High School Season 2 – Is the Sequel Returning?

High School Season 2

There are never too many when it comes to coming-of-age and high-school teenage drama series. If you have been looking for one that’s fun and engaging, High School on Amazon Freevee is probably a worthy watch. 

The show premiered in October 2022 and since then, a lot of fans have been wondering if the show’s sequel is happening sometime soon. We have to keep in mind that it has only been one year since the first season, so a bit of extra wait is worth it.

All that said, we have managed to accumulate all the insights that you need to know about High School Season 2 and its release date.

When is High School Season 2 Releasing?

As we mentioned, the first season of the show premiered at the end of 2022, so it will be quite some time before we get access to a new season.

All that said, the question that most people have is, “When is the show returning?” At this point, we don’t know when or if that’s going to happen anytime soon. The first season did end quite abruptly, so a sequel makes sense.

However, we’d have to wait for Amazon Freevee to renew the show and give us more insights on what’s to come. Until then, what we’d recommend you do is watch the first season.

What can we expect in High School Season 2?

Season 1 expertly navigated the challenges of adolescence, showcasing the twins’ struggles with self-acceptance, burgeoning sexuality, and the ever-evolving dynamics of their relationship. Season 2 is expected to delve deeper into these themes, exploring new facets of Tegan and Sara’s journeys. 

One major storyline viewers are anticipating is the evolution of their musical aspirations. Season 1 laid the groundwork for their musical pursuits, showcasing their raw talent and unwavering passion. We can expect to see them further develop their songwriting skills, navigate the complexities of the music industry, and potentially even witness their first public performances. 

Another key focus will likely be their evolving relationships with friends and family. Season 1 introduced a colorful cast of characters, each adding their unique perspective to the story. We can expect to see deeper connections develop, old friendships challenged, and new dynamics explored.

In short, a lot can happen and is expected to happen in the second season. What we’d have to do is wait patiently.

Who is returning to High School Season 2?

When High School is renewed for a second season, we can expect the primary cast to return on the show, including:

  • Railey Gilliland as Tegan

Railey Gilliland


  • Seazynn Gilliland as Sara

Seazynn Gilliland


  • Esther McGregor as Natalie

Esther McGregor

  • Olivia Rouyre as Phoebe

Olivia Rouyre

  • Amanda Fix as Maya

Amanda Fix

  • Brianne Tju as Ali 

Brianne Tju

  • Geena Meszaros as Lily

Geena Meszaros


High School Season 2 is a lot different than what you’d think of when it comes to coming-of-age stories. It is fun yet engaging but at the same time, discusses topics that teenagers need to know of. Also, the thrill some of the episodes pack in is beyond comprehension.


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