Kings of Pain Season 3 – Has Amazon Prime Renewed the Show?

Kings of Pain Season 3

When it comes to reality television shows, Kings of Pain is not your conventional watch. It is quite a different one but a pretty amazing one if we had to say. It’s fun, nerve-wracking and to be fair, quite painful to watch as well.

The third season is expected to introduce a new wave of extreme body modifications, captivating storylines, etc. and it seems like the fans are quite excited to unfold what’s next.

If you are awaiting more news about Kings of Pain Season 3 and when it is returning on Amazon Prime Video, we have sorted all the relevant information for you.

When is Kings of Pain Season 3 Releasing?

Has Amazon Prime Video renewed the show for Season 3? The answer to that is not yet. However, that doesn’t automatically mean they have canceled the show.

So, before you end up getting upset thinking that your favorite reality show isn’t returning, let’s not assume just yet. The first season premiered in 2019 and the second one in 2022, so there is a three-year difference between the two seasons.

Whether or not the show follows the same pattern for the Season 3 release is something we’d have to wait to know. Right this moment, we have no idea when or if Kings of Pain Season 3 is happening or not.

But, since there are no official cancellations yet, the fans are hopeful that Amazon Prime will announce a renewal soon.

What can we expect from Kings of Pain Season 3?

This season promises to be even more outrageous and entertaining than ever before, with the team at Chronic Ink pushing the boundaries of body modification to new extremes. 

Expect to see everything from elaborate tattoos and piercings to jaw-dropping implants and unconventional surgeries. In addition to the visual spectacle of the body modifications, the show will continue to delve into the lives of the artists and clients, exploring their motivations, struggles, and triumphs. 

We’ll get to know these individuals on a deeper level, gaining insights into their passions, fears, and dreams.

These are mere speculations that we have based on what we have witnessed in the first two seasons. Whether or not things change in the future is another factor we’d have to see happen in the New Year or so.

Who is returning to Kings of Pain Season 3?

The show’s beloved cast is set to return, including the talented tattoo artists at Chronic Ink, such as Steve Harvey, Erin Wagner, and Ryan Smith. 

  • Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey

  • Erin Wagner

Erin Wagner

  • Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith

We’ll also see familiar faces among the clients, including those who have been featured in previous seasons and some newcomers who are eager to undergo extreme body modifications.

Since it is a reality TV series, the format and the participants are variable, so we’d have to wait until the third season is officially released to see who’s in it.


Did Amazon Prime Video renew Pain Season 3?

Amazon Prime Video is yet to renew the show for a third season. Right now, it is not clear if they are going to renew or cancel the show.

Which year was Pain released?

The first season of Pain was released in 2019, followed by the second season in 2022. It means the previous two seasons were released with a three-year gap in between.

What will happen in Pain Season 3?

The makers of the show haven’t released any details about Pain season 3. It is probably because the show is yet to be renewed.


Kings of Pain Season 3 doesn’t have any renewal updates as of now. But, with the popularity of the first two seasons, we can remain hopeful that the creators will bring the show back in the future. That said, we still don’t know when it’s going to happen.

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