How to Become a Professional Football Bettor?

How to Become a Professional Football Bettor?

Recently, non GamStop gambling has become more popular globally than ever before, which is why more people are considering football betting as a career path they want to explore. However, the question that arises here is: can I get stable income from betting on football? In this guide we will answer this question!

How Do I Become a Successful Punter?

You are not ready for a career as a professional gambler overnight. This takes time and preparation. You need to know exactly what you are talking about before you can make good money with football betting:

  • Initially, watch a lot of football matches and keep an eye on the various non GamStop bookmakers. Online bookmakers link odds to football matches, which determine the value and winning chance of the relevant football team or match. In general, the following applies: the higher the odds, the higher the risk, but of course also ‘the higher’ the potential payout. Learn as much as you can about recurring patterns and bets that may have seemed very lucrative at first, but later turned out to be very risky. As a professional gambler, you must be able to estimate as accurately as possible which bets have the most potential.
  • Read useful guides about football betting. Stay up-to-date when it comes to football and betting on this sport. Think of transfers, changes of trainers, but also injuries and suspensions. This way you will not be faced with surprises!
  • Talk to as many football bettors as possible about betting in general and betting on football in particular. Let others teach you, let them tell you what you are doing right and wrong. 
  • Knowledge is important, but ultimately you also have to gain experience. Don’t go too fast with this. Make sure that you first start gambling profitably and successfully on football for a period of time. This is purely to get a good grasp of the whole game. We, therefore, recommend that you always start low – and by this we mean really low – on the micro limits. Purely to gain knowledge and to better assess the risks of gambling.
  • When playing with low stakes goes well for you, you can play a higher limit. Your bankroll indicates with which limit you could possibly play. Use a strategy like the pie model. This is to prevent you from going through your bankroll faster than expected and being bankrupt at all times.

A Successful Gambler Determines His Own Strategy

Knowledge of football and gambling is essential, as is good bankroll management. But there is something else: a betting strategy.

Professional gamblers only place well-considered bets and they depend on a fixed strategy. There are many different strategies when it comes to betting on football. For example, you can apply a tactic like the 79th-minute strategy. Do this first with small amounts and later with larger stakes. In this way, you will get a good grasp of the strategy and you will eventually – with a correct outcome of your prediction – reach high winnings.

Is the 79th-minute strategy not entirely your thing? Then look for a strategy for determining your bet. For example, start with a relatively low bet and double this amount for the next bet if you lose. You will then automatically win back the lost amount. This betting tactic has its own name in the gambling world: the doubling strategy. If you apply this strategy correctly, your bankroll will always increase.

Always Follow These Three Important Tips!

You can never get enough tips if you have the ambition to become a professional football betting professional. That’s why we have three useful tips for you:

Never Put Your Entire Bankroll on One Bet

It may feel like the right decision and the road to big and fast money, but nothing is as changeable as football. The chances of you losing and losing your entire bankroll are simply too great.

Don’t Get Discouraged by Losing

Even the most experienced and successful pros cannot win every bet. But they can easily compensate for those losses with the many predictions that do come true. Just keep playing well and solidly (and don’t forget your bankroll management!) and you’ll find your way back up.

Even the Best Strategies Don’t Always Work

Always remember: there is no such thing as a perpetual winning system, where you don’t run any kind of risk! We obviously don’t want to discourage you by saying this, but this is the reality. When you make several well-considered bets with the necessary preparation and knowledge, you have the best papers and a very high chance of a successful outcome. But of course, this doesn’t mean it never has to go wrong, even if you’ve figured out the perfect strategy. Even the best pros sometimes have a bad day, in which a loss or a draw occurs.

Take Advantage of All the Extras at the Bookmakers

There are so many different bookmakers available in total that every betting office tries to attract attention in its own way and provides new customers with nice welcome bonuses and interesting promotions. Take advantage of this and take advantage of the advantage that gambling companies offer you as a new customer.

Of course, you should take a critical look at what kind of welcome bonus or promotions the bookmaker in question has available for you. A welcome bonus with a turnover of 10 x at 2.00 is not very attractive and very difficult to achieve in practice, so you have to compare bookmakers’ bonuses and choose the most suitable one. But there are more offers that bookmakers try to tempt you as a customer with.