10 Similar Sites Like KhatriMazaFull in 2024


Once in a while, we all look for a movie leak online to enjoy it; yeah, especially, when we’re not sure about movie storyline or direction. You agree! Right?

Well, in today’s article we’re going to discuss about one of such website which leaks high resolution quality movies on soonest basis after its release. Yeah, you might even find movie leaks online for free download sometimes within the same day of release.

However, they’re in no way white & legit even if they do this. Yeah, it’s a technique of piracy that serves movies and webshows this way to audience. Which is in no way legit and ethical in our opinion.

Also, we’d like to clarify at very initial introduction that getting access to this site is in no way safe or secure option and hence, we recommend our readers to stay away from such sites as much as possible.

Now, without spending much time on discussions we’d like to reveal the name of website for which we’ve crafted this whole article. Yeah, it’s KhatriMazaFull. Well, we’ll mention it again that it’s a piracy syndicated platform and it’s never advised to get access to.

What Is KhatriMazaFull?


KhatriMazaFull is a piracy platform that provides 2022’s free HD Bollywood movies online. Well, not only Bollywood movies, but, also they leak Hollywood and Tamil-Telugu Movies online for free download on internet.

Moreover, as due to implied complications they can’t survive long on internet all the time you will find their platform with different domain address everytime.

Yeah, one time you might access them as Khatrimaza.in another time it might be khatrimaza.org or khatrimaza.win

Well, all the URLs with different access or different variation containing khatrimaza is their variant of new proxy. Yeah, usually these kind of piracy website provides access to their platform using different proxies. Well, still they can’t let Bollywood movie HD free download online all the time to their users.

Moreover, they usually uploads pirated contents only and it might not be trusted and reliable all the time. So, take necessary steps to safeguard yourself; in case, you access their platform.

Yeah, it’s piracy website and it’s completely unofficial. And, in the eyes of our regulations, laws and government; it’s a heinous crime to pirate any kind of media creation.

Features of KhatriMazaFull

Even being part of piracy syndicate network; KhatriMazaFull deserves some mention about its features. Yeah, in this section we’ll be talking about its features only. However, even after reading features and going through it, you shouldn’t get lured to their platform.

  • Decent Quality of Content: Definitely, quality won’t be as same as you experience in the theatre. However, still their media quality is better than usually available content quality. We’ve received some samples for their content quality from our readers and that too just for testing purpose. Upon checking, we found that it’s worth it to download if you can’t afford movie theatre tickets.
  • Online Streaming: While many of the available platforms allows streaming too, this one provides it at a better speed. Yeah, here on this platform things will take less time in buffering and that will provide you a seamless watching experience.
  • Small Media Size: With advanced compressing mechanisms these piracy sites minimize size of files at a decent level. However, while doing these usually quality aspect of content would be degraded but while downloading hindi movies online on khatrimazafull, you’ll experience that with even smaller sizes, content quality remains intact.
  • Variety of Content: Well, number of genres will fill whole article if we’d mention its availability on KhatriMazaFull. Yeah, almost all genres of movies be it romantic movies, action movies, thriller movies, you can download them all on khatrimazafull website or application.
  • Frequently updated proxies: Yeah, to be on safe side, they frequently change their proxies for movie download online. Usually, with a simple search on google you’ll find which proxy website is currently working for KhatriMazaFull. Well, we know the information so we shared it; however, we in no way recommend our readers to follow it.
    Categories of Entertainment Content On KhatriMazaFull Website or Application

As stated earlier, you’ll find plenty of content and content type on khatrimazafull website or application.

Usually, you’ll get access to all you Hollywood movies online for free download. Yeah, with a simple process to download it you can get it on your local storage.

Apart from that, on KhatriMazaFull you’ll get Bollywood movies online, Tamil Movies online for free download, Telugu Movies for free download, South movies free download online, South dubbed movies online free download, Indian TV shows free download, Indian Web series online, Indian webshows free download online on internet and what not!

Yeah, almost all kind of content is available on this site.

Even in movies segment, you’ll find almost all genres that includes action, romantic, thriller, dubbed movies, sci-fi movies, biopic etc on this website or online platform.

How To Download Movies from KhatriMaza Website?

  • To download movies from KhatriMazaFull website, you’ll have to simply find it’s available proxy on internet.
  • Once found; you can go to active proxy and to get access to this proxy you’ll need access to a VPN. Yeah, VPN will mask your IP.
  • Then Search from KhatriMazaFull online website using their searchbar on their platform. You can search for your desired movie or media content.
  • Once found; simply check each content and go for your desired resolution and download size.
  • After that, you’ll have to select a mirror link and to safeguard themselves, they uses plenty of mirror links out of which only few will work. So, check which one on works for your favorite movie free download online and then download it to your local storage.
  • Once downloaded, you’ll have to check whether it’s as per your expectation or you’ve downloaded a wrong movie because many time it happens with many people and hence you’ll have to repeat whole process again with different search result.

