate of ad-free streaming, you do need to check out the steps as mentioned on the website. Visit and from there you can paste a link from the website to the Generate box and then click the new link and then create a Reddit post on the Kiss Asian subreddit threads.

3. Can you disable subtitles on Kiss Asian?

If you know the language of the Asian drama that you are watching and you don’t need extra subtitles, you would likely want to get rid of the subtitles to focus on the show solely. But, the platform doesn’t offer any extra features for disabling the subtitles, so you do have to make do with the same.


We have mentioned from the start that Kiss Asian has questionable content that might be illegally sourced or pirated. If that is the case, there are chances for the website to get banned or restricted. In that situation, we have sorted out some of the best legal alternatives to the website that you can check out yourself. Just ensure that you try and download or stream content from legal platforms to support the creators of the individual movies or drama series.