Kindred Season 2 – Is it Returning Anytime in the Future?

Kindred Season 2

FX on Hulu’s captivating sci-fi drama “Kindred” captivated audiences with its blend of time travel, historical fiction, and social commentary. However, the show’s official cancellation has left the fans disappointed.

Based on Octavia Butler’s groundbreaking 1979 novel of the same name, the series followed Dana Franklin (Mallori Johnson), a young Black woman who finds herself inexplicably transported back and forth between present-day Los Angeles and a 19th-century antebellum plantation.

While the show concluded its eight-episode run in December 2022, fans are eager to learn if Dana’s journey will continue. We will discuss more about Kindred Season 2 here.

When is Kindred Season 2 Releasing?

As of now, there’s no confirmed release date for “Kindred” season 2. The show’s cancellation by FX on Hulu puts its future in limbo. However, with Branden Jacobs-Jenkins actively seeking a new home for the series, fans can hold onto some hope. 

The current television landscape is brimming with streaming services constantly looking for fresh content. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Apple TV+ could potentially see the value in reviving “Kindred.” 

The show’s critical acclaim and strong audience reception during its first season make it a compelling acquisition. Finding a new platform could take some time, and the process might involve adjustments to the series. But if a streaming service picks up “Kindred,” we could potentially see a season 2 sometime in late 2024 or even 2025.

What can we expect from Kindred Season 2?

Warning: The following section contains spoilers for season 1 of “Kindred.”

Season 1 concluded with Dana in a perilous situation. Trapped on the plantation with a pregnant Alice (Ryan Kwanten), she faces the ever-present threat of Rufus (Micah Stock) and the dangers of the antebellum South. Kevin (Austin Smith), her fiancé in the present day, remains desperately searching for her.

Season 2 could delve deeper into Dana’s struggle to survive on the plantation. We might see her attempt to escape, find a way back to her own time, or even forge alliances with unexpected characters. The complex relationship between Dana and Alice, fraught with tension and a shared sense of desperation, would likely be a central focus.

The manipulative and violent Rufus met a gruesome end in season 1. However, his actions cast a long shadow. Season 2 could explore the aftermath of his death, the power vacuum it creates, and the potential for new threats to emerge.

Back in the present day, Kevin’s relentless pursuit to find Dana would undoubtedly continue. We might see him uncover clues about her whereabouts, perhaps even encountering individuals with knowledge of the time-traveling phenomenon. The strain and desperation of his search could lead to him making risky decisions.

Season 1 offered glimpses into the enigmatic force that transports Dana through time. A potential season 2 could delve deeper into the mechanics of this phenomenon.

Who is returning to Kindred Season 2?

Given the official cancellation of the show, we don’t have any idea about the show’s official cast for Season 2. However, we could expect the following cast to return:

  • Mallori Johnson as Dana Franklin
  • Micah Stock as Rufus Weylin
  • Ryan Kwanten as Thomas/Alice
  • Austin Smith as Kevin Franklin
  • Gayle Rankin as Margaret Weylin
  • Antoinette Crowe-Legacy as Olivia
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