A Look at Gabbie Marshall’s Relationship Status – Is She Married?

A Look at Gabbie Marshall's Relationship Status

Gabbie Marshall, the star shooting guard for the Iowa Hawkeyes, has captivated audiences with her impressive skills on the court. But beyond her athletic prowess, fans are curious about her personal life, particularly her relationship status. 

As with many rising athletes, Gabbie keeps her private life relatively under wraps, but here’s a dive into what we know about the special someone cheering her on from the side-lines.

Is Gabbie Marshall Married?

The majority of the audience that witnesses Gabbie kill it on the field is often curious to unfold more details about her personal life. From her early life to her relationship status, a lot has been explored by the fans.

Despite some online rumors, Gabbie Marshall is not currently married. There might be some confusion due to her strong bond with her family, which includes her supportive parents and siblings. However, her heart belongs to someone else – Spencer Touro.

Who is Spencer Touro?

Spencer Touro is a former student at the University of Iowa, where his path crossed with Gabbie’s. He majored in sports and recreation, showcasing a shared passion for athletics that likely sparked their connection. 

After graduating, Spencer embarked on a career path focused on health and wellness. He currently works as a personal trainer at Feldman Performance and aspires to become a full-fledged wellness coach. Additionally, he lends his expertise as a trainer at Pro-Fit Gym and has experience coaching young athletes at Benton People Group Secondary School.

How did Gabbie and Spencer Meet?

While it has been confirmed that the two have been dating for quite some time, there seems to be no concrete evidence of how the two met. There’s also very little information available about how Gabbie and Spencer met.

However, despite all of that, one thing is for sure, the two of them appear to be smitten with each other. There is high chance that the two of them met due to their common ground in sports. Spencer’s background in sports and recreation likely fosters a deep understanding of Gabbie’s dedication and commitment to the court.

Are Gabbie and Spencer Public on Social Media?

While Gabbie maintains a professional focus on her social media presence, she occasionally offers glimpses into her personal life. 

In December 2023, she shared a heart-warming Instagram post celebrating their first anniversary. The caption expressed her love and appreciation for Spencer, highlighting his positive influence and unwavering support. Spencer reciprocated the sentiment, solidifying their connection in the public eye.

Despite how little the two of them talk about each other, it is safe to say that Gabbie is protective of her personal space and privacy. She doesn’t want to infringe on her partner’s privacy, which is commendable.


Gabbie Marshall’s relationship with Spencer Touro is a reminder that love and support can blossom in unexpected places. Their shared passion for sports and Spencer’s dedication to Gabbie’s well-being create a dynamic that empowers her to excel both on and off the court. If you were of the notion that Gabbie is married, let us clarify that she isn’t.