How to edit captions in Tik-Tok in 2023

How to edit captions in Tik-Tok

Tik-Tok is considered one of the most common platforms for content distribution and monetization. Many users who apply their skills in content creation to make money and have fun with it have taken note of the service.

Users often publish a video in Tik-Tok and then see that they made a few grammatical errors or typos in the description, making the original idea meaningless. However, it is possible to solve this problem, as the platform has provided certain functions.

Adding captions to Tik-Tok

Tik-Tok has recently become popular, but subtitles attracted a lot of customer attention. It is a helpful option, as it allows many users to enjoy content without the difficulties of multinational communication. To make captions, you need to perform the following steps:

  • create new content or select existing one; click on the green tick at the bottom right to confirm the publication of the video;
  • click on the green tick at the bottom to confirm that the video has been published;
  • specify text editing options;
  • customize the location of the text on the screen;
  • select a time on a special button to display the text at a specific time.

After that, users must customize the timeline on the text box and play the clip for preview. After these actions, clicking the “Done” button is necessary. These operations allow you to add subtitles to your content on the Tik-Tok platform.

How to edit the caption in Tik-Tok after posting a video?

Many users who have made mistakes or misprints have asked themselves this question. Now, everyone can eliminate such an annoying flaw.

There are several simple steps for this purpose:

  • open the application and authorize in Tik-Tok;
  • go to the “For You” page and click on the “Me” button;
  • select the desired video and click on the three horizontal dots on the right side;
  • click on “Save Video” in the options tab;
  • press the “+” icon at the bottom center;
  • click on the “Upload” button.

After performing all the actions, a gallery will open on the platform, where you need to select the saved video and click on the “Next” button. Once the text, stickers, or effects are introduced, enter a title in the “Publish” section. You can also change the preferences of your audience.

Save content through third-party applications and make a repost

Several programs provide enhanced quality of uploaded content without modification. Some applications also allow you to remove red filters, logos, and watermarks. As a result, it is possible to post videos without changing the quality. For this purpose, you should use such applications:

  •  FlexClip;
  • TikMate Online;
  • SaveTT;
  • TTDownloader;
  • SnapTik.

You can easily upload a high-quality video from Tik-Tok to use for reposting with the help of such utilities.

Editing automatic captions in Tik-Tok

The platform is equipped with an option to add automatic captions to content. However, you can only add words pronounced by content-makers, so captions cannot be customized or edited. You can’t change fonts or text color either.

But if you want to present your captions differently, you must add them manually. For this purpose, follow these steps:

  • open Tik-Tok;
  • place the created content;
  • activate the “Edit” mode;
  • select “Captions”.

Then, subtitles will be automatically created for this clip. You should click on the “Edit” button for corrections or changes. After clicking “Save”, the changes made will be saved on the clip. With the help of such instructions, you can add subtitles to the video, which is immensely valuable when advertising a $400 payday loan online.

Reasons for adding subtitles to content in Tik-Tok

The use of such a feature on the famous platform by content creators is dictated by the following features:

  1. Better understanding. The content maker can add another language, improving his communication with the audience.
  2. Attraction of attention. The audience better recognizes what content it should be receiving.
  3. Helping the hearing impaired. The hearing impaired get the information they need in Tik-Tok from the video creator.
  4. Lack of sound. If there is no sound on your computer or smartphone for some reason, subtitles will help you understand the idea of the content-maker.

As you can see, Tik-Tok has gained popularity among many people. The built-in subtitles will help a wide variety of audiences understand the ideas of the videos. It is also possible to correct them so as not to lose the idea’s relevance.


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