Index Of Kota Factory Season 3 – Breaking Down The Details

Kota Factory Season 3

With so many streaming platforms competing against each other, there’s never a shortage of TV shows and movies. But only a few of them succeed at capturing our hearts. One such series is Kota Factory, which strikes a chord with many people. It focuses on the intense pressure students face at coaching centres while preparing for the IIT-JEE exam. 

After a long wait of two and a half years, the Kota Factory season finally arrived on Netflix on the 20th of June 2024. According to reviews on Twitter, it was worth waiting for.

In addition to showing the struggles of aspiring engineers, this season also explores the perspectives of teachers. It delves into topics like mental health, which are important for viewers. As expected, Jitendra Kumar delivers a stellar performance as Jeetu Bhaiya, leaving fans craving for more.

With Kota Factory season 3 streaming on Netflix, you will surely want to catch up with the details. You will find everything you need to know about the new season in the lines below.

Overview Of Kota Factory Season 3

  • Cast – Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Jitendra Kumar, Ahsaas Channa, Revathi Pillai, Urvi Singh
  • Creator – Saurabh Khanna, Arunabh Kumar
  • Director – Raghav Subbu
  • Streaming On – Netflix
  • Language – Hindi
  • Runtime – 30-40 minutes
  • Genre – Drama Comedy
  • Writer – Tamojit Das
  • Producer – Sameer Saxena
  • Production Companies – The Viral Fever

What Is The Storyline Of Kota Factory Season 3?

Kota Factory season 3 just released on Netflix with fans praising the show for its emotional impact. This new season sheds light on the challenges faced by both students and teachers. As expected, the story continues from where season 2 left off, with the tragic death of one of Jeetu Bhaiya’s students who took her own life after failing the IIT JEE Advance exam. 

Kota Factory season 3 explores how this incident affects Jeetu Bhaiya, who had encouraged her to take the exam. The new season also introduces a new character, Pooja Didi, the daughter of Agrawal Sir played by Tillotama Shome.

Season 3 starts with Jeetu Bhaiya struggling to come to terms with his student’s death. He withdraws from teaching at Aimers and avoids interactions with his assistant and students for several days. As he processes his grief, he eventually returns to teaching but continues to work on improving his personal life through therapy.

Among the students, Meena and Vaibhav are dedicated to their studies, while Uday lives a carefree life. When Vaibhav’s cousin Minku, a promising cricketer, visits Kota, it causes Vaibhav to question his path to success. With guidance from Jeetu Bhaiya, Vaibhav finds inspiration from his cousin.

Meanwhile, Meena faces financial difficulties. Despite Vaibhav and Uday’s attempts to help, she refuses to take money from them and starts giving tuition to children, affecting her studies. After a conversation with Jeetu Bhaiya, Meena starts focusing on her studies again and accepts financial assistance from his teacher. Vaibhav also learns from this situation and realises why Vartika couldn’t study with him.

What Happens At The End Of Kota Factory Season 3?

Throughout the season, viewers see a more vulnerable side of Jeetu Bhaiya as he talks about his attachment to his students. He soon realises how hard it is to stay close to his students. After a tense moment with Gagan Sir, he decides to maintain some distance.

Meanwhile, Uday gets into a serious car accident while drunk. His parents are angry and consider taking him home, but Pooja Didi convinces them to let him stay.

On the other hand, Vaibhav and his friends pass the IIT JEE Mains exam. But Jeetu Bhaiya decides to leave Kota for a new job with the Ministry of Education in Rajasthan. On the day of the IIT JEE Advance results, Vaibhav is heartbroken to learn he didn’t make the cutoff. Feeling defeated, he almost gives up on his dreams until Jeetu Bhaiya visits him, a scene that touched viewers and sparked a lot of online discussion.

In the final episode of Kota Factory Season 3, Jeetu Bhaiya decides to move to Jaipur. He gets an emotional farewell from his colleagues and students. Vaibhav, determined to keep chasing his dreams, joins Aimers’ repeaters batch.

The season ends with a touching scene showing Jeetu Bhaiya’s car and Vaibhav’s rickshaw travelling side by side. An aerial view shows both teachers and students are still committed to their goals despite setbacks.

As the season wraps up, there’s no word from the creators about a possible season 4, leaving fans eagerly waiting for any official news.