Best Alternatives of KhatriMazaFull Application

While, all the piracy website are unsafe in our view, still if you want any alternatives for KhatriMazaFull online website then here’s a list of few available websites which are also involved in piracy.

1. DvdRockers


Similar to Khatrimaza, Dvsrockers is a piracy website that uploads pirated content of movies without proper copyright permission. This site hosts pirated content of Bollywood, Bollywood, and other regional films and web series. Know that the services offered by sites like DvdRockers aren’t safe at all. But people continue to use DvdRockers, despite being illegal, because of the free movie streaming services DvdRockers offer. If you are unable to pay the high subscription charges of the legal alternatives, DvdRockers is here for you. Here, you can stream and download any content of your choice in HD quality.

2. Moviesflix

Best Alternatives of Moviesflix

On Moviesflix, you are likely to get tons of Bollywood and others like Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Gujarati, and Punjabi films in high definition. These are available for free streaming and downloading. The site especially hosts south Indian films, web series, and documentaries. So, if you are a fan of South India, Moviesflix is for you. The best part is that this site uses compressing mechanisms to reduce the size of original films so that people can download them at ease. Moviesflix while reducing the file size maintains the quality of the film whatsoever. That’s why people prefer to visit Moviesflix nowadays instead of any other torrent site. 

3. Okjatt

OkJatt – One Stop for All Your HD Movie Needs

If you are specifically looking for a site that would deliver the top-notch quality of films, Okjatt is an ideal platform. This site continually works on delivering high-quality content, be it movies, web series, documentaries, short films, etc. Even the old films available on this site are uploaded in high definition. Moreover, Okjatt delivers an extremely smooth user experience by introducing its well-developed website. The contents are cleanly categorised, making navigation easier. The downloading process is quick and simple too. Okjatt is a decent platform for movie lovers. The only downside is that this platform is pirated and hence you must use a VPN network to access it. 

4. HD Friday


HD Friday is a portal online which helps users get access to all the latest content and stream it through the website for free of cost. The website is known for having all the latest movies available in high quality. The website also lets users download movies they want so that they can enjoy the movies in offline mode. The website is safe to use and a lot of people use this website on a day-to-day basis. The website has a huge collection of dubbed movies which is one of its main attractions.

5. TamilRockers


6. TodayPk


7. PagalMovies


8. FlizMovies


9. 3MovieRulz


FAQs – for KhatriMazaFull Online Platform for free movie download

Here’s quite a few frequently raised queries by our readers for KhatriMazaFull platform. In case, you also have any doubt in mind then please go through these queries once, who know? If you find anything similar to yours!

1. Will KhatriMazaFull be available online for today?

No! No one could give a sureshot answer to this question. In fact, today itself it’s not available online. However, as mentioned earlier, you’ll have to access their actual platform with help of their proxy and not using their main domain name. So, yeah, they’re available online but not on the exact domain name.

2. Is It Safe to download Hollywood, Bollywood movies online from KhatriMazaFull?

No! not only movies, but any of the content available on this website is not safe to download. Yeah, it’s completely safe and we’ve crafted this article just to let our readers know that accessing this platform is not safe to them in anyways.

3. How is the quality of movies downloaded from KhatriMazaFull?

Out of 10 we found 7 instances where movies content quality is ideal and as it should be to watch on laptop, TV, or on smart phone. However, still we won’t suggest you to access this website for free HD movies download online.

4. Is KhatriMazaFull website involved directly in piracy? How it can harm me?

We can’t say that they’re directly involved in piracy or not. But yeah, they’re involved in piracy. Well, if you ask about probable threats to you then they can inject malwares, viruses, and can steal important and private data stored on your device when you access their platform.

5. Would you recommend to check out KhatriMazaFull online?

No! Not at all.

6. If Not KhatriMazaFull then from where I could get movies online?

Usually, Hotstar, Netflix, AmazonPrime Videos, SonyLiv etc are OTT platforms which provides media content legally to the audience. Also, for a small annual fees you could get their subscription. And, using these platforms is completely safe and legit in our opinion.


All in all, we’ll say it once again that to download HD Bollywood movies online for free, you should get involved and access such piracy websites. Yeah, it’s unsafe practices to access these sites and to download movies or webshows from their platform. We never recommend our readers to get involved in unofficial and illegal activities. Yeah, these platforms are capable of harming your privacy and hence it’s always better to stay away from them.