How To Sign Up For Tinder Without Phone Number

How To Sign Up For Tinder Without Phone Number

Tinder is the most popular dating service at the moment. Millions of people download and install it to find new friends or build relationships. But unlike a few years ago, today this service requires users to provide and verify their mobile phone numbers in order to create an account. Not everyone likes this requirement. For example, there are many of those who simply don’t have a phone number or refuse to disclose it on the internet because of the constant possibility of data hacks and leakages. Luckily, recently it became not only real but also simple to sign up for Tinder without phone number using no number at all. Online phone numbers made it possible.

What are online numbers?

Online phone numbers are just regular numbers from cellular carriers provided to users by specialized web platforms. That said, they work over the internet and require potential customers to have only an internet connection along with any device that supports this feature and allows browsing the web. You don’t need to have even a mobile phone as well as purchase a physical SIM card at the official mobile store. It’s all already set up for you to use.

This peculiarity makes online numbers bring to the table several benefits. Since those are used over the internet, they are:

  • Available in all countries around the world. Your location doesn’t matter under any circumstances. Online phone numbers can be used from anywhere if there is an internet connection.
  • Lowly priced. Providing services online allows businesses to exclude additional expenses on many things. Having fewer additional expenses means a lower price which becomes pretty obvious after looking at prices on online phone numbers which are several times lower than prices on SIM cards.
  • Completely private. It is unnecessary to provide personal information when using most services on the web. The same applies to online numbers. Using them is fully safe.

So, this tool is great not only in situations when it is needed to register with Tinder without phone number. It also will be a great choice for those who value their privacy, want to save some money on getting a mobile phone number, or would like to take advantage of all these opportunities at once. There are numerous use cases.

Who can use them?

The best thing about online numbers is that there are no restrictions on their use. None of any possible parameters matters. It is only about completing a simple registration on the appropriate website or app. Once done, those platforms give full access to their solutions. You won’t be asked to provide any confidential data during this process which theoretically could prevent some users from registering an account on them.

Summing up the above, this tool is available for everyone: kids and adults, regular internet users and software developers, entrepreneurs, and large companies. It is available to every person without exceptions.

Signing up for Tinder without phone number

First and foremost, in order to sign up for an account on Tinder using no personal phone number, it is necessary to buy an online phone number. SMS-Man provides an opportunity to do this in a few minutes.

You can choose from over a hundred countries with this platform when selecting from which country cellular carrier will come. Moreover, there are available not only disposable but also long-term online numbers which are useful if there is a need to switch a registered account between different devices. We will explain how to get a disposable number as it is the most popular choice:

  1. Sign up for a profile on the mentioned platform.
  2. Use one of offered payment options to replenish the balance of your account.
  3. Select the country of the cellular carrier on the start page.
  4. Scroll the page to a tab with supported platforms and search for Tinder.
  5. Buy an online phone number by pressing an appropriate button.

You will get configured online number within the next few seconds. It happens automatically. Now it is all ready to sign up for Tinder. There is no difference between its use and the use of regular mobile numbers at any stage of the process. So, to complete the intended task, copy the purchased online phone number and put it on the registration page on the app.

Once completed the previous step, request getting a verification code. The code will arrive at the online number purchased earlier instead of your personal mobile phone number. Use this code to set up a new account.