Inside Man Season 2 – When Is the Drama Series Returning?

Inside Man Season 2 – When Is the Drama Series Returning?

Coming across a chilling yet calm television series isn’t easy. However, Inside Man managed to grapple its audience’s attention with the chilling plot and the unexpected twists and turns. If you have watched the first season of the show, it’s needless to say that you are awaiting more information about Season 2.

What’s great about Inside Man is the interesting plot, which keeps you hooked from the get-go. Every episode is short and precise but takes you along an unexpected ride that leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions.

Inside Man Season 2

This article will explore more about Inside Man Season 2, its potential release date, cast, and what you can expect from the second season.

When is Inside Man Season 2 Releasing?

Inside Man Season 2 Release Date


Many people are often surprised to know that Inside Man wasn’t an immediate success after its release on BBC. It wasn’t picked up by a global audience and the ones that did watch the show didn’t find it praiseworthy.

Later, the show was licensed and released under Netflix and soon became a global hit. With the kind of popularity that the show gained right after releasing on Netflix, it isn’t surprising that the viewers now want to know about the second season.

As of now, there is no official confirmation about the show’s official release date or renewal. Netflix hasn’t renewed the series yet. However, the show’s creator, Steven Moffat has confirmed that the team is currently in the process of negotiating the deals and agreements regarding the second season’s release.

Inside Man was initially released as a mini-series, which meant that there were no plans for a second season. However, with how many people have picked this show up, a sequel is highly anticipated now.

What is the Expected Plot of Inside Man Season 2?

Inside Man Season 2 Plot

If you don’t want any spoilers from Inside Man Season 1, we’d recommend skipping this section of the article. That said, the second season can kick off in multiple ways.

The most potential start to the second season will start with the post-credit scenes from Season 1. In the final episode, we see Janice visiting Grieff in the prison cell, for what seems to be the last time before his execution.

Janice comes with a case surrounding her husband, where she says that her husband is someone that deserves to die. However, the irony of things is that Janice has been portrayed as a very private person from the first episode.

So, with a new case (which seems to be the last of Grieff’s life) under his belt, the second season will most likely take off exploring that part of the storyline. The audience is also excited to witness more friendship angles in Season 2 and even witness some notable character growth for the different characters.

The first season did leave the audience with a few questions, which we hope will be answered in detail in the second season too.

Who will be Cast in Inside Man Season 2?

Inside Man Season 2 Cast

Inside Man Season 2 hasn’t been renewed or confirmed. However, Steven has suggested that they are in the process of negotiating terms for the release of the second season, which gives people hope that the second season is coming.

So, if we had to speculate who’d be cast in the second season, the following are the actors:

  • Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci

  • Lydia West

Lydia West

  • David Tennant

David Tennant

  • Dolly Wells

Dolly Wells

These are pretty much the pivotal characters who will most likely return in Season 2. The cast will also be backed by a series of supporting actors, which will be revealed close to its release.

Is there a Trailer for Inside Man Season 2?

There is no confirmation surrounding the release or renewal of Inside Man Season 2 yet, which means that the show doesn’t have a trailer yet.

So, if you have been awaiting information about the trailer, we’d have to disappoint you a little at this point. What we’d recommend you do is watch the first season’s trailer and episodes thoroughly.

Where can I watch Inside Man Season 2?

Inside Man’s first season is available for streaming on Netflix. It is also available on BBC One. Coming to the second season’s release, there are a lot of speculations and no official confirmation as to where the second season will air. However, with the popularity that the show gained on Netflix, we can hope and assume that it will make a comeback on Netflix only.


Inside Man Season 2 is a highly anticipated release this year. However, with all the speculations that are prevailing surrounding the show, it is safe to assume that we won’t get official confirmation until later. All that we can do now is watch the first season in the meantime and see how things unfold so you are ready to binge-watch the show’s second season when it’s released.