Helsinki Crimes Season 2 – Does The Crime Drama Have A Release Date?


For fans of Nordic noir-inspired crime dramas who have already watched the first season of Helinski Crimes, you might be wondering when the second season is releasing.

This Finnish TV series, which first debuted on C More, takes you on a thrilling journey through the streets of Helsinki. It’s all about a group of detectives solving intriguing and brutal cases. With its slow-building suspense, captivating storylines, and rich characters, Helsinki Crimes definitely won the hearts of many.

Now the question is will there be another season? If yes, when it is going to release? If you want answers to these questions like the rest of us, we suggest you give this article a read.

When is Helsinki Crimes Season 2 releasing?

Helinski Crimes is one of the popular Finnish TV series out there. What makes this series special is how it combines gritty Scandinavian vibes with the urban backdrop of Helsinki, almost like the city itself is a character. The strong character development and the atmospheric setting of the show grab audience’s attention, making it difficult to stop watching.

For those who haven’t watched it yet, Helsinki Crimes is based on the bestselling novels by Harri Nykanen, a renowned Finnish author. Rike Jokela, the show’s creator did an incredible job, raising the bar for season 2.

Despite being the show’s popularity, we have no news about its renewal. Right now, it is not clear if the show will get another season. Since it is an eight-part series, with each story spanning across two episodes, some believe that season 1 was the end. However, we are not certain about it, especially if the producers decide to wave a green signal to the show. For now, we will have to wait and watch what happens.

What to expect from Helsinki Crimes Season 2?

Made by ITV Studios Finland, this series spans eight episodes, with each tale unfolding across two parts. While it doesn’t bring anything ground-breaking to the crime-solving genre, it’s well-written, offering engaging storylines. Plus, seeing Helsinki featured in the show is a treat. Yet, the real draw lies in the characters, particularly Timo, Onerva, and the rest of the ensemble. What’s truly refreshing is having a team of cops who are simply decent, relatable folks you would happily share a drink with.

Now that the first season is over, fans are waiting for the next season to arrive soon. But without the show being renewed for another season, we cannot expect the makers to tell us more about the plot. Right now, there are no synopsis or plot details available for Helinski Crimes season 2.

Who is cast in Helsinki Crimes Season 2?

If they decide to make Helinski Crimes season 2, we can expect the following actors to make a comeback.

  • Olli Rahkonen as Timo Harjunpää
  • Jutta Järvinen as Elisa Harjunpää
  • Outi Condit as Oikeuslääkäri
  • Olga Temonen as Onerva Nykänen
  • Emilia Neuvonen as Kottonen
  • Sanna Saarijärvi as Sari Järvelä
  • Alma Pöysti as Hietanen
  • Robin Svartström as Thurman
  • Frida Rossi as Pauliina Harjunpää


Do we have a release date for Helsinki Crimes Season 2? 

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding the release of Helsinki Crimes Season 2. Fans are eagerly awaiting news of renewal from the producers.

What can we expect from Helsinki Crimes Season 2? 

In case the show is renewed for a second season, it is likely to explore gritty crime stories set against the backdrop of Helsinki. The series is known for its strong character development and atmospheric setting.

How many episodes are there in Helsinki Crimes Season 2? T

The episode count for Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed, but the first season featured eight episodes, each divided into two-part stories.