Kota Factory Season 3: Star Performance

In this season, Kota Factory brings in Tilottama Shome and Rajesh Kumar as Jeetu Bhaiya’s main assistants. Rajesh Kumar delivers a solid performance, providing a strong foundation for the show while Tilottama Shome’s portrayal of Pooja Didi promises to shape the series’ future, should it continue.

Among the students, Mayur More faces visible pressure as he carries the narrative forward. Ranjan Raj, playing Rajmukund Meena, has a standout role this season. Despite his challenges, he seeks solutions and ends up following in Jeetu Bhaiya’s footsteps.

Kota Factory Season 3: Direction And Music

Directed by Pratish Mehta, Kota Factory season 3 aims to highlight a more mature side of Kota as it focuses on issues like pressures on young students and capitalism. However, sometimes Pratish struggles to maintain the quality of his work and doesn’t always meet his high standards.

For example, Vaibhav’s monologue, where he vents his frustration and anger, feels overly dramatic and too similar to Kartik Aaryan’s famous speech in Pyaar Ka Punchnama. This similarity takes away from the seriousness of the scene.

Additionally, the scene where the damp walls of Jeetu Bhaiya’s home get a fresh coat of paint to symbolize his struggles starts strong but doesn’t quite hit the mark due to weak writing.

The music in Kota Factory this season also feels a bit off. While sometimes it fits the script, at other times it seems misplaced. For instance, the song Main Bola Hey appears at a point that left me confused about Vaibhav’s emotions and struggles.

Kota Factory Season 3: Script Analysis

Kota Factory season 3 consists of five episodes and each of them focuses on common student issues. Throughout the show, we witness Jeetu Bhaiya struggling to cope with his challenges. He is dealing with his mental health while fighting for his students like a hero.

In the first episode, he helps students with jealousy and low self-esteem. He also warns them about chasing easy money and losing sight of their goals. He also gives them tips to stay motivated when they feel discouraged by early failures.

Kota Factory Season 3: Highlights

Kota Factory season 3 dives deep into Jeetu Bhaiya’s journey as he searches for his true purpose in life. He faces a tough choice between being a strict mentor like Dronacharya or a supportive friend like Krishna to his students. This dilemma feels very real and adds depth to the story. The season also highlights the ups and downs of his role as a teacher and mentor in a coaching institute.

The season raises important debates about educational policies and gives Jeetu Bhaiya opportunities to address these issues. He critiques the system’s flaws and tries to find solutions to many problems. He helps students deal with their challenges step by step, showing his dedication to their well-being.

How Many Episodes Are Available In Kota Factory Season 3?

Those who are yet to watch season 3 of Kota Factory might be curious about the number of episodes in the series. Created by Arunabh Kumar and Saurabh Khanna, season 3 consists of a total of 5 episodes. Here are the details:

  • Episode 1: Mission Statement
  • Episode 2: Fault Mitigation
  • Episode 3: Benchmarking
  • Episode 4: Emergency Response
  • Episode 5: Product Delivery

Season 3 premiered on 20th June 2024, on Netflix, with all episodes available on the same day. The release of season 3 is followed by questions from fans about season 4. But so far, we don’t have any updates about a new season.

Where Can I Watch Kota Factory Season 3?

Like the previous two seasons, Kota Factory season 3 premiered on Netflix. All five episodes were released on the same day on 20th June 2024.

EpisodesEpisode NameWatch on netflix
1Mission StatementWatch Now
2Fault MitigationWatch Now
3BenchmarkingWatch Now
4Emergency ResponseWatch Now
5Product DeliveryWatch Now

Each episode is 30-40 minutes and available for streaming on the platform. To watch the show, you need to first subscribe to Netflix.

For those who are interested in watching Kota Factory season 3, we would suggest they watch it on Netflix, instead of using third-party links or unknown sites. Doing so is not only illegal but also unsafe for your device as the sites may contain viruses and malware.


Kota Factory Season 3 isn’t without its flaws, but it teaches us a valuable lesson through Jeetu Bhaiya – never abandon weaker students. Despite the flaws, the season remains heartfelt. A powerful moment is when Jeetu Bhaiya stands up against segregating students based on their academic abilities, showcasing the show’s integrity.